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  1. Hello from Cardiff, UK

    Welcome to the forum Simon ^^
  2. Athena's Reading List 2016

    Well, it's not really the story I'm struggling with. And most of the characters I really love! Especially Mat XD But I find it hard to get back to it when I havnt read for a few days.. Thats also the reason why I stopped reading it last time. Im afraid I wont finish it at the end of the month
  3. Athena's Reading List 2016

    Had the same feeling about it. After reading I was happy, but during reading it could be a bit of a struggle sometimes XD Same for the third book for me.. Glad u enjoyed the first too. Are u going to read the third later or leave it? P.s Im still reading The Eye of the World and I really love it!! But also some struggles here and there ^^
  4. Hii ^_^

    Hi Michelle! Welcome to the forum, hope u'll enjoy it here ^^ And also from the Netherlands
  5. Hello! :D

    Hi there and welcome to the forum! Bet you'll enjoy it here ^^
  6. Lol, to me.. Its perfection. Thought it was gross too, 'till I tried it!
  7. Hi from West London

    Hi Sam, welcome to the forum!
  8. Newbie!

    Hi there Welcome to the forum! ^^ Bet you'll enjoy it here
  9. Mayo & ketchup, mixed! now Im hungry.
  10. Your Book Activity - February 2016

    Just finished His Majesty's Dragon by Naomi Novik. Real fun and refreshing read! I hope for a bit more action in de next books, but will definitly read the second one (Temeraire series) And now..Im going to start The Eye of the World (Wheel of Time #1) Not sure how long this is going to take for me to read through but..Here we go!
  11. Hi from Kerry

    Hi Kerry, welcome to the forum ! ^^ Hope u'll enjoy it here
  12. Top 5 (or 10) Wednesday

    This is a fun topic, my top 5 for this week: 1. Jehanne (Jeanne D'arc) - Jehanne 2. Inej & Nina - Six of Crows 3. Celaena Sarodthien - Throne of Glass series 4. Jill - Drägan Duma 5. Yukiko - The Lotus War series