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  1. Top 5 (or 10) Wednesday

    Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. I read it in my late teens. I forgot it very quickly. It's one of those books that I've been meaning to re-read for years, if only to see why (to me) it's so forgettable! The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. All I can remember of this one is a big party, and people in a car wanting to get to a hotel just so they can drink Mint Juleps. I do recall that this book bored the bejeebus out of me. Again, this is one I should re-read to see if my viewpoint has changed over the years. Those are the two that spring immediately to mind.
  2. Your Book Activity - January 2018

    I'm almost done with Roller Coaster. It isn't particularly well written. Looking at my shelf, I'm now dithering between Orlando by Virginia Woolf, or Skirt and the Fiddle by Tristan Egolf. Orlando has been sitting there in a huff for YEARS, so it'll most likely be that one.
  3. Goodreads

    Thank you! @karen.d They have dozens every day. When you're logged in, just click the "Browse" downbar, and then "Giveaways", and it'll take you straight to them. You can filter to preference, if you want.
  4. Goodreads

    I won a Goodreads giveaway today -- I'm genuinely astonished! The Last of the Greenwoods by Clare Morrall. It sounds interesting. With the number of entries their giveaways always attract, I never thought I'd win anything, ever!
  5. What's Up in January 2018

    Happy New Year, everyone! I'm just about to take down the Christmas decorations. Then I plan on doing some reading, and later on will watch the beginning of Season 5 of Elementary on DVD. Between all of that, I'll be opening a bottle of fizz, and cooking a New Year's Day dinner -- wahoo!
  6. Christmas planning and chat

    I only get antsy about taking the decorations down because by the end of the month, the four sets of battery lights (which have already had their batteries replaced once mid-month) are on their last breath of life or dead altogether, and look miserable! Everything's coming down today. I'm afraid of all the dust that must be lurking beneath.
  7. How many books have you read this year?

    35 -- which I'm pretty happy about. It's been a good reading year.
  8. Your Book Activity - December 2017

    I've only a few pages left of Tied up in Tinsel, which has been quite a fun read, if nothing spectacular. Tonight I'll make a start on Roller Coaster by Karin Kallmaker. I haven't read a romance novel in a cow's age.
  9. Christmas planning and chat

    Eat, drink, and be merry!
  10. Christmas planning and chat

    My Tesco Christmas order just arrived, and everything was there, phew! Imagine the horror of no brussels sprouts. Now I can relax. The only things I'm making in advance are the veggie meatballs for Christmas Eve. On the 25th, I'll be baking a cake in the morning, and making the nut roast from scratch in the afternoon. It's going to be intense (but fun!). I can't wait. I hope everyone is enjoying the run-up days!
  11. BCF Book Awards 2017

    I always enjoy this topic, too. Here are my answers for the year: Favourite read? - Q's Legacy by Helene Hanff. Favourite author? - Patrick Suskind. Most read author? - It's a tie between Agatha Christie and Patrick Suskind, at three apiece. Favourite book cover? - The Fantastic World of Kamtellar by R. Chetwynd-Hayes. It brings back happy memories of the first time I read it in my teens. Book you abandoned (if there was more than one, the one you read least of)? - N/A Book that most disappointed you?
 - Whiskey Galore by Compton Mackenzie. It was horribly unfunny. Funniest book?
 - Not Whiskey Galore, that's for sure! I'm going for Up Against It by Joe Orton, a film script written for, but rejected by, The Beatles. Favourite literary character? - Hercule Poirot, with his wonderful, plural, moustaches. 
Favourite children's book?
 - N/A Favourite classic?
 - Where Angels Fear to Tread by E.M. Forster. Favourite non-fiction book?
 - Crystal Skulls by Judy Hall. Favourite biography?
 - N/A Favourite collection of short stories? - The Fantastic World of Kamtellar by R. Chetwynd-Hayes. 
Favourite poetry collection?
 - N/A Favourite illustrated book?
 - The Arrival by Shaun Tan. Favourite publisher?
 - N/A Favourite audiobook? - N/A Favourite re-read? - The Fantastic World of Kamtellar by R. Chetwynd-Hayes.
  12. What Are You Watching Now? - 2017

    The League of Gentlemen is back! Ep. 1 was earlier tonight. It was great.
  13. Top 5 (or 10) Wednesday

    Here are mine: Q's Legacy by Helene Hanff. Warm and witty, as always. The Pigeon by Patrick Suskind. A fascinatingly odd main character in this short novella. Days Without End by Sebastian Barry. Absolutely compelling. Brutal and beautiful. Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane. A solid psycho-thriller. Loved the twist at the end. Lord Edgware Dies by Agatha Christie, at her most twisty. One of the better Poirot mysteries.
  14. Your Book Activity - December 2017

    I finished The Man With a Load of Mischief. Urrrrgh, I retract my two-thumbs-up. The reveal/conclusion was botched and unconvincing. It would have been a 4-star read otherwise. Now on to Tied Up in Tinsel by Ngaio Marsh -- and after that I think I might take a break from murder mysteries for a wee while! (Unless I get tempted by Poirot again.)
  15. Your Book Activity - December 2017

    I'm just past the halfway mark with The Man With a Load of Mischief by Martha Grimes, and it's REALLY good! If anyone's looking for a Christmassy, snowy, murder mystery, then this one gets two thumbs up.