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  1. I read the synopsis on amazon, and I think The Runner is exactly what I need. Already placed on my wish list.
  2. The Big Bang Theory

    I watch it every Monday now.
  3. The Runner looks highly interesting thanks for the recommendation.
  4. I didn't mean to insult you. I just wanted to explain why I didn't want medieval fantasy right now.
  5. How can I delete previous posts? After posting them, I cannot edit or delete them. Is that just the way the forum is structured?
  6. To elabortate futher, I don't want to read another medieval fastasy just yet. Thanks to the popularity of LoTR, I'm seeing alot of medieval fantasy novels pop-up, and while I understand GoT is darker and more adult oriented, and very different, I don't want to dive into medieval fantasy just yet. I want to step away from the genre that is medevial fantasy, and look at other authors.
  7. I've read a few DragonLance novels, but other than that, this is my first attempt into large scale fantasy. As I said above, I wanted something a little different than just medieval fantasy. Keep your reccomendations coming !
  8. I know it's nothing like Tolkien but it is medeval fantasy. What I meant was, to me at least, after the LoTR novels people wanted more fantasy, and so other authors delivered, but, what they delivered was just a rehash of what Tolkien did, just slightly changed. Feel free to counter me, I love a good debate . For example, The Sword of Shannara series. HBO decided to produce a show based on A Song of FIre and Ice novels, a more matured adult orientated medvial fantasy drama. As I said, I know it's well written and has positive reviews, but I'll read it when the TV show is done. Again, I feel like I'm missing out on a lot of other fantsay novels because of the popularilty of GoT. I don't want to read a novel just because it's what's popular/what everyone else is reading. I'm looking for the author's who wrote fantasy but decided to be different, maybe one not set in medieval times, perhaps one with no dragons or magic.
  9. I don't mind reading, but I want to step away from the medievel fantasy for awhile. Since LoTR came out, alot of authors want in on medievel fantasy. It's become generic and predicable. A lot of novels/video games have variations on elves/dwarfs but at the end of the day, all they did was take Toliken elves/dwarfs and twist them slightly. I'm aware of the critical acclaim and postive reviews GoT gets, but I'll read it when the TV show ends and we move from medievel fantasy to another genre.
  10. Greetings All, hopefully someone can help me in my search. I'm a HUGE spy fan, however, I want to give that a break and try something new. I've come up with some criteria, and hopefully your recommendations can meet them. If You Select Sci-fi or Fantasy, the book must be a series. Choose one of the categories and then recommend a book. If you recommend: Fantasy: I don't want the generic medieval/Tolkien rip-off. No Elves, Dwarves or Castles. I want something original, and more mature orientated. No YA, and no fantasy set in modern day. Science-fiction: No military SF. I get enough of the bad-ass solider kicking ass from BSG, Stargate/Trek etc. I've tried to read The Lost Fleet but just couldn't bring myself to finish it. It's nothing against the author but the main character type is repetitive . No time travel either. I'm leaning toward space opera, and I know it's hard to find SO that isn't also military. Thriller: I'm looking for the average person caught in a conspiracy type thriller. Right now, I'm eyeing The Girl on the Train, and seriously considering the purchase. Any other of those types of novels is great.