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  1. How many books have you read this year?

    12, which is about right for the first 3 months ie 4 per month. will probably drop now as I won't be commuting for the foreseeable future.
  2. Got to get you into my life - Earth Wind and Fire
  3. What's the weather like?

    Well the clocks went forward last night and typically it's back to winter, bitterly cold wind, we just had a bit of sleet and it's very chilly.
  4. Madeleine's Book Log - ongoing

    The Midwinter Promise by Lulu Taylor - Alex Pengelly and her brother Johnnie are stunned when their father, David has a severe stroke and they're summoned back to the family home in Cornwall by his second wife, the unpopular and cold Sally, whom he married following the death of their mother Julia, in a mysterious drowning accident. As David lies seriously ill, the now grown children reflect on their lives - forced out of their beloved Cornish home, they both hope they can finally at least be free of Sally and her obnoxious son Mundo, who made their lives a misery during their childhood. Then David passes away and after his will is read, Mundo threatens to fight his half siblings every step of the way. Desperate to find out what really happened to their mother all those years ago, Alex contacts some long lost relatives to find out the truth. The story weaves between Julia's early life, as a student, would be actress and then her lost years until she met David and found, for a time at least, some form of happiness until her old troubles re-surface, and the present day, as Alex struggles to come to terms with her divorce, and setting up her flower decorating business, whilst coping with her grief for her father, and the ghosts from her family's past. this was an Ok read, I thought there was too much of Julia's early life and not enough of the present day issues, which meant that I felt the last part of the book felt rather rushed and a bit too neat. 7/10
  5. What's the weather like?

    We've had some lovely sunny weather over the last few days, still the cold wind though. Meant to cool down again at the weekend.
  6. Word Association

  7. Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovitch

    I'd love to know more about Nightingale as well, that would probably be a series on it's own!
  8. Do You Like to 'Like'?

    That's exactly how I see it as well Raven, a bit like a virtual nod of the head.
  9. Do You Like to 'Like'?

    I think it's a great idea but i can't see it!
  10. Greetings To You All

    Welcome Zoffo, you have some good hobbies!
  11. Never Ending Book Titles

    Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - J K Rowling
  12. How many books have you read this year?

    Love that cartoon Raven! Think my total is 9 so far, which about right for this time of year. As I wont be commuting for a while and will be wfh, my reading will probably go down a bit, but worse things could happen!
  13. Never Ending Book Titles

    Darkness before Dawn - Katie Flynn
  14. Billie Jean - Michael Jackson
  15. Your Book Activity - March 2020

    Haven't read it yet but it's high on my list, I've heard good things about it!