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  1. Strictly Come Dancing

    I think the singers are terrible, sometimes I wish they'd just use the original recordings. The orchestra are good but the main male and female singers are awful!
  2. Your Book Activity - November 2015

    I read The Jester years ago, it was OK, typical Patterson, short chapters, easy to read. I've read the first Outlander and have the others on various book piles, they're all so huge!
  3. Strictly Come Dancing

    Yep, and when she did that somersault sort of thing over him, I think my heart was in my mouth....how did her wig stay on as well, must have been superglued
  4. Strictly Come Dancing

    I was thinking the same as Kell, the dance off was fairly predictable and I think Jamelia will probably go next week. I agree that Kevin and Kellie's costumes were hideous, and like Craig I was in two minds about the routine (and choice of music!) and wouldn't have been surprised if they'd been in the dance off again, but they managed to be good enough to get away with it t his week. I wasn't that impressed with Helen's tango either, pretty non-descript. But once all the good dancers are left I think there will be some shock departures.
  5. Hello

    Hi everyone, I joined yesterday and am currently finding my way around. I like crime, thrillers, historical fiction and family sagas, with a bit of fantasy thrown in - the usual: LOTR, Game of Thrones, Dark Materials, Harry Potter. I'm on a couple of other forums but they've been a bit quiet lately so I've been looking for another one and found this. Madeleine
  6. Strictly Come Dancing

    I'm surprised no one has been discussing last night's show, but surely Jeremy must be in the dance off after his latest performance, possibly his worst yet. He's had a good run but enough now! My faves last night, I think, were Peter and Georgie, but I wish they wouldn't use dry ice, how can anyone see their footwork with that stuff swirling around? And yet again some terrible music choices.
  7. What's Up in November 2015?

    It's dark here by about 4.00/4.30! I really hate the dark mornings though Good luck with your exams.
  8. Sausage Rolls unknown in America....

    Pigs in blankets here are usually mini sausages wrapped in a strip of bacon, and often served alongside the Christmas turkey. I tried Marmite once and thought it was vile
  9. Sausage Rolls unknown in America....

    Greggs do sausage rolls, I know as colleagues have them for lunch sometimes!
  10. What's the weather like?

    Very mild here too, but grey skies nearly all the time.
  11. Diane's Reading List 2015

    Hi Inver I read Elizabeth Pringle earlier this year and loved it too, great setting (I hope to be going there on holiday next year, fingers crossed) and a good story although the "legacy" wasn't difficult to guess. Normally I don't buy books written by "celebrity" authors but I thought it was very well-written, if perhaps a little over-descriptive at times, and I felt the storyline with the sister didn't really go anywhere and felt a bit contrived, but overall these were minor quibbles, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
  12. Strictly Come Dancing

    It was an interesting night - finally Peter seemed to be back on form after a couple of disappointing weeks, I think it is time for Carol to go, and Helen's rumba seemed to have very little actual dancing in it. Jeremy's tango to Go West - again the choice of music was bizarre to say the least. I thought the AT was disappointing, the lifts were great but I can see what you all mean now about him not showing emotion, the AT should be fiery and precise - technically it wasn't bad but emotionally it was nothing. I thought Anita and Georgia were the best two, loved the jive and Georgia went into her samba like a rocket, a couple of little wobbles (slight over-balancing) but she carried on. I'm afraid Katie and Jamellia were fairly forgettable, wouldn't be surprised to see Jamelia in the dance-off yet again. And yes the props are becoming really annoying and intrusive.
  13. Hello from Melbourne Victoria

    Hello Shelfy and welcome.
  14. What Are You Watching Now? - 2015

    Me neither, woo hoo, best of all the Scandi shows. Did anyone watch The Legacy? Another Danish show but based on a family, so a bit like an upmarket soap opera, it has the guy who played the army sergeant in the second series of The Killing (Danish version), that was also brilliant.
  15. Colouring for Adults

    One of my friends had a gorgeous book a few years ago, before the whole adult colouring craze took off, which had loads of lovely Celtic designs in. I've always found colouring very therapeutic myself, but haven't got any books yet.
  16. What's the weather like?

    Rain for most of the last few days, although we had thick fog on Sunday and Monday - I think the next few days are meant to be pretty gloomy and rainy. But it's very mild though.
  17. Green Metropolis

    I used to belong to this site too, and I think the combination of rising postage, possibly fewer physical books being passed on with Kindle becoming more popular, and maybe more people going to charity shops and other online used book stores also forced it to close. I did buy a few books from them, and didn't have too many problems, but I think it was possibly the postage issue which was the main thing.
  18. I must admit I was very surprised when Waterstone's started selling kindles, it seems to have been a rather short-lived enterprise. Glad to see that "real" books are making something of a comeback, apparently the British Library crime classics have been massively successful, going to re-prints and selling really well. I think Kindles are a great idea for holidays, long train/plane journeys etc (as someone who's been charged excess baggage as she once took about 12 books in her suitcase!) but I don't have one myself.
  19. Strictly Come Dancing

    Apparenyly he's accidentally kicked her in the head a couple of times
  20. That's odd, I thought Smith's had stopped selling those sort of mags. I was in Exeter in the summer and went into the Waterstone's which you can walk through and come out opposite the cathedral, I did see the other store but assume that both stores can do OK as it's a university town? Is one more of an academic store than the other one? I also went to Sidmouth and saw they had 2 independent book stores, but no WH Smith which was interesting. Both shops had a pretty good selection too.
  21. Amazon bookshop opening in Seattle

    Always good news to hear of a book shop opening, whoever runs it! Talk about coming full circle.
  22. Diana Gabaldon

    The book's called Cross Stitch in the Uk, I've found a few threads on this site discussing the series and the author.
  23. His Dark Materials series to be made by BBC

    That should be interesting (the Dark Materials) - I did read it years ago but may have to re-read it now, although I'm not about the 3rd book, I found it got bogged down with too much going on (the wheeled people section went on for ever) and I started to lose interest in it, but the first 2 books are great.
  24. Hello

    I joined the forum as I'm already on a couple other book forums, but they've been a bit quiet lately, so I was looking for another one which was a bit livelier - and found this one! My favourite book is probably Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, not quite sure why but probably a mixture of the story (although I don't generally read romance that much), the setting and the Gothic-ness of it. It was also I think the first classic novel that I actually enjoyed (the usual thing of having to read these books at school).
  25. Strictly Come Dancing

    Probably the weakest week so far, dance-wise, either awful or good, not much in-between although a few were a bit mediocre - I think Peter was disappointing again, he was good at first but seems to have lost it a bit.