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  1. Just managed to avoid a downpour, got to Waterstone's just in time. Luckily it had stopped on the way back. No hail yet.....
  2. It's the 80s all over again!
  3. I haven't read/heard one bad review of it yet. I got it in the supermarket for £2.99, and it will be my next read, when I finish the Jodi Taylor, which will probably be tonight.
  4. He was a very good age, I don't know much about goats and how long they live ,but if the vet was surprised then he obviously had a good long life and was well looked after. I hope your other goat is Ok. There were some baby goats on a vet's programme last night and they were adorable, like puppies with great long ears!
  5. Same here Athena, bitterly cold winds and we've got hail forecast, and the more northern parts of the UK are still having some snow.
  6. It's lovely and sunny but such a cold wind, it's bitter!
  7. Funnily enough I don't miss Broadchurch that much, watched the last Big Little Lies last night though and that I will miss....those houses! I want one, don't mind which one it is.
  8. Clever design! Bit scary....
  9. I agree, it's purely an American innovation (no offence to anyone, maybe it works better in the US) but last time it was pretty disastrous! There are enough party political broadcasts as it is, along with all the campaigning, to suffice.
  10. It must have been a shock though Athena, but as Pixie says, it sounds like he had a lovely life with you.
  11. I wonder if that's why Mrs M doesn't want to do a TV debate, as she thinks it'll just be a slanging match, and she could well be right.
  12. I once got a book at a school fete which had the last few pages missing! Always check all the pages are there before you buy..... I have occasionally received a used book which was described as being in good (or better) condition, but has been in a mess eg stains on the cover (I didn't want to touch it, although I assume/hope it was tea or coffee!), I got in touch with the seller and they refunded immediately and said they didn't want it back (not surprised, I doubt they'd be able to sell it again in that condition), it was only about £3 but even so it was described as being in good condition but wasn't. this happened twice with the same seller, so naturally I don't use them any more!
  13. I like goats, they seem to have great characters.
  14. We had a mixed weekend - dull on Saturday, with a bit of drizzle and rain, then started very dull yesterday, but got better and was quite warm later in the afternoon. Dull again now and meant to get quite cold.
  15. I think it's Labour Day in the US, and in the UK it's just called the May Bank Holiday, not sure why, but who cares, it's a free day off work!