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  1. Hayley's Reading 2019

    Yep, we were certainly led astray.
  2. What's the weather like?

    Same here, very wet and windy last night, and more of the same again today, been really dull too.
  3. Leave a Light On - Belinda Carlisle
  4. Just wanted to say hello.......

    Welcome, have fun finding your way around. Do you have any favourite books/authors?
  5. Hayley's Reading 2019

    No I suppose not, although I did think about it a bit afterwards and it sort of made sense.
  6. Hayley's Reading 2019

    I didn't guess the murdered in the Railway Mystery, I thought it was either Who did you think it would be?
  7. Shelving books

    Tribe Hayley as well, I have some on the shelves and back then I used to try to keep books by the same author together, but now it's just piles on the floor!
  8. Madeleine's Book Log - ongoing

    Great review of A Christmas Railway Mystery (much more detailed than the one I posted earlier!). I agree that the twists were good, but I also thought that the disappearance was more interesting than the actual murder. Yes it was a good sub plot, especially as their temporary boss was so awful!
  9. What's the weather like?

    After being very mild yesterday it's cold again today, but at least it's quite bright.
  10. Athena's Reading List 2020

    Congratulations, how exciting for you!
  11. Madeleine's Book Log - ongoing

    "Ryan's Christmas" by L J Ross - this is a sort of stand-alone, companion novel to the regular series and is set just before Christmas. DCI Ryan is off duty for once and goes to Edinburgh for the day with his wife Anna, and colleagues Frank and Denise, who are now married (I'm a bit behind on the main series). On their way home ,they hit a snowstorm which closes the main road, and when they turn off onto the smaller country roads they run into a snowdrift and have to walk to the nearest property, which happens to be Chillingham Castle, a real life castle which is also, reputedly, the most haunted castle in England, and which happens to be running a ghost weekend which is just about to start when the foursome turn up. They're duly invited to join in, and in true country house murder fashion it's not long before a scream rings out and the body of the housekeeper is found outside in the snow - but with only one set of footprints leading towards the body, and none leading away from it. Snowed in and with no chance of any outside help for the immediate future, Ryan and his team have to do their best to preserve the crime scene, and find out the identity of the killer. This was a lighter read than is usual in this series, and is almost a gentle pastiche of similar country house style murder mysteries. Thoroughly enjoyable. 7.5/10
  12. British Library Crime Classics

    I've got a lot of these, and have read a few, like Budgie mainly Xmas ones, and I wasn't that keen on Mystery in White, but the Santa Klaus Murder was much better. They are very collectable though, some of the covers are stunning. I keep meaning to read more of them! I suspect they're probably a bit variable in quality, and some definitely feel a bit dated, which is inevitable.
  13. Word Association