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  1. What's Up in February? - 2018

    Got a couple of days off work and typically, it's pouring. Not that I had much planned but still... Had a heron in the garden this morning, it was perched on top of our tall leylandii and seemed to be scouting the area, it's certainly a good viewing point. Then a couple of crows started swooping on it, and it flew off.
  2. What's the weather like?

    It's a bit warmer today, quite sunny but looks like it'll cloud over.
  3. What's the weather like?

    Lovely and sunny here too, a little bit warmer. My crocuses were all open and looked lovely.
  4. Walking on the Moon - The Police
  5. The Picture Of Dorian Gray - Oscar Wilde

    Corydon does say that he/she isn't a native speaker, so perhaps that's a factor; I wonder if he/she read it in their own language or the English - I did find it a bit wordy and long-winded at times, but did get the point, and yes beauty is of course superficial, which isn't an original point today, but maybe it was at the time the book was written?
  6. Never Ending Book Titles

    The Mistletoe Murders by P D James
  7. Madeleine's Book Log - ongoing

    The Butcher Bird by S D Sykes - this is the second of the Oswald de Lacey crime series, and is set in the mid 14th century, when the country was still recovering from the horrors of the Plague. Oswald is trying to get used to running his estate, but his workers and tenants are insisting on higher wages and, whilst he'd like to oblige, he's forbidden by law to do so. Then a young baby is found in a hedge, and the villagers are convinced the Butcher Bird killed her. Oswald knows this is nonsense, but then another infant dies in similar circumstances, he's forced to take drastic action. But he has family problems too, and when his sister's stepdaughters run away to London, he's forced to go and bring them back, but it looks like the Butcher Bird is following him. This was another entertaining adventure, a bit gruesome in parts but with some light relief mosty provided by his hypochondriac, melodramatic mother who insists on accompanying him to London. 8/10 Nightblind by Ragnar Jonasson - the second in the Dark Iceland series in which policeman Ari Thor is disappointed at being passed over for promotion when his superior relocates to Rejkyavik. However it's not long before his new colleague is shot and fatally wounded whilst investigating a derelict house on the outskirts of their small town. At first Ari is of course horrified, then he starts to wonder if maybe the shot was meant for him, as he was originally on duty that night, but was instead at home in bed with the flu. Soon it seems that the new mayor and his deputy could be implicated, and Ari is given an unmistakeable warning - basically, back off! It soon turns out that everyone, including the murdered cop, has secrets. This was another compelling story - set five years after the first book, Ari is now living with his girlfriend and their baby son, but the relationship is stalling, and the couple seem to be drifiting apart - but Ari has no time for this unfortunately, as he hunts a police killer. 8/10
  8. What's the weather like?

    Well after starting off bright and frosty, it's degenerated into the usual grey, cold drizzle.
  9. Murder on the Dance Floor - Sophie Ellis-Bextor
  10. Book Titles A to Z

    Fortune's Rocks - Anita Shreve
  11. What Are You Watching Now? - 2018

    Oh yes, it's a pain when the new RT comes out and you haven't yet watched the show from the previous week, they should be more considerate about that. It used to happen all the time with 24.
  12. Live Music

    Well done! The music for the show is wonderful isn't it, I imagine a concert would be great. Enjoy yourself!