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  1. Yep - I notice it's on from 9.00 - 10.20 (evening) which probably means loads of ads, especially if Timeless was anything to go by which seemed to have an ad break every 10 minutes or so
  2. Quite breezy today, much cooler but still a bit humid.
  3. the one with the dog with the bad leg is really cute, there's a new one out now, with a golden retriever which ends up being dressed as a lion - the expression on it's face is priceless!
  4. This has been fascinating reading! How do you pronounce your name Nollaig?
  5. We can have quite warm weather here in September, although of course it depends which part of the country you're in, so yes light layers, waterproof, some summer clothes - a bit of everything really!
  6. Tea all the way. Have tried coffee and even with loads of sugar in it was still too bitter for me (and this was proper stuff in Italy). I try to stick to 4, maximum 5 cups a day though.
  7. I'm the same with mushrooms, although I like cream of mushroom soup, and a creamy mushroom sauce eg with pasta. But I agree the texture is ick.
  8. Yep our TV guide says it's "very sexy" so probably more GoT.
  9. Hi Tychi and welcome! I think Athena gives some very good advice, I can't concentrate if there's a lot of background noise either, although music is usually OK, but talking, TV is totally distracting. Have you thought of the Harry Potter books? I think a lot of new readers start with those as the first couple of books are quite short. Good luck and hope you find your reading vibe!
  10. They are, and very glamourous! Lovely descriptions of clothes.
  11. Yep the humidity is awful, although some countries are very humid as well - Florida in August wasn't much fun! Plays havoc with your hair as well
  12. Death wears a Mask by Ashley Weaver - second in the series set in the early 1930s in which Amory Ames and her playboy husband, Milo, find themselves caught in up in crimes involving high society, this time, the death of a young man at a masked ball (hence the title) which is at first thought to be suicide but soon turns out, of course, to be murder. Amory investigates whilst trying to keep her marriage together, as Milo is photographed in a clinch with a famous actress and she wonders how much more of his lifestyle she can take. It's a light-hearted romp but there are so many Americanisms I wonder if the author (who is American) has ever even been to England, eg cars being referred to as automobiles - I have never heard any British person refer to a car as an automobile. This does grate slightly but apart from that I like Amory and the books provide some light-hearted escapism. 7.5/10
  13. It was actually quite cool last night but meant to heat up again today.
  14. To the Lighthouse - Virginia Woolf
  15. I like the one with the labradoodle wondering where all the mud has gone after he/she has had a bath, it's silly but sweet.