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  1. Christmas planning and chat

    Can't wait to see that picture! Good luck with the move.
  2. What's the weather like?

    Rained most of the morning, then sleet and snow for a while, then back to rain; dry when I came home but very cold, not looking forward to a freeze tomorrow! I bet Iceland will handle cold weather much better than we do here!
  3. Little Pixie`s Bookshelf 2017

    There were loads of dogs out in the snow yesterday, and kids building snowmen (snow people?) and sledding which was good to see.
  4. What's the weather like?

    Snowed here too, not that deep but very slushy. Think it's stopped now.
  5. What Are You Watching Now? - 2017

    I'm enjoying Witnesses as well.
  6. Round Robin Year-long Challenge

    Glad to see we've got a couple of takers already! Thanks for joining in.
  7. What's the weather like?

    Today was sunny but very cold, made worse by an even colder wind. don't think we'll get snow though.
  8. What's Up in December 2017

    Hope you enjoy the party!
  9. Hygge

    It's become quite popular in the UK too, I think it came from Denmark originally. Glad it's helping you, Virginia.
  10. Never Ending Book Titles

    The Thorn Birds - Colleen McCullough
  11. Christmas planning and chat

    I've posted a few ,bought some more which I give to people, except for one which will go with their presents (gift vouchers).
  12. Book Titles A to Z

    I think you've gone backwards - we've already done F
  13. Forever in blue jeans - Neil Diamond