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  1. Your Book Activity - September 2015

    Hello, I am reading So You Want to be a Wizard? by Diane Duane. So far, it is really good. I absolutely love the way that Duane writes because she makes it seem as if you are really there and it also is very easy to understand what she means. P.S. Has anyone here read this series? I want to know if it continues being just as good.....
  2. "genius battle"

    Hello, The only other books like this that I can think of right now are the Monk series. They are actually based off the TV series of the same name. These books are about a brilliant homicide detective who suffers from severe OCD. He is as brilliant as Sherlock Holmes and he seems able to solve any case, except the murder of his wife. Monk is trying to catch this bad guy just like Sherlock is trying to stop Moriarty. P.S. I believe that Monk is based off the Sherlock Holmes novels. Also, you could read the Sherlock Holmes spin off novels by various authors.
  3. Hello, There is a book called The Island of the Day Before by Umberto Eco. It was originally written in Italian, but there is an English version of it that was translated by William Weaver. The book is basically about a young man (I think he would be considered to be a dreamer character.) who is lost at sea all alone and he writes these meaningful letters to the woman he loves. These letters are really like a sort of diary for him because he can't actually send them to her. It is a very well written book. I have not had the time to finish yet, but that I have read is good so far.
  4. What is your favorite horror book ever?

    This is a really hard decision, but I would have to say All the Lovely Bad Ones by Mary Downing Hahn is my favorite horror book so far. I read it when I was younger, but it intrigued me to no end. I absolutely loved the "scary" twist that it contains.