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    Main hobbies are reading and writing. Also travelling - well when I get the time. Family - husband and two grown up children are great time consumers but I love them dearly. Lots of other things too.

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  1. Kindle and ebooks deals

    Ooh... that's a good one.
  2. Very Pleased to Have Found You All

    Welcome. It's been sleeting here in the south of England and I've been watching Scotland in the snow on TV. Just the right sort of night to curl up with a good book. I love audio books too and I'm listening to The House on the Strand by Daphne du Maurier at the moment. I'm sure you'll like it here.
  3. What Are You Watching Now? - 2017

    I watched the last ever episode of Inspector George Gently yesterday (or was it the day before?!). I shall miss it.
  4. Kindle and ebooks deals

    One Dark Night - a story of smuggling on the Kent coast is set in 1821. Lucy has to decide between the King's man on the side of law and order, or the smuggler. "The choices we make determine our futures. A romantic thriller mystery". Some of the action is based on truth. It is reduced to 99p or 99c (U.S.) until 1st November. Ebook only - from Amazon. I must declare that I am the author, but I thought the club should know too, as it's advertised elsewhere.
  5. Hello from California. :)

    Welcome I hope you enjoy reading your books and that you will soon feel better.
  6. Cat in the Hat Dictionary UPSIDE DOWN print 60's vintage

    I have a feeling I've seen that book. I vaguely remember wondering why and somebody pointed out all Dr Seuss's books were 'different'. That's if it is a Dr Seuss. You could take a look on Amazon and try the 'Look Inside' feature Amazon has, and it might show you.
  7. Greetings

  8. Kindle and ebooks deals

    I've bought one of the Chronicles of St Mary's books but I haven't got round to reading it yet. Under a Dark Star by Anna Faversham (yes, that's me) has now been reduced worldwide to 0.99.
  9. Hello Ashontheroad and welcome to the Book Club Forum. Good luck with <link removed> - sounds like a good idea. Hello to Frankie too. I'm also a member of Goodreads, I didn't know about the section for quotes. I know that you can write down your own favourites - I've only put a few down as I have hundreds I'd class as favourites.
  10. Poldark

    Goodness, I'm a long time in replying! Sorry about that. I've now ticked the little box to notify me of replies! Thank you for downloading One Dark Night and I hope you enjoy it. The location is in Kent but not in the perfick bit where Pa Larkin lives. My son lives in that part and good friends do too and it is so beautiful. One Dark Night is set on the coast. But coming from Aotearoa you'll know all about beautiful scenery. I have dual nationality UK/NZ. I was there last summer (yours). Wonderful Welly and a few other places. Sigh...
  11. Matt Johnson - crime thriller author and your newest member

    Hello Matt and welcome and thanks for your service in keeping us all safe. I really appreciate it and I'm sure many more people do but don't get the chance to say thank you. You do what we cannot. Writing is very therapeutic, so many people say. Keeping a diary is the best therapy, so long as no one else reads it! Putting thoughts down that you don't want to carry around with you is useful. I enjoy writing novels, not for therapy, but to write what I would like to read and hasn't been written yet. I'm on my fourth now. It keeps me very busy. And reading - oh yay! I just wish I had more time in every day. I love reading, just adore getting lost in a good book. I hope you'll enjoy the forum - there's plenty to find on here. There's a writing thread somewhere...
  12. Kindle and ebooks deals

    Hi Poppy in Aotearoa, I'm dual Kiwi/Brit and have just returned from the land of the long white cloud. Wellington, as they say, cannot be beaten on a sunny day. So special. I tried to find Kicking the Tyres on Amazon but it didn't show up. I wish Michael success with his downloads - go everyone, it's free.
  13. Poldark

    I read some of the Poldark books a long time ago and I've been watching the TV series - I love it. I've stopped reading the books because I've written two books which readers say are like Poldark and I don't want to be influenced by his writing, so I've stopped! The books are the originals but I think one of the scenes was altered a bit - can't remember exactly how but it was the scene where Ross rode over to Elizabeth and they ended up in bed together. It differs from the book a little. I'm writing the last book of my trilogy and that means it won't be too long before I can finish reading the whole series. A treat in store.
  14. Willoyd, you've put it exactly as I think it should be explained, but so much better than I would have done.