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  1. Well, I've been hearing some very good things about "Gone Girl", but one of her others, "Sharp Objects" is intriguing me.
  2. Anything that gets into your psche and messes with your perception of the world. The Shining (book & film) Don't Look Now The Collector The Turn of the Screw Any more suggestions?
  3. The Scariest Character in Fiction

    I'd say Alex from A Clockwork Orange, and, as mentioned above, Big Brother from 1984. Although I love horror and hauntings, it is the most realistic villains that terrify me most.
  4. I'm a fan of hauntings - places where people experience fear, especially if the source of the fear is unspecified, and personal fears are nourished and brought out.
  5. The Scariest Place in Fiction

    For me, the scariest place in fiction is probably the attic room in the Witch House, from HP Lovecraft's, "Dreams in the With House". The description of the odd angles of the ceiling and walls, the feverish dreams of the protagonist, the nightly visitations - it all adds up to a location that is seared into my brain.