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  1. Hello there! Just to say i just read Lexicon, and you were very much right, couldn´t stop reading it. I enjoyed it very much! If you have more recommendations on other books within this genre please share with me! thank you!
  2. Hey! dtrpath27 & Hayley thank you so much for your recommendations, i will definitely look into to those! I know that wanting it to have a 20-30 years old male character, limits the possibilities, so i´m going to drop it. Keep them coming so i can build a "to read" list. Again, thank you for your kindness.
  3. Hello there kind strangers, I was hoping you would be kind enough to help me with something here... I never was much of a reader, something I intend to change as of now. I´ve been searching, this past few weeks, for books to read but there are so many books out there that i don´t even know where to start and i think i´m also a bit picky... I was lucky that i´ve found and red, these past couple of weeks, Shadow of the Wind, Mr. Penumbras 24hour bookstore and The Goldfinch, and i did enjoyed them but if they were a bit " heavier" then they would be even better. So, what i ask of you is some recommendations on what to read next. I would like books with a bit of a mystery, or bit of a thrill or a good drama, the main character a guy between 20-30 (yeah, i like to relate , but more importantly, that involves a lot into the human behaviour and psyche, the connections and feelings between us humans, and with a lot of really good and smart dialogues! Overall, a good story Probably it´s alot to ask, still, i would be very very gratefull to you!! So, many thanks in advance! Best regards, Me