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    Getting SUGGESTIONS of cool books to read.
    Hoping NOT to get the usual bestsellers as suggestions.
    I want to discover old/new writers which I was never aware off.
    I like almost everything aside from "Fantasy"...again.. I'm not hardheaded about NOT liking Fantasy..
  1. FROM KINDLE to paper. How do I do it

    Reason being... Is that there are some eBooks..that are NOT sold in paperback.
  2. I love books so much, I don't have a T.V I hope to discover some obscure authors..rather usual bestsellers

    1. Athena


      I hope you discover some nice authors :).

  3. Help needed with dystopian titles

    I agree.. With Clockwork Orange. I re-read it as an "adult" recently. and wow...It's very good! Excellent voice to.
  4. ESCAPE from camp 14. It's about North Korea. True story of someone who escapes it. BUT..he then reached South Korea. http://www.amazon.com/Escape-Camp-14-Remarkable-Odyssey/dp/0143122916
  5. If you're not soo much of a reader start with something fun and light.. "Yes man" -Danny Wallace (no, it has nothing to do with that B.S movie with Jim Carrey)
  6. Who can recommend a book for me?

    I'm gonna hate myself in the morning for adivsing this.. Cause I usually don't like the author BUT Stephen King's "DARK TOWERS"..It's really,really,really up your alley. And I'm hating making him even more of a Millionare by advising you his book. But unfortunately it's the onyl one that fits the bill
  7. First, I'm reviewing this book for two reasons: 1)It's not that famous. 2)Cause I would have never, ever,ever, ever in my life sponteanously read this book, because of the infantile title. "In Three Men on a Bender, with cruel sardonic wit Patrick Rossi recounts the story of cuckold Marco, morally superior and short-tempered natural leader Bradi, and himself as they witness a murder whilst on vacation in Ireland. In a series of drunken mishaps, Italy’s finest young stallions are enlisted by the killers themselves to hunt down the witnesses to the murder, becoming embroiled in an ever-deepening game of deceit. Yet it is only a matter of time before the sticky situation they find themselves in, alleviated only sporadically by the appearance of the beautiful Maylea, results in an even stickier outcome for the intrepid travelers in this hilarious story told with a unique brand of self-deprecating humor and sharp observation of man’s follies." Like, I said. I was skeptic at first..I flatly did NOT want to read a book with the title "Three men on a bender". I don't like drunks in real life, lest reading about them. But after the insistence of a friend..(my girlfriend). I read it. And boy what a surprise. This has nothing/almost nothing do to with the title. Yes, it's about three guys who go to Ireland to get drunk..but the author clearly uses this as pretext for getting them to Ireland. Once there..the fun begins for the reader, whisltTragedy ensues for the characters. I found it, funny. In a sense it reminded me of a mix of "Danny Wallace"(his first books)-Nick Hornby(high fidelity) with the laissez-faire attitude of a book such as "three men on a boat". It's basically a Thriller..with comedy in it. But the comedy is happening because of the situations..rather than those annoying books..where it seems the author tries to put snappy one-liners everywhere. I recommend it. Truth be told, if this book was famous and had proper respect..I'd have recommended another book.. That I jsut read, which was slightly better.. SLIGHTLY...
  8. Say, There are some books online that are only available on KINDLE. But I want to read them on paper. Is there any way I can go about it. OR.. Say, a kindle book cost 1p as an ebook...but as a paper back, it's 19p. Can I buy in Kindle and "print it" somewhere
  9. You're a little vague..but so is my answer..it vaguely resembles the book "A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius" ...let me know
  10. Will download them..then I'll tell you what I think..I'm crossing my fingers.. Btw: I'm soooooooo glad to have found this site, cause I'm a reader (I have no T.V..I have a movie projector..which means, I watch few select movies..) and it means I read most of the time. Thank you god for this website..am really happy to have foudn it. and I'm happy that when I asked a suggestion, no one answer stupid stuff like : READ Jjasper Ford or whatever his name is. And I'd like to add...that if someone had mentioned :"hitchikers way to the galaxy" - I wouldn't have sign up.! Anwyay, I'm drunkish..and I'll be read ing Jeeves and Wooster. thanks again.
  11. What P.G Wodehouse book would you recomend I read? oh, I just read 'Three men on a bender'(normally I would read a book with a title liek that)..but I really enjoyed it. Oh, Another book I should have mentioned..which is my guilty pleasure, please don't judge me:' the perks of being a wallflower'...YES, I know I could be criticized infinetly..but I really, really enjoyed it. Go, ahead put my reader credibility down 1000 points
  12. am like you. I tend to go towards funny: In dark times: Nick horny-high fidelity. Bonfire of the vanities (BUT from kinde 20% onwards)..the beginning is about characters I don't care about..it's just building structure..but from 20% it becomes the funniest book I've read.