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  1. Painted my nails black, to suit my mood.

    1. Chrissy


      Oh dear, my toe nails are painted a beige colour - what the hell does that say about my mood? lol

    2. woolf woolf

      woolf woolf

      My nails have no colour.

    3. vodkafan


      But does black mean a good mood, a thoughtful mood, bad mood or what for you? Colour is subjective.

  2. Your Book Activity - January 2014

    Thanks! I'm really looking forward to it!
  3. Your Book Activity - January 2014

    So I have my TBR list for the next few weeks. I've added Misery by Stephen King and The great Gatsby by Fitzgerald. Misery is suppose to be a psychological thriller. I've never read anything by King so I'm looking forward to it. Gatsby is of course a classic. I hear its really good. I'll reach for them once I finish people of the book by Geraldine Brooks. The constant pressure regarding my studies has made me a very slow reader. Need to read more books every week. I need to stop feeling pathetic about not reading enough.
  4. Edgar Allan Poe, anyone?

    First, I love the name Hayley. I love it I tell you! You really should read the Raven. I didn't really get the whole thing the first time I read it. Just got the gist of it. When I read it a second and a third time, I realized that it is a poem about a man's slow fall into insanity. Its like a psychological thriller poem lol
  5. Edgar Allan Poe, anyone?

    Poe had been fascinated with death and mystery. It seems that death contemplation had been a part of his life. He was also one of the first writers to earn commercial success through writing, I think. I could be wrong. His writing has always made me think. And I like thinking. For what better thing to do than think when you're sitting on the last bench in class and the teacher is rattling on about chemistry?
  6. Edgar Allan Poe, anyone?

    I've seen the ads on Amazon. In the new editions a few of them have such amazing cover illustration! Lucky you!
  7. Edgar Allan Poe, anyone?

    I actually checked out the specification on the Kindle paperwhite. Seems like a great gadget. I really should get one. Thanks for all your kindness. Grimms fairy tale is on my TBR list as well. I hope to read it soon.
  8. Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire

    I actually started reading the 2nd book of the trilogy by McGuire just last night. Its titled "Walking disaster". The 2nd book spins off from Travis's point of view. I'm half way through already in just one sitting. Hopefully, I'm gonna finish it by today! Loving it! I love being into mushy chick lit from time to time!
  9. We all know this bitter looking brilliant man. (I'm sorry but he just looks very bitter in most of his pictures) Anyway I love this guy's poetry and short stories. I've read all of his poems, though he has only written a few, they're really nice. Of course I loved 'The Raven' a little more than the other ones. I've read a few of his short stories as well. 'A tell-tale heart' left me breathless. Magnificent writing. Short stories can be very exciting. I think everyone should try his books. Gripping and thrilling they are and breathless they will leave you. *Attempting and failing to be cheesy* Cheers!
  10. Books are expensive.

    Hi there vodkafan (peculiar choice for a name, I must say) I'm sure you're familiar with the phrase 'black sheep' as in different from the rest and being treated as a disgrace to the rest of the family or society. So white sheep is opposed to black sheep. As in blending in. Being of the same cut and color as everyone else, because apparently everyone has to be made out of the same mold. Just some random phrase I came up with lol. Sorry for the confusion. I guess I just mean that the teachers and almost all our parents want us to think and behave in a certain way. We can only dream of becoming a doctor or an engineer. Or maybe an accountant or a teacher. Having the dream of being a singer, writer or actor or something like that is off limits. The conservative mentality makes me frustrated. Are you from England? How funny it must be, calling your male buddies love! I look forward to buying an e-reader. I've got a lot of saving up to do.
  11. I finished this book in a day! It grabbed me so bad. I fell in love with Travis Maddox. Yeah I know its a complete chick lit. Nevertheless I enjoyed it very much. Travis is your ideal damaged hero with a very loose character. 'A walking one night stand', until he falls in love with Abby. Sweet story.
  12. The Vampire Diaries By L. J. Smith

    I've seen it! Loved it! Ian Somerhalder forever owns my teenage heart :3
  13. The Vampire Diaries By L. J. Smith

    In the book, Elena is blonde, selfish, self-centered and bossy. Damon is a smitten cartoonish jealous wannabe evil guy. Stefan is well, in, the same. Yeah.
  14. The Vampire Diaries By L. J. Smith

    have you seen the tv series? much better than the novels.
  15. The Vampire Diaries By L. J. Smith

    The tv series was much better than the books. I love Ian Somerhalder playing Damon. I've only read the first five books of the series. To be quire honest, they kinda sucked. lol I read the books after seeing the first season of the tv show and I was immensely disappointed. Damon seems kinda cartoonish in the books. None of his anti-hero appeal is present in the books as it is in the tv series. The characters lack depth.