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  1. Questions for authors

    I think so, sadly. I wrote them long after Roald Dahl had set the bar....
  2. Questions for authors

    And have you played the first sentence game? Group of friends, pile of books, pens and paper each. One person chooses a book and reads the title and the back blurb, then everyone writes what they imagine the first sentence to be - only the chooser writes the actual first sentence. Chooser gathers the pieces together and reads them out. You score if your fake first sentence is chosen. Chooser scores if real first sentence is chosen. Hours of fun. Works well with wine.
  3. Questions for authors

    Oh and the best first line ever for me is Kafka's Metamorphosis: As Gregor Samsa awoke one morning from uneasy dreams he found himself transformed in his bed into a gigantic insect.
  4. Questions for authors

    Great question, and apologies for not contributing much until now – I've been balancing a heavy workload and a child with seemingly interminable flu.... I have written and illustrated two children's books, but they never got published because they were deemed too dark. It was before I started writing dark and twisted adult novels... I'd love to write YA, and think one day I might give it a go – I do like to read good YA, and it's a genre where you can really tap into a reader's imagination where perhaps you might hold back a bit if you were writing for adults. I'd also like to write a really, really good love story, but I fear the protagonists would, behind my back, start doing horrible things to each other....
  5. I'm really interested in why we are so drawn to crime. What, generally, do you find enjoyable and, specifically, what do you like to see or to happen in a crime book?
  6. Our Crime and Thriller Authors

    Hi Thanks for inviting me along, Michelle. I write psychological thrillers or, to use the term I am trying to seed all over the place, domestic noir. My three novels Cuckoo, Every Vow You Break and Tarnished will be joined by a fourth, The Long Fall in June 2014. All my books are published in the UK by Headline. I tend to write about women whose lives seem, at a casual glance, to be pretty good (or at least ordered), but underneath there are problems, worries, secrets. My stories start at the point where these darker aspects of my characters' lives become uncontainable. So I like to turn the classic crime structure of a murder being solved and the world being put to rights on its head, sometimes even reversing it completely. I live in Brighton, the town that Keith Waterhouse said 'always looks as if it it helping the police with their enquiries'. Along with Emlyn Rees I am setting up Dark & Stormy, the exciting new crime genre festival, starting this year as part of the main 2014 Brighton Festival, from 23-25 May. There's more about me on my website: www.juliacrouch.co.uk, or follow me on twitter: @thatjuliacrouch