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  1. I have almost finished Appetite by Philip Kazan and have loved the fact that food plays a massive part in the book. Scents and smells are described in incedible detail and most meals are meticulously described as the protaganist is a chef (I belive the author was a restauranteur) who has a hyper sensitive pallete. Being a chef myself I am very interested in any other suggestions for books delve into food more than others. Cheers
  2. Food centric fiction

    Cool, thank you both. I will give him a try. Im particulary interested in fiction as the vast majority of my reading is biographical or non fiction both relating to food.
  3. Hey guys, I became interested in the idea of a female 'recreational' killer (not killing for revenge or killing specific individuals) when I saw a book like this adverstied as a poster in bookshops/supermarkets in London about 3 years ago. I forgot the name of the book and havent been able to find it since. There are a fair few crime books where the serial killer is a man who kills for no other reason than the enjoyment of killing, but I have not come across a book where the killer is female. Any ideas/ suggestions?