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  1. Good to see you enjoyed this one, as I've got this one (and a large handful of her ebooks as well) in my TBR list. Her "plucky female in distress" genre is definitely good for escapism, though they are a little dated.
  2. It's being a while since I has a book log (two or three years). Since have plenty of time on my hand, and there are a few great books that I've read in 2020, I would like to review some of them. For the moment, this is the list of particularly good reads I've had in 2020. Lonely Courage: The True Story of the SOE Heroines Who Fought to Free Nazi-Occupied France - Rick Stroud The Other Bennet Sister - Janice Hadlow The Pied Piper - Nevil Shute
  3. Artemis Fowl on Disney+

    Artemis Fowl will be streaming on Disney+ from 12th June. So, is anyone else excited to see this? I’m really looking forward to seeing this! And the trailer seems very different, from the Eoin Colfer books, but it looks good. Especially as Judy Dench as Commander Root! Plus its being directed by Kenneth Branagh!!
  4. What's the weather like?

    It’s quite therapeutic to water the plants, especially when refill the watering cans from the water butts....makes me fell nice that we’ve kept the rainwater.
  5. Brilliant! So it wasn’t a Sand-Fairy after all.... Virginia Woolf’s A Broom of One’s Own - Virginia’s early years at Hogwarts.
  6. Hello people! I have used this idea from bookgrouponline and I’m Sorry I Haven’t Got A Clue on BBC Radio 4. I’ve also tweaked the rules slightly. So, imagine book titles were changed quite differently if one letter is changed, or possibly added/removed. For example, if Nevil Shute’s post-apocalyptic novel On The Beach changed by adding an extra letter L, to On The Bleach , then it could be a lockdown scenario without hairdressers salons - On The Bleach. Another example could be another work of Shute’s The Pied Piper, changed to The Plied Piper, (so it was the memoir of a Scottish bag-player, who was once plied with too much alcohol before performing!) Do you get it?
  7. Listening 88% to What could possibly go wrong (the Chronicles of St Mary’s #6). Hope to finish it this afternoon.
  8. Wind Power - Thomas Dolby (those pesky turbines!)
  9. What's the weather like?

    Ah, that could be a rather awkward conversation.... I spend most of the time indoors, as it’s so sunny and breezy, I get sunburn very quickly. 10 minutes outside maximum at the mo. The forecast is for wall to wall sunshine for the next week....looks like a lot of time spending watering the plant pots.
  10. Thomas Hardy’s Less of the d'Urbervilles
  11. Firefly Summer - Maeve Binchy
  12. Ian Fleming's The Man With The Golden Bun - *raising one eyebrow* Bond, James Bond the Baker....
  13. The Secrets of Gaslight Lane - M.R.C. Kasasian
  14. Candle in the Wind - Elton John
  15. I loved Mrs Tims of the Regiment, and the second in the series Mrs.Tims carries on. I think that I have quite a few of her ebooks, and The English Air at the mo. At the beginning of this book I was worried that It was going to be too frothy, with some rather silly or scatterbrained characters, but it’s definitely improved.
  16. What's the weather like?

    I hope that the windy weather ceases, as it’s battering the new roses in my garden! They have only just started flowering too.
  17. I’m 43% listened to What Could Possibility Go Wrong? by Jodi Taylor. It’s excellent!
  18. Ride Like The Wind - Christopher Cross
  19. Mind Blowing Decisions - Heatwave. I’m suddenly back in the late 70s again! Groovy....
  20. Kindle and ebooks deals

    Gerald Durrell’s Corfu Trilogy at £1.99 on Kindle daily deals UK today. A wonderful read!
  21. Word Association

  22. My faves are: A Chelsea Concerto by Frances Faviell - The author lived in Chelsea during the Blitz, and this a sort of memoir, and it’s excellent. Faviell also wrote The Dancing Bear, set in Berlin during the four years after the end of WW2, and this one is even better, I think. The protagonist is the wife of a British officer stationed in Berlin, and the story of a German family she meets. The story is a real cracker! It’s very similar in style as Shute’s Pied Piper. Crooked Hearts by Lissa Evans and The New Mrs Clifton by Elizabeth Buchanan are ones I really liked too. Henriettas war: news from the home front 1939 -1942 -this one is very witty and charming.
  23. I love the term “lockdown locks” Or maybe should I buy a wig, in the style of Japanese manga characters?