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  1. What Are You Watching Now? - 2020

    Episode 1-3 of The Mandolorian. With baby Yoda..........so cute!!!
  2. Read-a-thon 2020

    I'll be looking forward to the reading time this weekend.....I've had difficult in concentration in reading this last week.
  3. Read-a-thon 2020

    I finished reading Lonely Courage; the true story of the SOE heroines who fought to free Nazi-occupied France by Rick Stroud. An excellent book, very gripping stories of the 39 women who were recruited and parachuted into France. Happy reading this weekend everyone!
  4. Wonderful Christmas Time - Paul McCartney
  5. How many books have you read this year?

    Currently read 98 (92 manga/graphic novels/audiobooks). Just 2 more books to reach by year reading challenge.
  6. Introverts & Extraverts

    It's good for introverts to share their experiences, in a comfortable and friendly forum, like BCF, and know that we are not alone.
  7. Karen.d's Reading List 2019

    This is an interesting idea, I might get involved with this. In fact, I've just got a free UK Kindle of this book, if anyone who might be interested in it. Hope you enjoy The Disability Read-a-thon. There are quite a few of interesting categories, I hope to dip in during October.
  8. Introverts & Extraverts

    This is exactly how I feel too. A group of extroverts, plus small talk, are the most unpleasant social experiences I have had. It always makes me feel like I am an alien, lost on a strange planet. In these social situations, I just want to disappear, and hope that the host has pets that I can have a conversation with!
  9. Your Book Activity - August 2019

    The Corfu Trilogy is wonderful, and I laughed so much at Gerald Durrell stories. I haven't felt so happy reading for some time, until I read these. I was completely lost in the 1st and 2nd audible versions, and I now started the 3rd as the Kindle, and it's just like meeting an old friend, like Gerry meeting Spiro or Theodore. These books really did cheer me up, and I know that I'll be able read them again!
  10. What are you listening to?

    Sad Café - Everyday Hurts
  11. Your Book Activity - August 2019

    Spent many hours listen to audiobooks recently, and the best were 1 and 2 of the Gerald Durrell's The Corfu Trilogy My Family and Other Animals and Birds, Beasts and Relatives. Nigel Davenport was a wonderful narrator, and with Durrell's storytelling it was so enjoyable to listen to them.
  12. Introverts & Extraverts

    I am an introvert, and I think that I have always been an introvert, especially as a child. As I get older (I'm 54 years old) I need more quiet time for my self, just to cope with life, in general. I don't think that that is a bad thing; I just feel that I look at life from a different angle from most people. I find that most peoples lives are so chaotic and frenetic, and quite often aggressive with others around them. That is exactly how I feel too!
  13. Read-a-thon 2019

    I’ve had 2 hours reading of The Rosie Result this afternoon , and it’s really good. I hope to have time to read the second half of the book during the weekend. Happy reading this weekend everyone!