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  1. Diana Gabaldon

    Thank you, yes i'm well, i'm glad to be back.
  2. Thanks, im going to my local library to rent it out
  3. Thanks for the recommendation, i've just ordered the first book
  4. I'm looking for some adult books about time travel. I've read Outlander series, Replay, Doomsday Book, etc so any recommendations would be appreciated.
  5. Diana Gabaldon

    Has anyone read the Outlander series? My girlfriend watches it on tv and i decided to read them so i could tell her what happens. Not really the kind of thing i read as im into horror mostly but i got hooked on them and read all 8 books one after the other. Can't wait for the new book to be written. Any other Outlander fans here? (sorry if this is in wrong section)
  6. Your Book Activity - November 2017

    I've just started the 3rd book in Justin Cronin's The Passage trilogy, The City Of Mirrors.
  7. John's Books Read 2016

    5/10 ...... one of my least favourite stephen king books
  8. John's Books Read 2016

    Thanks. They all have good movie adaptations too.
  9. Your Book Activity - August 2016

    Just finished Stephen Kings Green Mile, classic, next up Richard Bachmans The Regulators
  10. John's Books Read 2016

  11. Your Book Activity - June 2016

    Just finished Stephen King's Bazaar Of Bad Dreams, some good stories, some not so good. Next up ....
  12. John's Books Read 2016

  13. John's Books Read 2016

  14. Your Book Activity - June 2016

    Finished Clive Barker's Great & Secret Magic Show, excellent book & ordered Part 2 Everville. Halfway through Stephen King's Bazaar Of Bad Dreams, enjoying it so far but can't help thinking i prefer his older stuff.....
  15. Your Book Activity - April 2016

    I'm reading Clive Barker's The Great And Secret Show, loving it so far!