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  1. Desert Island Essentials

    Ah! yes, teddy bears and soft toys as we call them Athena. I love the name plushies though thought it may be something nice to eat! I have packed up my tent and all the things here on my island now, and am waiting for the boat to take me and the dogs back home again. It has been a really enjoyable time here, but all good things must come to an end. As hospital looms for me next week I must wrap up my stuff and depart........ but thank you Athena and Vimes for keeping me company on here, it has been great. Happy Christmas to you both,don't really know when I will be back on bookclub, depends how well i will be feeling, but not before Jan anyway.
  2. Desert Island Essentials

    what are plushies? I want some too!
  3. Never Have I Ever...

    no, me neither, life is too short! never have I whistled a tune
  4. settled down in a convenient doorway for the night. Passers- by started throwing them money, and some even threw some food.Unfortunately the can of tomato soup hit Dex right where it hurts and he doubled up in anguish. Itsme started laughing but Poppy enquired in a kindly voice 'if Dex would like..........
  5. Strictly Come Dancing 2013

    I tell you what..... [as Len might say].... you are all improving on here [never mind the dance floor] on your 'dance reviews', you will soon be pro's, you know so much about ballroom dancing now [well, maybe you did before?] So, who will go this week? I jinxed poor Dave by saying he would stay a while, so I think it's time that Ben went now, and it's getting a bit yawn yawn about his rugged good looks, he is a poor dancer!
  6. ....... anyone else in the world! There certainly seemed to be more of them, and most of them were not in Yorkshire.Itsme stretched and stood up, 'now where's Dex got to?' Was that him, over there in the corner of the pub with .........
  7. Desert Island Essentials

    Will somebody please send me a choc Advent calendar? 1 DEC today!
  8. ... attractive lady of 25 with long golden hair, blue eyes and an hour glass figure [Oh, wait a mo, thought Itsme, that's my fantasy intruding into my thoughts again, ooops!] He knocked back his glass of beer, wiped a hand across his mouth [frothy] and stretched his legs out onto the next ...........
  9. Which book is this?

    this sounds a lot later than Austen......... more like it was written in the 20's or 30's. Not a clue what it is though, in fact, even if I have read this book, not sure I would remember this bit of it.
  10. Ready for a new author

    And now, so do I !!!!
  11. Time Travel Books

    I will look out for these books, they sound good, thanks. Also thanks VF for this one. I can't think of any new ones, but the Stephen King 11.22.63 novel is excellent, King at his best.
  12. ....... threw up, right onto Dex's nice clean Cliff Richard T-shirt! Poppy yelled 'arrrrrrrgh' and rushed off down the street while Itsme laughed and said............
  13. Hello from Blackwell's

    AH! My favourite local bookshop!
  14. A-Z Knowledge

    Huron houston Harry [prince!] heidi
  15. Desert Island Essentials

    Ah, South Africa, my mistake. I would love to visit SA one day. The husband went there a few years ago on a rugby tour [teacher, so took team of boys.]he had great fun and ended up in Sun City for a few days having a bit of a gamble.