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  1. What are you watching now? - 2013

    Posh Pawn hahaha and GBBO from last night
  2. fav fiction books

    I don't think i could stop at one but if I had to I would say The Book Thief, it's the book I always recommend to people. Other than that it's dependent on mood, genre etc. difficult question ha ha
  3. Baking Cakes In Kigali by Gaile Parkin

    Oh I'm glad to hear there's another I will check it on our library catalogue Monday. I will add Kabul Beauty School too thank you
  4. More football

    Great for the spectators though Sedge! Thank goodness normal service resumes today the Internationals are over.....
  5. I just finished this, I liked the cover but all the way through I was comparing it to McCall Smiths Ladies Detective Agency. Although this book is set in Rwanda, it is quite harrowing at times but I enjoyed the characters in it and of course it's about cakes, so wasn't at all terrible. A recommended read.
  6. Hey everyone

    Welcome Justin!
  7. More football

    Unlucky Sedge! We'll look for a win Inver
  8. The one you gave up on was quite harrowing but tied in with the Neighbour I struggle with that subject too since I had my son years ago . I cant recommend any particularly as i read them all as they come along like I do with all my authors. I will let you know about the one I am reading now
  9. Hello, everyone!

    Welcome Hayley!
  10. More football

    Sounds like a result really with no strikers! Who needs RVP anyway ha ha
  11. Hiya, have you tried Lisa Gardner? She is excellent, she does series and stand- alones and I really enjoy her books. Tana French is another fav of mine, more psychological suspense than gore! Good luck and happy reading!
  12. What is most likely to draw you to a book?

    Vimes hi, no i could never read the ending first, what would be the point?
  13. Volunteer work

    I was a Special Constable for 6 years. I made some brilliant friends and learned a lot about myself!
  14. Hello

    Well I started off as a humble library assistant, now I'm a Library Development Officer which means I do librarians work for less money, well that's ok because I love my job! I work in a busy public lending library and we have just closed to the public as we open in September in our brand new multi million pound home in Southend. I especially love encouraging children to read as I loved going to the library as a child. We have no librarians in our library now as they are all in managerial posts i really hope its different where you are bookmonkey xx