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  1. Dystopian novels

    Although technically I fit into the YA age bracket I find many of those books lacking for what I like to read, so I would recommend the The Year of the Flood by Margaret Atwood, along with Kidsmum's suggestion of the Handmaids Tale which is also brilliant.
  2. Philippa Gregory - Wideacre

    I read Wideacre years ago and loved it - didn't realise it was part of a trilogy though!
  3. Elizabeth Chadwick

    I recently got The Time of Singing from our library, I love historical fiction and this is the first Elizabeth Chadwick I've read - I've been more of a Philippa Gregory girl up until now. I enjoyed it and liked the character of Ida - although the rate she can pop out children is quite impressive! I'm snowed under with other recommendations (I'm a Game of Thrones, fantasy kinda girl) and some reading for my Literature course but I'm going to try some more Chadwick once I've read those.
  4. carrying a bag of 5 books for my English Literature reading + a long walk home = sore arms! The things we do for books..

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      You need a rucksack! Honestly carrying them any other way hurts your spine too...

    3. Athena
    4. bebesyy


      I broke my rucksack's straps with the amount of books I had in it! I have a bad spine anyway so the damage is done I guess :-)

  5. PS - I'm ashamed to say I own Lord of The Rings but just couldn't get into it - maybe it's time for another try at it!
  6. thank you everyone for your help! It's much appreciated I am off to search all your suggestions and links and start a list as it's my birthday on the 22nd and I'm hoping for lots of books from my family Although these will be put on hold as I have the dreaded English Literature coursework reading to get through, although some of it is Margaret Atwood, who I love, so it's not all bad! I know, I'm so sad that it's taking him so long, but I am happy to wait if it means it will be as good as the rest - I do agree with Tobi that the first few are better (or at least my favourites) - the Arya storyline is a major grating point for me, I don't know why but I just hate it and the direction its going in! Thanks, yeah I love historical fiction so I will check those out, and European history is something I haven't read about before so would be interested to look into. And I'll have a browse through those links! The Warlord Chronicles sound good! I find Vikings a bit taxing, my boyfriend says I should give them more of a chance but I'm such a sucker for time periods such as the middle ages that I find it hard to branch out, haha I've read a lot of Philippa Gregory (although not sure if I've read all of them) and I love the show! I read the White Queen as a proof copy and knew it would do well as it gripped me too - so happy it has! Thanks
  7. I LOVE George R.R Martin's series of books and am looking for something similar to fill my time whilst I wait for the next one to be released! Fantasy, with a medieval setting perhaps, or in the same sort of time frame - I'm a sucker for kings and queens and courtly goings on so even a good historical setting will sort me out. Thanks!
  8. Ah that's interesting, I will have to use that genre when searching now! That's a really good theme actually and one I hadn't thought of. Thanks!
  9. I'm very lucky I have to admit! Thanks I hope too
  10. thank you everyone! It is really good to get a first look at books, especially when they become popular and you can say 'I read it first!' Thanks Thanks They do! My mum has a degree in librarianship so it was always inevitable we'd be close to books as a family!
  11. GCSE English Lit

    I passed my GCSE's last year and we studied (for the exam) The History Boys and Lord of the Flies for our final exam, but in the run up and previous exams we looked at Of Mice and Men (coursework was done on that) and MacBeth (coursework too). I'm sure there was more to the exam but I've forgotten it in the horror of A-Levels! I remember reading To Kill a Mockingbird - but that wasn't for the course, that was for my own enjoyment and it's only as I read it at the same time that I associate it with my exam! I did compulsory English Literature and Language, whereas most of the rest of the year got to choose one or the other and most did Language, which saved the English department a lot of money on books I guess...
  12. I started another topic a few minutes ago as I'm pretty much in need of some good advice but then thought it was rude not to introduce myself into this community! I'm Bethany Harbour, I'm 16 and from a small town near Brighton in England. I have grown up with both my parents working with books - my dad has worked for many publishers and my mum is a Buying Manager for a company here in England that supplies amazon, play.com etc - this means I have been very fortunate in the fact that my mum is always bringing home proof copies - for example I am privileged enough to read books like The Hunger Games a good few months, maybe even a year or so before they are published and also I constantly can have a book on the go, so I'm grateful. My love of reading knows no bounds and I'll read just about anything. However, its really getting me down that I have no one to discuss books with everyday - my friends mostly show no interest and I could have cried when my boyfriend professed to 'hate' Jane Eyre when we read it for English Literature! So I figured I'd join a place where chatting about books is what everyone does best! Well I hope to speak to lots of you soon and share recommendations and our love of books together
  13. New guy here

    I'm new too, and I'm so glad to see you liked the Song of Ice and Fire series, they are my favourite books at the moment and nothing is matching up to them!
  14. Hello, I'm brand new on here and seeking some help from any fellow bookworms/avid readers! I'm currently beginning my second year of English Literature A2. As part of our coursework module we have to produce 2500-3000 words in either analytical essay form or creative writing form (eg writing in the style of the books you have read) and this is on a central theme, and then 3 books/poems that relate to that theme. I have a few ideas of what theme and books I would like but what I'm looking for is some help or elaboration of book ideas for the themes I do have? My teacher said one has to be 'literary' or more of a classic, then the other 2 can be more modern in order to compare. My ideas: Racism/prejudice - The Help Dystopian novels/alternate reality - The Handmaid's Tale, and then something a hell of a lot more modern like one of the new young adult dystopia books e.g Matched, The Hunger Games etc History - I'm very naive on this subject but I love Philippa Gregory and have an avid interest in historical fiction And of course any themes or books you wonderful people suggest! I am so grateful to anyone who takes the time to help out a newbie on here!