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  1. Steps for writing a good book review

    Always toy with the idea of reviewing, this will definitely help! Thanks!
  2. Who doesn't love a good pet shame?
  3. Markus Zusak

    I've only read The Book Thief. It was one I kept picking up when I'd go to the bookshop, but then putting back for 'next time'. Then I finally got it and oh my God, it was fantastic! As soon as I finished it I just restarted it! Can't wait to try some of his other books. Just got to work through this pile of unread books before I buy any more (boyfriends rules, I'm not a fan.)
  4. Saga

    I realise I'm probably behind the times but has anyone else here read these? I borrowed the single chapters from a friend and now I'm hooked. Ordered volume 1 and pre ordered volume 2!
  5. Rugby

    God that was a horrible game to watch. Deserved win by Wales, England were pitiful! I was not a happy bunny.
  6. I keep meaning to bake pasties! How simple were they?
  7. Hi!

    Thanks all!
  8. Rugby

    Last games this weekend! My nails will be bitten all the way down by the end of England V Wales!
  9. I love baking! I baked today! Vanilla cupcakes decorated with MINI vanilla cupcakes! Here they are..
  10. What are you listening to? - 2013

    Ludovico Einaudi's new album is amazing!
  11. Hi!

    Hello everyone! I'm Emily, 24, and a bookworm, surprisingly! I got a bit fed up of not being able to discuss books with people, as my friends aren't really big readers, so here I am!