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  1. Hello :)

    Welcome from a fellow newbie and animal lover! Congratulations on winning that competition and i hope the character named after you is cool.
  2. Hello! Just joined today!

    I'll definitely add Jack Vance to my list.
  3. I hope England wins against France!

    1. vodkafan


      Are we at war again? I must have missed the news

    2. JKHolmes


      Haha no, the rugby's on. It fees like it though.

  4. Hello! Just joined today!

    Thanks AbielleRose! I see your reading Bridget Jones dairy. I've seen the movies, but haven't read the books which i need to!
  5. Hello! Just joined today!

    Risingdawn - I've heard of Peter F. Hamilton and Robert Jordan, but not Brandon Sanderson. I'll definitely try all three though.
  6. Hello! Just joined today!

    Abit too late for that! Its already bursting at the seams. Haha.
  7. Your sports

    I was a member of my local swimming club and used to swim in races, i won some. That was six years ago, i miss it a lot. Best years of my life so far.
  8. Hello! Just joined today!

    Thanks very much. I'll definitely have a look at those!
  9. Rugby

    I'll be watching that match too.
  10. Hello! Just joined today!

    Thank you for the nice welcome everyone! Bobblybear and Cookie - Thank you for the welcome. Athena - I'm trying to broaden the range of authors i read so i don't mind any suggestions, whatever people think is good. Chesilbeach - I hope the recommendations come flooding in soon, i'm in need of something new to read! (ps. I am 21, i think i'm 19 and i look about 12! I get ID'd for the funniest things.) Bree - Thanks and yes I've already seen it and made my presence known.
  11. Trying to decide how many books i should set as a goal?!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. JKHolmes


      Yes for this year. I would say i read pretty fast. Whats your goal for this year?

    3. Inver


      30 again, since I didn't quite manage...think it was 27. Am averaging about 2 a month depending on length of the read.

    4. JKHolmes


      Out by three, that must have hurt. Good luck this year!

  12. What are you eating just now?

    I was eating a kit kat, but my Dad stole and is now snoring in his chair.
  13. Rugby

    Anyone looking forward to England vs France tomorrow? Its always my favourite match up of the six nations. I don't why they seem to play with an added spark. Plus i love screaming at the TV. Its those times my Dads grateful he cant take his hearing aid out.
  14. Hello! Just joined today!

    Hello, My names Jennifer. I'm 21, (and still thinking i'm 19. I don't know why?!), i live in Staffordshire in the West Midlands. I'm so excited to find a community around books. I think i'm quickly going to get addicted. I love reading the likes of Terry Pratchett (he is my god.), Diana Wynne Jones, Joseph Delaney and Eoin Colfer. I want to branch out and read a wider variety of authors as i tend to stick to a select few. So if anyone has any recommendations they're greatly of appreciated. I mainly like fantasy, science fiction and horror, but if its worth reading please suggest it! Nice to meet you. JKHolmes
  15. No Discworld by Terry Pratchett??!! I'd probably choose Harry Potter then.