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  1. yes that would work for Frank Herberts original 6 books. When you start with the Brian Herbert & Kevin Anderson series you should read in sequence from the beginning. That said the House of ..... trilogy is worth your time and the current School of ...... trilogy is quite good [even if the third novel has yet to be published]. Whatever you do DO NOT READ: worms & hunters of Dune as they are really shhhhhhh!
  2. Best Author Competition - Round 2

    Margaret Atwood --vs-- George Orwell --vs-- Daphne Du Maurier Vladimir Nabokov --vs-- John Banville Samantha Hayes --vs-- Stephen King Edward Rutherford --vs-- L.E. Modesitt Sophie McKenzie --vs-- Leo Tolstoy Peter F Hamilton --vs-- Chris Manby Franz Kafka --vs-- Bernard Cornwell Hilary Mantel --vs-- Terry Pratchett Charles Dickens --vs-- Salman Rushdie Robert Jordan --vs-- Edgar Allan Poe Donna Leon --vs-- Paul Auster Elizabeth George --vs-- E M Forster Tash Aw --vs-- Oscar Wilde Maggie O'Farrell --vs-- George Eliot Virginia Woolf --vs-- JRR Tolkien Fyodor Dostoyevsky --vs-- Edith Wharton Conn Iggulden --vs-- Jane Austen Neil Gaiman --vs-- Sophie Kinsella Gabriel Garcia Márquez --vs-- William Faulkner Paulo Coelho --vs-- Rebecca Gable
  3. Book buys: Internet or bookshop?

    I love browsing in any bookstore, I do like the internet prices better. I generally buy books at both, especially to keep the bookstore alive. But too often I did order a specific English book and they come with a different version, Like ordering the US edition of Dr. Sleep and getting the UK version. When I ask them about it they tend to be angry with me for asking such stupid things. And then I order for a while on the internet. I just bought a collection of 30's Edgar Wallaces in their red hardcovers, and those you find on the net easier than in most shops.
  4. 1. Did you like the book? What was it that you enjoyed? If you didn't like the book, what were your reasons for disliking it? I first read this book when I was 15 now 30 years later I have reread it quit often and as my knowledge grows so does my understanding of this huge book in scifi. 2. Did you have any expectations about the book before you started reading it, and if so, were they correct? I expected it to be about a desert planet and got a book about intrigue, eco-systems, cultures and religion. 3. Who was your favourite character...? Jessica for defying her destiny and future of mankind in exchange for love, and thus destroying a future that would have undoubtely would have been far worse. 4. ...and your least favourite? Most characters were well fleshed out and served a purpose. 5. Was there a particular part you enjoyed more than the rest? Once they arrived on Dune the story picks up speed and depth of plot. 6. Was this the first book you've read in this genre / by this author, has it encouraged you to read more? Read all six originals in sequence 7. Were there any parts/ideas you struggled with? The religious bit, but learning more about religious history you see what Herbert tried to do. 8. Overall, was reading the book an enjoyable experience? An excellent experience 9. Would you recommend the book and if so to whom? Anybody who likes intelligent books and can see through the scifi label 10. Will you read the sequels/prequels? Have read all Frank Herbert originals and all of the stuff written by his son & Kevin Anderson, whose output are hit and miss.
  5. The last film you saw - 2014

    Le Grande Blue by Luc Besson, one of my altime favorite movies and actually the first movie I bought when I changed from VHS to dvd close to 14 years ago.
  6. John Connolly

    I did pre-order the new Connolly already, even if it is till 1 1/2 month away.
  7. I AM PILGRIM by Terry Hayes the next Robert Ludlum?? 700 pages of exciting thriller and no urge to go to bed and sleep.
  8. When I first discovered James Patterson I quite liked his books but as soon as it turned into a writing factory he lost my interest. While I really admire his style and ideas his marketing concept towards writing is something that annoys me more than it intrigues me. If mr. Patt Perhaps I am too much a fan of the sometimes lonely plotting novelist who have a hard time finishing the book at the deadline.
  9. What are you watching now? - 2014

    I just started season two of the Avengers starring Mr Steed & Cathy Gale. Nice b/w fun from 1961.
  10. Who Is Your Favourite?

    Simon Templar aka the Saint has gone through various phases, but my favorite remains that great optimist and daring swasbuckling adventurer in the books by Leslie Charteris before the WOII. Charlie Parker by John Connolly who seems to wander a path of sinners and angels and on whoms side does he will find himself?? His tales are dark and mysterious, and often gruesome. Harry Hole by Jo Nesbo the deeply flawed, intelligent and sensitive detective that tries to find his course through life and responsibilities. Special Agent Aloysius X. L. Pendergast by Messieurs Child & Preston is an annual pleasure that never fails to live up to expectation. They always bring something new and exciting to the table.
  11. Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics

    two GOLD medals at the team pursuit events, the men had to really work with the women the competition was just glad they got a medal which made the final a bit embarrising for the Polish ladies team they were never in it to win. The Dutch ladies did do their business and ended with an improvement of the Olympic record. Overall one can easily say that the speedskating events were the property of team Netherlands, they got on average most competition from their own nationality.
  12. What are you watching now? - 2014

    Watching the Winter Olympics with two more GOLD for the Netherlands finishing us with the grand toat of 24 medals of which 8 are gold. We had a good time in Sochi.
  13. Avatar 2

    I loved AVATAR too and look forward to at least one of the sequels which is supposed to take place under the sea, and there are some excellent movies by Cameron that take place in the water. As for cash-ins look no further than the Nolan Batman trilogy, the first one was largly a copy of the 1997 The Shadow movie, the second hitched a lot on the demise of one of its leadstars Heath Ledger and the thirs installment was just plain stuuf-that-makes-the-grass-grow-green. The new Star Wars movies, like GL's attempt to better his original trilogy I would expect very little from the new movies. AVATAR had a least the guts to be bold in its innovative 3D and spectacle it proved to be on the big screen, I saw the movie 3 times on the big screen in its original 3D and whenever somebody who saw it on tv wants to have a discussion about the quality I ignore them as they failed to behold the grandness of Camerons original vision.
  14. Book to film / TV...

    High fidelity the book and the movie are both actually quite good, I agree. LOTR the movies are very impressive, while the book is brilliant. Mr. Jackson did complete the movies with material from other places, but written by Tolkien himself, the make the tale more complete. And at the same time he left a significent part of the first book out of the movies, where they perhaps meet the mst powerfull creature of whole of Middle-Earth.
  15. What are you watching now? - 2014

    It was a rather satisfying pilot I fully agree.