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  1. Introverts & Extraverts

    I'm currently reading a Dutch book about introverts (Ik moet nog even kijken of ik kan by Liesbeth Smit). We have a topic on Introverts in the Debate Forum, but it was Kylie's personal thread and I wanted to include a poll, so I thought I'd start a new topic. For those looking for the old topic, here it is. I haven't finished the book I'm reading yet, but I'd love to know if you feel you're an introvert, extravert, ambivert or something else. Feel free to vote in the poll and / or comment if you feel comfortable with that. For myself, I'm very much an introvert. I also am autistic and have ADD, so I have to really limit the amount of input signals I get every day.
  2. Can you believe it's August already?! Anyway.. what's your book activity today? Are you reading anything? Did you buy any books recently? I'm currently working through my library loans. I'm reading Simone Kortsmit - Turntoppers 3: Gymroddels, I read book 1 yesterday (I didn't see book 2 at the library).
  3. Word Association

  4. Well done on finishing IT!! I look forward to reading your review . I've not heard of The Crow Trap but I did read the novella Too Good to Be True by the same author, which I liked. I hope you enjoy your buddy read .
  5. Travel Plans

    Wow, that sounds like a lovely adventure! Quite a bit of travel in your future . That sounds nice. I haven't traveled much this year yet (not that I do a lot of travelling anyway).
  6. What's the weather like?

    I can't remember where you live . 23 °C sounds like a lovely temperature. It's currently cloudy and rainy here, 21 °C (70 °F) the maximum (16 °C / 60 °F atm).
  7. New name, new me.

    Hey Quinn! I remember you ! It's good to 'see' you again . I'm so sorry about your traumatic brain injury . I'm glad you're doing a bit better since then. The forum has changed owners and some people have left. I too am happy it is still here. I hope to see you around the forum, xx Gaia
  8. I'm currently reading Leigh Bardugo - De Kraaien 2: Kraai & Koninkrijk (Six of Crows 2: Crooked Kingdom). My previous read was Leigh Bardugo - De Kraaien 1: List & Leugens (Six of Crows 1: Six of Crows). They are library loans and I'm aiming to at least have most of my loans finished before I have to hand them back in. These books have received a lot of hype in the YA book community. I didn't like the Grisha trilogy by the same author, I liked the first book a lot, didn't like the second book and DNFed/abandoned the third book (they were also library loans, translated in Dutch). I'm glad I like this duology much more so far. I'm not loving it but I'm liking it. I love the characters. The writing isn't always my thing, sometimes it's nice and sometimes it feels iffy. It could be the translation, or maybe it's just me. I'm glad I'm liking book 2 so far.
  9. Afternoon Tea at the Sunflower Café by Milly Johnson.
  10. Introverts & Extraverts

    It's nice to know I'm not the only one who feels this way .
  11. It works now !! I'll let you know if it happens again .
  12. A couple of recent book reviews. Sigrid Landman - Chaos met Autisme I really liked this autism memoir. The author is autistic and is the mother of an autistic daughter. She also has an autistic husband (the author, not the daughter). I liked it so much that I ordered the other books this author has written. H. N. Kowitt - De Loserlijst 3: Afgang (The Loser List 3: Jinx of the Loser) This was a nice read, but nothing spectacular. Anna Ruhe (ill. Claudia Carls) - De Magische Apotheek 1: Er hangt een geheim in de lucht (Die Duftapotheke 1: Ein Geheimnis liegt in der Luft) I had a bit of trouble getting into this book, but once I was into it, I really enjoyed it. David O'Connell (ill. Claire Powell) - The Dundoodle Mysteries 1: The Chocolate Factory Ghost This was a nice children's adventure book with fantastical elements. Simone Kortsmit - Turntoppers 1: Nikki op Turnkamp Simone Kortsmit - Turntoppers 3: Gymroddels I enjoyed book 3 more than book 1, but both were good. I'd like to find book 2 at the library some time. Frank Cottrell Boyce (ill. Steven Lenton) - The Astounding Broccoli Boy This was really good! Funny and a nice read!
  13. I can hardly believe it's that time of the year again! 2018 has gone by fast in some ways! Welcome to my 2019 reading log! It's always fun making a new one . Links to my previous logs: Athena's Reading List 2013 Athena's Reading List 2014 Athena's Reading List 2015 Athena's Reading List 2016 Athena's Reading List 2017 Athena's Reading List 2018 Links to posts within this thread: Books read in January 2019 Books read in February 2019 Books read in March 2019 Books read in April 2019 Books read in May 2019 Books read in June 2019 Books read in July 2019 Books read in August 2019 Books read in September 2019 Books read in October 2019 Books read in November 2019 Books read in December 2019 Books abandoned/DNFed in 2019 Statistics of books read in 2019 My favourite books, series and authors Books recommended to me by people from BCF in 2019 Films, TV & Video Games I Watched / Played in 2019 Previous Statistics: Books read Jun - Dec 2012: 43 Books read in 2013: 143 Books read in 2014: 254 Books read in 2015: 502 Books read in 2016: 425 Books read in 2017: 236 Books read in 2018: 262 Pages read in Jun - Dec 2012: ~25000 Pages read in 2013: ~37000 Pages read in 2014: 62932 Pages read in 2015: 112787 Pages read in 2016: 95007 Pages read in 2017: 52853 Pages read in 2018: 60308 Link to my BookTube Channel Gaia Athena
  14. I wish you good luck with the Disability-Read-A-Thon, what a great idea!! I would love to see more attention for disabilities in books and reading. As a side question, I checked out your blog today, and I don't know if it's my new Windows version or not, but for the life of me I can't find how to comment on your recent blog post on the Patrick Ness book. Your blog looks different too than it used to. Is it just me? I managed to 'Like' the blog post but I don't see a comment box anywhere, would have commented otherwise. I thought your review was really good .
  15. Introverts & Extraverts

    I find it very difficult to talk with strangers, it tires me extremely. For me, the more people there are in the group, the less I'll say (even when you average it). Also, the more people there are, the more tiring it gets for me. I find it scary to talk in groups too, Poppy!
  16. Guess what? I am Happy Pat :)

    Welcome to the forum! My day has been going well so far, thanks . How is/was yours?
  17. Hello Fellow Readers!

    Welcome here !
  18. The Seafront Tea Rooms by Vanessa Greene.
  19. Introverts & Extraverts

    Pretty much that, yes! It also says that in the brain, introverts and extraverts are differently wired and that genetics play a large role in it (rather than upbringing). I'm glad you have a lot of time where you can be on your own . That sounds like a difficult place to work for an introvert! I'm glad it helps you to spend time in your garden doing gardening things .
  20. Book Titles A to Z

    The Vampire Lestat by Anne Rice (book 2 in The Vampire Chronicles)
  21. How much do you read at once?

    Hi Dex! How've you been? For me it really depends on what the book is as well, how many days it takes me to read it.