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  1. The Gaming Box

    Thank you for that !
  2. Your Book Activity - May 2019

    I read my first Milly Johnson book last year (The Mother of all Christmases) and really liked it! I'm glad you liked The Perfectly Imperfect Woman as I have it on my TBR. I'm currently reading I Wish You All The Best by Mason Deaver.
  3. "Ben, honey, are you feeling well?" I Wish You All The Best by Mason Deaver
  4. Our House sounds interesting! An unusual premise for sure. I shall add it to my wishlist. Great reviews .
  5. Hayley's Reading 2019

    @Hayley Those are some really beautiful covers .
  6. The Good Father by Diane Chamberlain.
  7. New user from Spain

    Welcome here !
  8. Diana Gabaldon

    I merged this thread with original threads on Diana Gabaldon / Outlander. I think we have a few fans here, but I'm not sure if those people are still on the forum. I remember Pontalba really liking the series and she's not around anymore I think, but I can't remember who the other fans were exactly. Nice to see you again Geordie 9! It's been a while. I hope you've been well.
  9. What cheered you up today?

    That is amazing news !! What a great find!!
  10. What cheered you up today?

    I could swear we had a thread for a thing like this but I wasn't able to find it searching through the pages of this subforum. What cheered you up today? For me, it was looking at my books. Thinking about how much fun it'll be to read them (though of course not all might be brilliant) and how nice the covers look on my shelves. It usually cheers me up to look at my books .
  11. Word Association

  12. Who Let the Dogs Out by Baha Men (I'm not actually that keen on this song.. but it was the one that came to mind)
  13. Young Wives' Tales by Adele Parks
  14. Book Titles A to Z

    M Is For Autism byThe Students of Limpsfield Grange School, Vicky Martin, Luna Pérez Visairas
  15. Haha! 3rd time's the charm? I hope you enjoy the story . I haven't read the Night Angel trilogy yet, maybe someday though . I did read the beginning of book 1 some time ago but I put it down again as I wasn't in the mood for it. I really liked Poison Study. I've read Poison Study, Magic Study, Fire Study, Assassin Study (free short story I read on the author's website some time ago), but not yet the newer books in the series. Amazing you found them at the charity shop! I did read Storm Glass, Sea Glass and Spy Glass (taking place in that same world). I also read Stormwatcher by the same author but that's a contemporary fiction middle-grade, so not at all related to the Poison Study series. I re-read Poison Study and Magic Study in the one of the recent years but I haven't felt like re-reading Fire Study yet. I wanted to re-read the trilogy as I don't remember enough to continue with the newer Study books. Anyway.. happy reading!
  16. Maeve Binchy

    I read an omnibus containing The Copper Beech and Evening Class many years ago, and liked it okish at the time. I don't remember much of it, though I think one of the two involved religion, and I wasn't too keen on that aspect of the story (at the time). I liked both Star Sullivan and Full House, two QuickReads releases by Maeve Binchy, which I read some years ago. I haven't picked up anything else since by her. I think liking that omnibus so-so kind of put me off trying more of her work, but maybe I'll read more of her some day. I did quite like the two QuickReads novellas.
  17. I don't know if anyone is interested, but I made a video showing an overview of my book shelves. It's a long video, so I understand if no one is interested, but I thought I'd post it just in case anyone would like a closer look at my bookshelves. Reading wise, I'm currently working my way through my library loans. My next read will be a Geronimo Stilton book, I borrowed a few of them from the library. Reis door de tijd 8, is my next read. Here is the list of library loans, though I'm certain I won't get around to the longer ones, as I have only a few days left before handing them in. Oh well, I could loan them again another time. I've read some already, I've read the Spy School books, the autism memoir, the autism information book, Oomen stroomt over and I've read some of the Stilton books. Phil Earle (ill. Steve May) - Superdad's Day Off Tony De Sualles - Bee Boy 2: Attack of the Zombees Harriet Whitehorn - Violet 3: Violet en de Smokkelaars (Violet 3: Violet and the Smugglers) Paul van Loon (ill. Hugo van Look) - Dolfje Weerwolfje 19: Dolfje en Noura Thea Stilton - Prinsessen van Wonderrijk 2: De Droombewaker (Le Guardiane dei Sogni) Geronimo Stilton - Geronimo Stilton 73: Ridder voor een Dag (Cavaliere per un Giorno) Geronimo Stilton - De Kleine Prinses (La Piccola Principessa) Geronimo Stilton - Reis Door De Tijd 8 (Viaggio Nel Tempo 8) Thea Stilton - De Zeven Rosen 5: De Verdwenen Prinses (Il Segreto delle Fate dei Fiori) Geronimo Stilton - Fantasia 12: Fantasia XII: Het Vlammenravijn (Regno Della Fantasia 12: Il Grande Segreto) Usborne - Geïllustreerde Verhalen uit de Griekse Mythologie () Terri Libenson - Lakefront Middle School 2: Positively Izzy Joe Sug, Amrit Birdi, Matt Whyman, Mindy Lopkin and Joaquin Pereyra - Username 1: Username: Evie Joe Sug, Amrit Birdi, Matt Whyman, Mindy Lopkin and Joaquin Pereyra - Username 2: Username: Regenerated Stuart Gibbs - Spy School 1: Spy School Stuart Gibbs - Spy School 2: Spy Camp Robert Adkinson & Others - Spirituele Symbolen: Volkeren, Religies, Mysteries (Sacred Symbols: Peoples, Religions, Mysteries) Marije van Dongen - Dramaqueen of Gewoon Autisme? Francine Oomen - Oomen Stroomt Over Jiami - Niet Wat Jij Denkt: Hoe Bloggen en YouTube Mijn Leven met Anorexia Veranderden Liane Holliday Willey - Handboek voor Asperger Vrouwen (Safety Skills for Asperger Women) Trudy Dehue - Betere Mensen: Over Gezondheid als Keuze en Koopwaar Lidewijde Paris - Hoe Lees Ik? Lidewijde Paris - Hoe Lees Ik Korte Verhalen? Jan Van Coillie - Leesbeesten en Boekenfeesten: Hoe Werken (met) Kinder- en Jeugdboeken? Picture: I hope everyone is doing well, happy reading & have a nice week .
  18. I can hardly believe it's that time of the year again! 2018 has gone by fast in some ways! Welcome to my 2019 reading log! It's always fun making a new one . Links to my previous logs: Athena's Reading List 2013 Athena's Reading List 2014 Athena's Reading List 2015 Athena's Reading List 2016 Athena's Reading List 2017 Athena's Reading List 2018 Links to posts within this thread: Books read in January 2019 Books read in February 2019 Books read in March 2019 Books read in April 2019 Books read in May 2019 Books read in June 2019 Books read in July 2019 Books read in August 2019 Books read in September 2019 Books read in October 2019 Books read in November 2019 Books read in December 2019 Books abandoned/DNFed in 2019 Statistics of books read in 2019 My favourite books, series and authors Books recommended to me by people from BCF in 2019 Films, TV & Video Games I Watched / Played in 2019 Previous Statistics: Books read Jun - Dec 2012: 43 Books read in 2013: 143 Books read in 2014: 254 Books read in 2015: 502 Books read in 2016: 425 Books read in 2017: 236 Books read in 2018: 262 Pages read in Jun - Dec 2012: ~25000 Pages read in 2013: ~37000 Pages read in 2014: 62932 Pages read in 2015: 112787 Pages read in 2016: 95007 Pages read in 2017: 52853 Pages read in 2018: 60308 Link to my BookTube Channel Gaia Athena
  19. Busy reading

    I liked Where Did You Go, Bernadette? too . I didn't love it but it was an enjoyable read . Great reviews!