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      So March has crept up on us and I'm thrilled to finally show you the GREAT (he he...) March giveaway!     This time we have a gorgeous print of The Great Gatsby's most famous line from thestorygift.co.uk AND a Great Gatsby tea from the Literary Tea Company! This particular tea is Peach Blossom (which sounds delicious and I kind of wish I could keep it myself...) and the tin features another Gatsby quote.  If you'd like to see the other literary teas available (there are lots, I spent ages looking) you can find them both at the Literary Tea Company's etsy store (https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/LiteraryTeaCompany) or at their own website, theliteraryteacompany.co.uk .   As always, supporters are automatically entered into the giveaway and if you're not a supporter but want to be included in this months giveaway you can become a supporter on patreon here... https://www.patreon.com/bookclubforum .   A winner will be chosen at random on the last day of the month. Good luck!  


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  1. Thank you so much! That means a lot to me . Yes, I do feel you got to know the characters, especially the main few characters. Maybe not quite as much as if it had been a long textbook novel but I found it sufficient . Thank you! I did enjoy most of the books I read . I've decided most read-a-thons make me feel too stressed though and I'm too much of a mood reader for them, so going forward I plan to mostly just do the BCF read-a-thon . But read-a-thons are such a thing on BookTube, that I'm also worried about offending anyone if I make a video about it. Most people on BookTube (as far as I know) do read-a-thons and love them, and most read-a-thons have challenges limiting you to specific books. But I'm such a mood reader, it doesn't work like that for me. I can do the graphic novels & manga, because it doesn't take me that long to read them, and I read them from a variety of genres so it works okay with my mood. I posted about not doing read-a-thons on Twitter a while ago but no one from BookTube responded or liked the Tweet so.. I'm not sure if I want to make a separate video explaining or whether I'll just let my behaviour going forward, show how I feel (if that makes sense). There is an Actually Autistic read-a-thon in the beginning of April, and some time ago I said I'd partcipate (I thought it'd be in the second half of April), but it takes place at the same time as the BCF read-a-thon and I can't do both at the same time (because none of the graphic novels and manga I want to read for our read-a-thon, are written by actually autistic authors). On top of that, during that week I'm pretty busy with a couple of appointments and one day going to my granddad's birthday. But I don't know how others feel about moving the BCF read-a-thon, ahhh the dilemmas haha. I guess I do have a short story written by an autistic author, so I could fit that into the BCF read-a-thon as it's short and it'd still be by an autistic author, but.. heh. I had also hoped to read C. G. Drews' newest book for the autistic read-a-thon but it's out on the 4th of April and will probably take a few days to ship to me, so I'll probably receive it after the Actually Autistic Authors read-a-thon is over. Sorry for the long post . I guess I needed to tell these things to a friend .
  2. Your Book Activity - March 2019

    I look forward to hear your thoughts on it, I've heard some mixed reviews so would love to hear some more opinions on it . Haha, I'm so glad you enjoyed it ! I'm currently reading The Question of the Dead Mistress, book 5 in the An Asperger's Mystery series, by E. J. Copperman and Jeff Cohen. So far it's good .
  3. The Gaming Box

    Have fun ! I didn't do a lot of the wormholes I'm afraid, the way to fly into them had me a bit confused so I only did a couple. In Pokémon Crystal (my first Pokémon game) I picked Chikorita, and in every game since I've always picked the water starter. Blue is my favourite colour. Astrology says as a Scorpio water is my element, and I do feel like it is (though I don't actually go swimming much or anything) (well that and the earth, but not air or fire). I love water moves and you always needed a water Pokémon because of Surf (except in the more recent games) (I love Surf btw).
  4. What's the weather like?

    It just started hailing here. Yesterday we had a thunderstorm with rain and hail. I was in the bathroom and saw the lightning strike one of the houses in the area behind our back garden (across the train tracks that are between us and the area of houses, at the end of our garden). I've never seen lightning strike down before like that, it was a bit scary.
  5. "Eventually this whole business with Heart is going to kill him." Ship It by Britta Lundin
  6. The Gaming Box

    I'll be picking the water type (I almost always pick water). The grass type looks really cute too . I hope so, that'd be great ! Have fun collecting all the Pokémon ! I usually try to do that before I finish the story, like, I try to collect them as I go.
  7. Your Book Activity - March 2019

    Thanks for remembering, it's good to know what you thought of it ! I have this on my TBR, I enjoyed Point Horror in my youth so maybe I'll like it haha. Another one on my TBR! So glad you loved this .
  8. A few book reviews. Anger is a Gift by Mark Oshiro: I really liked this book when I had just finished it, but someone I interact with on YouTube didn't like the book and pointed out some reasons why, and that made me revise my opinion and liked it less too. It's a book about a black gay teenager in California, who has anxiety. It's also about racism, though the word is never mentioned. A lot of things are going on at his black school vs. the white police. The Poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo: This is a book about a teenager in Harlem who likes slam poetry. Her mother is quite religious and has strict ideas of how girls should be. The book is written in verse (in poetry format). I didn't quite get on with this format, but I did like the characters and the story of the book. Aya: Life in Yop City by Marguerite Abouet and Clément Oubrerie: This is a graphic novel (well, omnibus) and it is based on Marguerite Abouet's youth of growing up in Ivory Coast in the 1970s. The book is about Aya and her two friends and their families. It's a graphic novel series and originally has 6 volumes, the first 3 are collected in this omnibus I read, the latter 3 are collected in a second omnibus. EDIT: I feel I should probably say that I have several more videos recorded but not posted - I've been reading a lot and I've been making some tag videos. So I have actually already read omnibus 2 in the beginning of March, but I'm still catching up with my videos as I don't want to post too many in too short a time-span. I'll post about the books as I put the videos up.
  9. I really liked Flowers for Algernon, glad you liked it too . Good luck with your writing !
  10. The Gaming Box

    I'm quite excited about the upcoming one(s) too ! I liked the look of the starters, I look forward to finding out a bit more. Mostly I'm hoping we'll be able to catch/fight Pokémon the old-fashioned way again by battling them in the wild with our own Pokémon party instead of the Pokémon Go throwing with PokéBalls. I liked Let's Go, Pikachu! but I prefer the old way of catching Pokémon and battling them in the wild (ie. how it was in Sun and Moon, X and Y, and earlier games etc).
  11. Shiny Happy People by R.E.M.
  12. Frankie reads 2019

    I'm so glad your mojo is a lot better this year and you've been reading some nice books! I have One of Us is Lying on my TBR, so I'm glad you really liked it! It's excellent you haven't read any 1/5 books yet! I hope your reading keeps going well .