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  1. You're welcome . I'm so sorry it keeps doing that! Weird and annoying .
  2. A Summer Reunion sounds interesting! Shame it wasn't a brilliant book, the synopsis sounds really good.
  3. Messenger's Legacy by Peter V. Brett (book 3.5 in the Demon Cycle series)
  4. Aside from Unbroken which I think I recommended in another thread to you, I just thought of another book. Accessing the Future is a science-fiction short story anthology with a theme of disability. There's a story in there that features a girl with spina bifida if I remember it correctly .
  5. Hi Karen! So sorry to bother you, but I can't comment on your latest blog post . I thought I'd let you know as you asked I do so . I hope you can fix it .
  6. I'm so glad you enjoyed it ! I'm taking a bit of a break from reading books for a little while. I finished Crooked Kingdom (or Kraai & Koninkrijk as the Dutch title is) a few days ago and haven't felt like reading since. I did flick through some free magazines this morning. But I think taking a break for a few days, will make me feel more like reading in a while. I am doing a buddy read with a friend, we're reading All Out, a queer YA historical fiction anthology, so will be reading bits of that.
  7. Liesbeth Smit - Ik moet nog even kijken of ik kan A Dutch book about introverts. I'm not 100% satisfied with the above book review, but I wasn't sure how to improve it. I liked the book and it made me think, and I liked feeling the recognition. The tips were good but I didn't really need them as because of my autism and ADD I severely have to limit my input signals intake, which I've been doing for some time now. The book was a nice read.
  8. The Shadow Wife by Diane Chamberlain
  9. Word Association

  10. Well done on finishing IT!! I look forward to reading your review . I've not heard of The Crow Trap but I did read the novella Too Good to Be True by the same author, which I liked. I hope you enjoy your buddy read .
  11. Travel Plans

    Wow, that sounds like a lovely adventure! Quite a bit of travel in your future . That sounds nice. I haven't traveled much this year yet (not that I do a lot of travelling anyway).
  12. What's the weather like?

    I can't remember where you live . 23 °C sounds like a lovely temperature. It's currently cloudy and rainy here, 21 °C (70 °F) the maximum (16 °C / 60 °F atm).
  13. New name, new me.

    Hey Quinn! I remember you ! It's good to 'see' you again . I'm so sorry about your traumatic brain injury . I'm glad you're doing a bit better since then. The forum has changed owners and some people have left. I too am happy it is still here. I hope to see you around the forum, xx Gaia