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  1. Lots of mini-reviews coming up! I did a lot of re-reads of graphic works (graphic novels, graphic memoirs, manga) and I also read a couple of books that were new-to-me. Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata - Deathnote 3: Volume 3 This is Volume 3 of Deathnote. For a synopsis of volume 1, there should be something earlier in my thread. This volume 3 continued the story and was again a really enjoyable read (just like volumes 1 and 2). Guy Delisle - Hostage (S'enfuir: Récit d'un Otage) (re-read) I felt in the mood to re-read some of my favourite graphic memoirs and graphic novels. This one is a graphic memoir written by Guy Delisle based on what Christopher told him about what happened with Christopher. He was on a humanatarian mission and got taken hostage / kidnapped. He ends up in an almost empty locked room on his own without knowing what's going on. I thought I'd re-read it now with the state of the world as it is at the moment. It was really good to re-read this book. Katie Green - Lighter Than My Shadow (re-read) This is one of my favourite graphic memoirs, if not my favourite. It's Katie's journey with her eating disorder. I loved re-reading this graphic memoir, it's so good. Iasmin Omar Ata - Mis(h)adra (re-read) This combination of a graphic memoir and a novel, is based on the author's experiences with his epilepsy. The book is about a student named Isaac who is struggling because of his epilepsy. I really enjoyed this re-read. Debbie Tung - Quiet Girl in a Noisy World (re-read) Graphic comic memoir about Debbie being an introvert and how she struggles with it. Debbie Tung - Book Love (re-read) Debbie's comics to do with books and reading. Loved re-reading it. Catana Chetwynd - Little Moments of Love (re-read) Catana's comics to do with her relationship with her boyfriend. This was a nice re-read. Sarah Andersen - Sarah's Scribbles 1: Adulthood is a Myth (re-read) Sarah Andersen - Sarah's Scribbles 2: Big Mushy Happy Lump (re-read) Sarah Andersen - Sarah's Scribbles 3: Herding Cats (re-read) I'm going to do just one bit for these 3. They are collections of comics by Sarah Andersen, about various things in her life. I enjoyed the first collection the most, for some reason. Marloes de Vries - Volwassen worden is optioneel (re-read) This is a collection of comics to do with growing up and being an adult. It was really nice to re-read. Gemma Correll - The Worrier's Guide to Life (re-read) This is a collection of drawings, I enjoyed it less upon re-read, than the first time I read it, for some reason. It was still nice but.. definitely one of the lesser enjoyable ones in this post. Allie Brosh - Hyperbole and a Half (re-read) This book has Allie Brosh's illustrations along with text, I think it's based on her blog posts. I loved this re-read so much, just like the first time reading this book. Jomny Sun - Everyone's a Aliebn When Ur a Aliebn Too (re-read) This is a graphic novel about an alien who visits the Earth. It was a pretty nice -reread. Cece Bell and David Lasky - El Deafo (re-read) This is a graphic memoir based on Cece Bell's childhood. All the characters are rabbits/hares. Cece is deaf and has to wear a hearing aid (as a child, I don't know about now). E. J. Copperman - Haunted Guesthouse Mystery 4: Chance of a Ghost This is book 4 in the Haunted Guesthouse Mystery series. In this series Alison has her own guesthouse. 2 ghosts also live in the guesthouse and they help Alison to solve murders and suspicious cases. Nathan W. Pyle - Strange Planet This is a collection of comics about aliens doing things in a human way.. not sure how to describe it but it was funny in places and I liked it. Alice Oseman - Heartstopper 1: Volume 1 (re-read) Alice Oseman - Heartstopper 2: Volume 2 (re-read) Alice Oseman - Heartstopper 3: Volume 3 I re-read Heartstopper Volumes 1 and 2 and then read Volume 3. This is a graphic novel series based on the webcomic Heartstopper Alice Oseman writes and draws. It's about two boys in high school who fall in love with each other. It's very good and adorable, I love these books. Volume 3 introduced some more heavier topics too, that I look forward to see how things go in Volume 4. Jen Wang - The Prince and the Dressmaker (re-read) A historical fiction graphic novel that takes place in Paris. The Prince loves to wear dresses, but he does not show this to anyone because it is frowned upon. He hires a dressmaker to make dresses for him. Such a good book, I enjoyed my re-read a lot. Noelle Stevenson - Nimona (re-read) This is a fantasy graphic novel about Nimona who becomes the sidekick of villain Lord Blackheart. It's funny and I really enjoyed re-reading it. Ooof.. that was it! I'm currently (re)reading Sigrid Landman - Moederen met autisme 2: Chaos met autisme (re-read) and Peter F. Hamilton - The Void Trilogy 2: The Temporal Void (re-read). The latter is rather big, so it'll probably take me a while to get through. Since reading so much, my reading has slowed down over the past couple of days, I'll probably finish the autism memoir before the month is over as it's not that long and I'm halfway through, but I'm not even a fifth through the Hamilton book so might not finish that in March.
  2. I Got You (I Feel Good) by James Brown
  3. I can see it! But it's worth checking if there are multiple people who can't see it, then maybe there is a problem with the permissions.
  4. Whoops, so sorry for misunderstanding!
  5. Greetings To You All

    Welcome here ! You have a nicely specific reading taste! I hope you enjoy your time here.
  6. I think it is possible with IPB 4.x, but I think Michelle disabled it. If you and others are serious about this, you'll have to talk to @Hayley and see how she feels. I think I can figure out how to enable it, but I won't do that unless @Hayley gives her okay. I'll send her a message.
  7. The Ghost at Dawn's House by Ann M. Martin (Babysitters Club #9)
  8. It sounds like an interesting premise! It annoys me too when the protagonist goes off on their own into a dangerous situation that you just know isn't going to end well. Shame about you guessing the murderer's identity about halfway through the book already. I'm glad it was an enjoyable enough read though, to read more of the author's books.
  9. Shame most of these reads weren't that great for you. I've heard good things of Underground Railroad but decided it didn't sound like something I would like. It's nice you read a mix of fiction and non-fiction.
  10. Your Book Activity - March 2020

    I hope you like it when you get to it . I finished off all the books I started in February and am ready to start some new books today. I'm planning to read the next Haunted Guesthouse book by E. J. Copperman, and I want to read some manga and graphic novels and graphic memoirs, because I didn't read them for the March read-a-thon. I at least want to read Deathnote Volume 3 because the series has 12 volumes and I read one a month to then be finished with it in December. I also feel in the mood to re-read some graphic memoirs, so I may do that.
  11. Dorothy Koomson - The Flavours of Love I have had this book on my TBR since 2014 (which is when this paperback edition came out). It's an adult contemporary fiction with thriller elements. Before this book, Dorothy Koomson wrote mostly contemporary fiction (as far as I know). Whereas her latest few books have been thrillers. I see this book as kind of the first time she tried to introduce thriller elements in her writing, but I could be wrong as I haven't read all of her books yet (that's what I think based on what I have read, and based on the synopses of the books I haven't read). This book is about Saffron, a woman whose husband (Joel) was murdered 18 months ago (the police didn't know who did it and did not arrest anyone). She has decided to finish writing The Flavours of Love, the cookbook her husband started writing before he died. Saffron is struggling with coping with the grief as well as everything else in her life. Her 14-year-old daughter has just told the headmaster of her school that she's pregnant. The killer of the husband, is sending Saffron threatening letters. I enjoyed reading this book a lot. It was suspenseful and I enjoyed the plot twists. I liked the characters a lot. The short chapters made it easier for me to read the book. Sometimes the story has flashbacks to earlier times in Saffron's life, through those flashbacks you get to know her husband Joel a bit as well. Overall a really enjoyable read.