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  1. My Last Blind Date by Susan Hatler
  2. What's the weather like?

    Awww . That's not good customer treatment at all!
  3. Willoyd's Reading 2019

    Thank you! That's really interesting .
  4. My Hamster Is An Astronaut by Dave Lowe (Stinky & Binks, #2)
  5. Thank you ! I'm loving A Boy Called Christmas so far. I'll be sure to post my thoughts about it when I've finished it (my friend and I are reading about 40 pages a day and expect to be finished with it next Sunday). Thank you, I hope so too!
  6. Willoyd's Reading 2019

    I second the recommendation for Howards End is on the Landing, I really liked that book. I haven't picked up Jacob's Room is Full of Books, because of Willoyd saying it wasn't anywhere near as good. Ah, learnt a new expression today!
  7. How to Stop Time by Matt Haig
  8. Time to update with some recently read books! I could swear I had already written about the first few of these.. but it seems not. Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche - We Should All Be Feminists This was an interesting feminist read, though I substract a bit from the rating for the book just being focused on ciswomen/cismen, not taking trans people into account. Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche - Dear Ijeawele: A Feminist Manifesto in Fifteen Suggestions The author writes a letter to her sister about how to raise her daughter in a feminist way. It was a nice read. Marie Lotte Hagen and Nydia van Voorthuizen - Damn, Honey This is a short read for young-adult, that is feminist, which talks about various aspects. It was a really good read. Marie Lotte Hagen and Nydia van Voorthuizen - Heb je nou al een vriend? I loved this! Such a good feminist book about many things people say to womxn (anyone not a cis-man) and how to respond to it. It also talks about men and masculinity, the patriarchy, many studies/research that was done, the authors talk about many of their own experiences. Scarlett Curtis & Others - Feministen Dragen Geen Roze En Andere Leugens (Feminists Don't Wear Pink And Other Lies) This is a book with many essays (by many authors) to do with feminism. I read the Dutch translation of this, which adds some essays by Dutch feminists. I enjoyed this book a lot. I'm currently reading It's Not OK To Feel Blue and Other Lies by Scarlett Curtis & Others, a book with many essays (by many authors) on mental health. Natsuki Takaya - Fruits Basket 15: Volume 15 Natsuki Takaya - Fruits Basket 16: Volume 16 It was nice to read the next 2 volumes of the Fruits Basket series (manga). I had intended to finish the series this year (I started it this year too), but since I skipped reading from this series for a couple of months (I skipped a read-a-thon, I read library loans for another), I'm kinda behind on that. But that's okay, I will just finish it next year . The series is about the Sohma family, whose members are cursed with the Zodiac curse, they all connect to a Zodiac animal. Tohru Honda, a teenage girl who has lost her mother (and lost her father longer ago), has to live on her own. Several people of the Sohma family, invite her to live with them. She finds out more about the Zodiac curse as the books go on. Hope Larson - All Summer Long This is a middle-grade graphic novel about a girl. Her best friend is a boy (I am totally blanking on their names lol). He is becoming more distant and over the summer he is going to football camp. She feels lonely during this summer. Megan McDonald (ill. Peter Reynolds) - Fleur Humeur 4: Fleur Humeur Voorspelt De Toekomst (Judy Moody 4: Judy Moody Predicts the Future) I read Fleur Humeur 5 / Judy Moody 5 (Doctor Judy Moody) in 2018 and enjoyed it. A few months ago, I found another book in the series, at a library sale. I decided to read it for the previous BCF Read-a-thon (December). It was a nice read. Tom Watson - Stick Dog 1: Stick Dog This is an illustrated book about Stick Dog and his 4 friends, who want to eat a hamburger. It was funny, I enjoyed reading this story a lot. Okay, that's caught me up so far! I'm currently reading It's Not OK To Feel Blue and Other Lies by Scarlett Curtis & Others; and Christmas 1: A Boy Called Christmas by Matt Haig.
  9. Read-a-thon 2019

    Same . And haha I probably should do that too.. Thank you!! My boyfriend made it for me .
  10. I'm currently reading A Boy Called Christmas by Matt Haig. I'm reading this together with a friend (from YouTube), we're reading about 40 pages each day. So far I'm liking this story a lot. I'm also reading It's Not OK to Feel Blue and Other Lies by Scarlett Curtis & Others, a book with essays on mental health. I'm liking this one a lot as well.
  11. What an interesting interview! Thanks for that. I tried reading the sample of Ducks, Newburyport, but I don't think the writing style is for me.
  12. Read-a-thon 2019

    I'm glad you had some fun reading and that The Gunslinger improved upon second read . Thank you ! That's excellent ! I'll be posting a topic of the 2020 Read-a-thon dates, a while later in December.