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  1. Can I still add images to posts?

    Here's an image that might explain it a bit better:
  2. I borrowed some books from the library a while ago, and here are my thoughts on those I read. First, pictures: I didn't get around to reading John Flanagan - Broederband 6: De Spookgezichten (Brotherband 6: Ghostfaces) but that's okay, because it turns out I own the English version. Anyway, onto the books I did read. Barbara de Leeuw - Overprikkeling voorkomen: Vaardigheden en technieken voor (jong)volwassenen met autisme (ASS) en/of ADHD (165 pages) The copy I borrowed from the library is a newer print and includes extra chapters on 'underload of input' (most of the book is about 'overload of input'). I liked having these extra chapters. I liked the book and think it can be useful for some people. For myself it was less useful, because a lot of the things the book recommended or said to look into, I already do or know. So it wasn't so useful for me personally, but it did make me think about my life and myself. Roderick Leeuwenhart - Pindakaas en Sushi 3 (abandoned on page 132 out of 254 pages, ~52%) I read about half of this book. It's the third book in a trilogy. I read book 2 first, then a while later I read book 1. I of course couldn't quite remember by now what happened in those books exactly. But I was disappointed by book 3. I abandoned it half way through, I couldn't take any more. The main character was being so stupid, making stupid decisions regarding other people. Also she was complaining a lot about not getting the school/uni/study work done but then she never seemed to make a good effort to do any? Sometimes she couldn't concentrate (I can relate to that), but she was often interrupted by other people and then just went with it (rather than setting aside proper time for studying and not letting herself be interrupted). It's okay if that's your choice to always listen to other people interrupting you, demanding attention, but then don't keep complaining if you're not willing to make an effort. Another thing I didn't like was that she was treating one person not very nice and she wasn't honest to him, she seemed to just use him for a fling while he seemed to really like her and I didn't understand what her thinking was there. The whole thing with the statue was just weird. Okay, end rant. I was very disappointed I couldn't even finish the book. I was expecting to like it, I've rated the other books I think 9/10. I expected to like it the same amount, but instead it was a disappointment and I couldn't even bring myself to spend any more time on it than reading further than halfway. Geronimo Stilton - Rode Reeks 2: Bollywood op Stelten (Il Mistero del Rubino d'Oriente) (128 pages) This was a nice story. The detective/mystery element wasn't as important as I thought, so I changed its genre from 'detective/mystery' to 'contemporary fiction'. The mystery was also rather easy to solve. But I enjoyed reading the story. I also liked learning more about Indian culture, which the book tells you about. Geronimo Stilton - Sherlock Holmes: Meesterspeurder (Le Avventure di Sherlock Holmes) (224 pages) This is a retelling of three Sherlock Holmes stories. I enjoyed reading the stories. One seemed a bit complicated, with lots of characters. Another was a bit easier to guess. David Walliams (ill. Tony Ross) - The World's Worst Children 2 (288 pages) This was a collection of short stories about bad children (just like book 1 was, they are new stories of course). The book has colour illustrations by Tony Ross. I enjoyed reading these stories. Aaron Reynolds and Phil McAndrew - Caveboy Dave 1: More Scrawny Than Brawny (241 pages) This is a graphic novel that takes place in the pre-history. I liked the story and the illustrations. I didn't see the end coming. And it was nice there were humourous parts in the novel. I quite liked reading this novel. Craig Thompson (col. Dave Stewart) - Ruimtekruimels (Space Dumplins) (316 pages) This is a graphic novel taking place in a far future in space. I liked the story and illustrations but writing this review about a week after reading the book I have to say I don't remember it as clearly as some of the other books I read. It was enjoyable at the time but from time to time I was also confused with what was going on. A few times the Dutch terms threw me off, though I don't know whether the original English was any clearer in its meaning. I did like the characters, particularly Violet, and Elliot and Zacchaeus (I had to look up their names, I couldn't remember what they were, though I did remember what they looked like, since they are both part of different species). Paul van Loon (ill. Hugo van Look) - Foeksia de Miniheks: Foeksia en de Toverschaatsen (51 pages) Paul van Loon (ill. Saskia Halfmouw) - Foeksia de Miniheks: Foeksia en de Spiegelheks (39 pages) Paul van Loon (ill. Saskia Halfmouw) - Foeksia de Miniheks: Foeksia klaar voor de start! (55 pages) Paul van Loon (ill. Saskia Halfmouw) - Foeksia de Miniheks: Foeksia en het Heksenfeest (87 pages) Paul van Loon (ill. Saskia Halfmouw) - Foeksia de Miniheks: Foeksia en de mislukte toverspreuk (29 pages) Paul van Loon (ill. Saskia Halfmouw) - Foeksia de Miniheks: Foeksia en het Beestenfeest (31 pages) I read these 6 Foeksia books. The last one is actually a reprint of some chapters of the first one, with added parts and illustrations (most of the books had coloured illustrations). I read both though, so I'm counting both. I thought these were fun reads. I still prefer the Dolfje Weerwolfje books, they are generally longer and I find them more fun, but these Foeksia books were also fun to read (the illustrations were nice too). Paul van Loon (ill. Hugo van Look) - Bang voor Vampiers (39 pages) This was a nice story. It's a reprint of an older story (from 1992) but then with new coloured illustrations. I thought it was a nice story. Dave Lowe (ill. Mark Chambers) - Stinkie en Brinks 1: Mijn hamster is een meesterbrein (Stinky & Jinks 1: (My Hamster is a Genius) (101 pages) Dave Lowe (ill. Mark Chambers) - Stinkie en Brinks 2: Mijn hamster is een astronaut (Stinky & Jinks 2: (My Hamster is an Astronaut) (148 pages) Dave Lowe (ill. Mark Chambers) - Stinkie en Brinks 3: Mijn hamster is een Spion (Stinky & Jinks 3: My Hamster is a Spy) (98 pages) Dave Lowe (ill. Mark Chambers) - Stinkie en Brinks 4: Mijn hamster is een Superster (Stinky & Jinks 4: My Hamster's Got Talent) (102 pages) Dave Lowe (ill. Mark Chambers) - Stinkie en Brinks 5: Mijn hamster is een Piraat (Stinky & Jinks 5: My Hamster is a Pirate) (102 pages) Dave Lowe (ill. Mark Chambers) - Stinkie en Brinks 6: Mijn hamster is een Detective (Stinky & Jinks 6: My Hamster is a Detective) (126 pages) I enjoyed reading this series about Benjamin and his talking hamster. The illustrations were nice too. Dave Lowe (ill. Cate James) - SuperEekhoorn 1: SuperEekhoorn en de Verschrikkelijke Snotman (Squirrel Boy 1: Squirrel Boy vs. The Bogeyman) (160 pages) This was a sort of superhero story. It was nice (and a bit gross lol). Phil Earle (ill. Sara Ogilvie) - Storey Street 3: The War Next Door (221 pages) Phil Earle (ill. Sara Ogilvie) - Storey Street 4: Scaredy Cat, Scaredy Cat (206 pages) I read books 1 and 2 a while ago. I liked these stories, they were nice. Luc Descamps (ill. Rik Willemen) - De Poortwereld 3: Het Offer (178 pages) Luc Descamps (ill. Rik Willemen) - De Poortwereld 4: De Witte Heks (203 pages) I liked books 1 and 2 in this series. I was disappointed by book 3, it was mostly just the characters travelling from one place to another and one of the things they encountered was similar to an element I read about in a different children's book. Book 4 though was really good, I quite liked that one.
  3. Raven's Reads

    I personally feel like all books count, even if it's short. Comics, graphic novels, manga, picture books, a short story that's not part of a collection, I feel they all count. I know not everyone feels that way though. I personally don't count magazines, newspapers, cereal packets and the like . Since it's your reading life, I feel it's up to you what counts . My dad used to read a lot of Asterix when he was younger. I've never read much of it myself but I have seen cartoons and movies (and played a video game of it too).
  4. Goodreads

    Awww, that sounds frustrating . I haven't had any problems logging in, but I always put it my GR password manually on the website (and because I type it in often I don't forget it, unlike some other websites I don't use often). I hope you can log back into your account soon and figure it out . I have been having problems with GoodReads in a different way. I was marking most of my library loans as read yesterday, and added reading dates read and such (start and finish), and for most of them it said I had read them 2 or 3 times, after editing them. It was a hassle trying to get it to save that I'd only read them once, as even though I removed the extra 'dates' (which were empty), they kept coming back even though I pressed save. In order to fix it, I had to set everything back to 'to-read', and then save, then edit and rate the book in the review before I pressed anything else (ie. from to-read to read), then mark it as read and add the date (started and finished). That didn't always fix it, sometimes I had to try it a couple of times before it stuck. It was kind of frustrating but I think I managed to fix all the books.
  5. 10 Things I Can See From Here by Carrie Mac.
  6. What's Up In April? - 2018

    Good news on Penny and the job !! I hope your head feels better soon . My boyfriend and I went for a (longer) walk yesterday and went to the pharmacy and into a couple of shops.
  7. Can I still add images to posts?

    I don't know if you're on a computer or not, but for me underneath the postbox (the bit where you type the text), there is an image of a paperclip with the text 'Drag files here to attach, or choose files...' next to it. You can either drag a file from explorer over to the paperclip box or you can press 'choose files...' and upload your file that way. You can also use another image host but don't have to. If you want to use an image host, you can add the image using the link button, which is the icon that looks like a paperclip binder thingy, which is at the top of the post box after the buttons/icons B, I, U and S and before the icon that looks like a double quote. If you're using a tablet or a phone, then I'm not sure how you'd do it, as I don't have a tablet and I don't use my phone for posting on the forum. But maybe someone else can help in that case.
  8. Anna Begins reading in 2018

    Welcome back here Anna ! Great reviews. I hope you have a great reading year !
  9. I feel like that's a song rather than a book? Or is it a book? I couldn't find it on GoodReads. Either way, Me Before You by Jojo Moyes.
  10. What's the weather like?

    That sounds so scary . I'm glad it happened on a Sunday so there were no kids in the schools. It sounds really scary .
  11. That sounds really unpleasant !! I had lots of ear infections when I was a kid, but I don't remember ever losing my hearing for a long time. I'm glad you got 50% of your hearing back at least. I hope you feel better soon .
  12. Little Pixie`s Bookshelf 2018

    Yay for you finishing the second book! I'm glad you liked it .
  13. What's the weather like?

    We've been having really nice weather here, lovely temperatures and sometimes sunshine .