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  1. Thanks, Lise seems okay at the moment, gladly . Baby goats are so cute!
  2. I read Felicia Day - You're Never Weird on the Internet (Almost). Someone from a Dutch bookblog I read, recommended this memoir and also Felicia Day's webseries The Guild (which is about 6 people who play a role-playing video game online together, they're in a guild). I watched a few seasons of The Guild and ordered the memoir. I've now read the memoir and I've also finished watching The Guild. The memoir is about Felicia's life, her childhood, being homeschooled, studying years, her acting life, her World of Warcraft addiction, creating The Guild, creating Geek & Sundry, but it's also about her anxiety issues. The memoir reads easily, it's almost as if Felicia is talking to you over a cup of tea (or another kind of beverage). The book has a lot of photographs and pictures and such, which breaks up the text nicely. I quite enjoyed learning more about Felicia. I enjoyed watching all of The Guild and it's nice to have read more about Felicia's life, how she grew from being a poor, homeschooled girl to an actress with lots of fans. The memoir is also funny and I liked the way it was written. It was nice to get to know Felicia more. I could identify with her anxiety issues. I found the book inspirational and I really enjoyed reading it.
  3. Thanks all three of you . I'm feeling a bit better today, but it's still weird to go there and to see only Lise and not William. I keep misspeaking by saying things like "I'm going to the goats", which should now be "goat", but I keep saying "goats", like I've been used to saying. When I get Lise food I also often take the amount of food with me that the both of them ate together, instead of halving it. I know William was old though and he already had problems with his legs, for the type (breed?) of goat he was he became quite old. We used to have 3 goats, Nena, Lise and William. Nena passed away quite a few years ago, I think she was 9. William was 16, so he had a nice long happy life here. Lise is 16 as well, so I'm not sure how long she'll be with us. The vet said goats (of this type / breed) over 15 are quite the exception, usually they don't become much older than 15 years old. He was pretty surprised William lasted this long. Lise seems in good health so far. I know William had a good life here and I'll miss him, I guess it was his time to go and I choose to believe he is now having fun playing with Nena in the afterlife (which is something not everyone believes in, but I do, it makes me feel better to imagine him having fun without pain). Thanks for all your nice comments, it helps .
  4. Hi Kay . I bought The Light Between Oceans quite a few years ago but I still haven't read it. Nice to read another good review of it .
  5. Ooooh nice it's so pretty . Sometimes I quite like reading a book with a lot of dialogue. I hope you enjoy V's book .
  6. Awesome ! Awesome pictures of your books and recent hauls . You got them for a pretty cheap amount of money . I'm glad your reading is going well .
  7. Thanks Diane .
  8. It's been quite cold here for the time of year. Not much rain, some clouds and some sunshine, sometimes a bit of a breeze. Elsewhere in the country though there were hailstorms.
  9. I ordered Attachments online from Amazon UK and Landline from BookDepository. I don't use BD anymore because too many books get lost in the post, but at the time that's where I bought Landline.
  10. Thanks June, that's true . That sounds nice . It can be difficult being the only woman in a group of men. I hope things will get better for you soon.
  11. I agree . I'm doing a bit better this later afternoon than I was yesterday. A part of me still has some trouble believing he's gone, I'm still processing it. But another part of me is slowly getting more used to the idea. He was old, so I guess it was his time, but I do miss him .
  12. I once read a library book (a loan) with a few pages missing too. So I reported it to the service desk. It was a children's book but gladly the story had already mostly concluded. I didn't know until I started reading it. How annoying about the seller! If they say it's in good condition, it should be in good condition. I've never received a book second-hand with bad stains on it, gladly that hasn't happened to me. It makes sense you don't use them anymore!
  13. Well if they hadn't noticed it, why did they put an extra colon in the "Reading Now?" box? But maybe someone mentioned it somewhere and I missed it. It doesn't matter, it's fixed now so . I'm not mad at anyone! I can't believe I didn't notice it sooner.
  14. I didn't notice it until today but there was a problem with the "Reading Now?" part of people's profiles, just like there was with "Location". I fixed the Location one soon after the upgrade so I'm not sure how many people noticed that one. I have just now fixed the Reading Now? one. For anyone who put ":" the colon there themselves before the title of the book they're currently reading, you're going to have to remove that again I'm afraid, if you want it to look neater (because now there are two : : colons). But now there will at least be a space between "Reading Now?:" and your book title. It seems quite a few of you noticed it. It's a shame no one said anything (that I've seen), I could've fixed it sooner.