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  1. The spy

    In that case, I expect the reason of why the woman has become sad and bitter over time, will be explained in the book somewhere. But I haven't read the book, so I can't tell you for sure.
  2. After spending a few days of not reading any book, I then re-read R. L. Stine - Kippenvel: Het Spookt Bij De Buren (Goosebumps: The Ghost Next Door). This was a short read, it only took me maybe about an hour to read this. It was nice to read it again. This is a horror book for children. I didn't find it as spooky as I would have liked, but perhaps that was because I knew the plot twists already. I then read Loes den Hollander - Schijnvertoon, this is a literary thriller (according to the cover of the book). I found the first half to read more like literary fiction and not much of a thriller. However, prior to reading the book I had read a review of it which said this same thing, so I was expecting it and it therefore didn't bother me as much as it otherwise would have. For others, don't go in expecting a really suspenseful thriller, that's not what the book is like. The second half of the book is less slow paced and brings more tension and suspense, though still not as much as I've seen in some other thrillers (but this didn't bother me hugely as I'm not a huge fan of thrillers anymore though I did use to be when I was a teenager). I liked the writing style and the short chapters and I read this book pretty quickly, it was a quick read. Overall then it's not a book I'll remember much about 5 years from now, but it was definitely an enjoyable read and I liked it.
  3. The spy

    Is this for a (school) assignment? If so, I'm sorry but we cannot help you. As per our forum rules, we do not allow new members to sign up just to ask for help with their homework, dissertation or survey.
  4. I'm sorry to hear you've not been feeling well and been unable to read . I hope you will feel better soon .
  5. Alexander's Literary Odyssey 2017

    Great review, I'm glad you really liked It !
  6. Little Pixie`s Bookshelf 2017

    Awww thanks ! Awesome ! I hope you enjoy all of them . Beautiful! I love taking pictures of sunset and sunrises, though it's sometimes hard to take a good picture as it can be prettier in real life than on camera for some reason.
  7. Home Front by Kristin Hannah
  8. Alexander's Literary Odyssey 2017

    I too fear for the state of the world .
  9. Madeleine's Book Log

    LOL are we bookwurms or what ..
  10. Top 5 (or 10) Wednesday

    Oooh those are some great ones!
  11. Kindle and ebooks deals

    UK Only: I got the newsletter from Sophie Kinsella. Here's what it said: (I'm going to try to put the links in the quote, but as someone from NL I'm not allowed to download Kindle e-Books, I hope the links work!) I've read most of these and enjoyed them. I've not read Wedding Night or Cocktails for Three, so I can't vouch for those, but I liked Can You Keep a Secret, I've Got Your Number, The Undomestic Goddess and Twenties Girl. If you like rom-coms but haven't read any books yet by Sophie Kinsella and like to read e-books and are from the UK, I recommend you check them out.
  12. What's Up in October 2017?

    Whoops, it seems several of us posted in the wrong thread I didn't even notice it this morning. Copy of my post from the other thread: I'm glad you had a good time ! (@ Talisman) I spent a bit of time with my sister the past week, it was nice to spend some time with her . My grandfather is slowly improving. I made him a homemade card. I also wrote a letter to my grandmother. I guess in retrospect I had quite a bit of contact with my family during the past week . How was everyone else's week?
  13. Top 5 (or 10) Wednesday

    This week's topic is: Favorite Creepy Settings Author's Note: --These don't have to be from horror books, but any setting from any book that gave you the heebie jeebies...in a good way. I guess, on top off my head: - Creepy old towns like Derry - Streets like Fear Street & Haunted Houses - Graveyards - Sewers - Dark locations (as in, not much light) That's what I can think of right now. But maybe one of you will answer and come up with something I find pretty creepy too!