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  1. ashleighjane's reading list 2013

    Hmm....well I've deviated from my list a little and am currently reading Kiss the Girls (James Patterson). Hopefully I'll stop being lazy soon and keep my reading list/blog more up to date!
  2. Your Book Activity - June 2013

    I finished reading C is for Corpse by Sue Grafton yesterday, and made a start on Kiss the Girls by James Patterson. The Alphabet Murders series is good....but the Alex Cross series is a lot better.
  3. School books...

    One book that I'll never forget reading in primary school is Harriet's Hare by Dick King-Smith. I'm not sure why it stuck with me, but it could be that it was the first 'proper' book that I read. As for books I read in secondary school, I really liked Skellig by David Almond.
  4. Your Book Activity ~ March 2013

    I finished reading Happiness Key by Emilie Richards eariler today, and have made a start on A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle.
  5. Turned Out Nice Again . . .

    It's really sunny here today. However, we've had a couple of snow showers. Plus the wind is really cold. D:
  6. ashleighjane's reading list 2013

    Happiness Key by Emilie Richards - 4/5 Happiness Key tells the stories of four unlikely friends who all share a common goal. They are all working together to find the family of an elderly neighbor, Herb Krause, who has died. Although this is the main story line, each of the four main character's own personal lives are implemented into the plot. Although it didn't come to me whilst I was reading book, it did occur to me afterwards that this book is almost a novelization of Desperate Housewives. Although the storyline is different, the setting and atmosphere of the book is very similar to the late television show. Strangely, part of me thinks that Happpiness Key is a terrible book. It is very predictable and was quite boring in some parts. However, at the same time I've learned to love the four main characters and care about what happens to them (especially Alice ). Overall, despite its length, Happiness Key is an easy read that has characters that grew on me. I've decided to see it as a guilty pleasure. I definitely plan to read the rest of the trilogy, even though the first book works well as a stand alone. I gave Happiness Key a score of 4/5
  7. Your Book Activity ~ March 2013

    Can't believe it's March already! At the moment, I'm alternating between A Storm of Swords by George R. R. Martin and Happiness Key by Emilie Richards.
  8. Your first job

    My first 'job' was doing the washing up in a pub on Sundays. It only lasted about 8 months, and the pay was like £2 and hour I've just been offered a job as a care assistant. I can't say that washing up on a Sunday had any influence on this
  9. Your Book Activity ~ February 2013

    I never read this book despite reading the first two. I heard it was depressing.
  10. What's up in February?

    Yep, I'm lucky that I still live with my parents. I guess they'll want me to give them money now though! I expect it to be a while before I even start working though, as CRB checks take time to come through. ETA: Thanks Athena and Chrissy!
  11. What's up in February?

    I've had work experience in a care home, but I've never had a 'proper' job in care. Or anything at all I'm expecting it to be hard work though. But I just figured out that I'll probably be on about £250 per week, which is a big jump from £50 per week on job seekers allowance! So I'll be happy to work hard.
  12. What's up in February?

    I've just been offered a job at a care home - 38.5 hours a week, £6.35 per hour - so I probably won't manage to read as quickly as I have been doing! Though I've not actually been given a start date yet.
  13. When the Film was better than the Book

    I must say I preferred the Percy Jackson film to the book. I might give those books another go one day though. I agree I much preferred the ending of the film than the ending of the book. The book ending made so little impact that I don't even remember what it was
  14. ashleighjane's reading list 2013

    I just finished reading The Thinking Tank by Jae De Wylde. The ending did surprise me a bit, and the book on a whole was definitely better than I expected it to be
  15. New in this forum

    Welcome to the forum Jared I look forward to seeing more of your posts