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  1. Greetings from Malaysia!

    Yes that's what I thought. Plus, I like to think from different angles and people point of views about anything and just like you said, how they handle things in their life. Anyway, nice to meet you Julie
  2. Greetings from Malaysia!

    Before this I focused on more to fiction because I had no idea what non-fiction is about. But the past few days I've learned that non-fiction is my new favourite type especially on Self-Help, so I'm starting to read one of the non-fiction book I've bought from the sales. As for the fiction, I enjoy almost all types of books except for romance/love story because I'm sick with it already..haha
  3. Hello people, You can either call my real name, Anis or my nickname, Erza.. I don't mind. I'm 16 years old and a student in high school. Currently there's a world's biggest booksale going on in my country until this 23rd Dec and I just bought 11 books to add to my collections, but still hoping to get there for the second time. So this is why I decided to join this thread to see people recommendations, ratings, reviews etc so whenever I go to bookstore or sales then I should know what to buy, and apart from the sales, it's my hobby to read books. Hope I can fit in here and enjoy the fun