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    The joys of adult onset ADHD. I am interested in most anything..oh, look at that pretty leaf falling!

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  1. The Last Film You Saw - 2017

    The last movie I paid to see was Beauty and the Beast with my little girls (grands). I think we'll start doing our movies from home. The cost is ridiculous and with so many children having to go potty at different times...not for me!
  2. What's Up in September 2017?

    Hey y'all! Ever type out a substantial and witty post only to have it magically disappear? Yup, it happened to me. I was three paragraphs in, then it disappeared and I was so disgusted I had to leave the forum for a minute, lol! Now I can't remember what it was I was writing about so, yeah, there's that! Spent today walking around the farmers market, people watching and buying produce. I then swung by and picked up the grands for a few hours at the park, dropped them off after a run to McDonald's. Picked up a few things from the grocery store for dd, had a chat with her landlord and then headed home (forgot the stop at Barnes and Noble for a velvet cheese cake for the hubby and cookie for me) home to drop off the produce then back out to pick up a few weekend essentials, showered, eat with a bottle of hard cider and the movie San Andreas (the Rock). Tomorrow I refuse to leave the house except to walk Kizzy and sit on the patio. Right now, life is good!
  3. What's the weather like?

    Goes to show how tired I was. I actually thought I HAD done that, lmbo! Then I couldn't find it and assumed I must not have posted it!
  4. What's Up in September 2017?

    Hey y'all! Spent a lovely afternoon walking around the swapmeet with the hubby. We then did some "window shopping" at the local Lowes. We've decided to try and purchase the house we are living in and the owner is open to selling it to us so we'll see how it goes. In the meantime we're coming up with a renovation game plan. Exciting stuff! I'm loving this change in season!!! I'm a fall person. Living in South Carolina (southeastern boarder) spring and summer are crazy hot, the heat plus humidity are stifling. When a hint of fall comes, we rejoice, lol! I also noticed last night that it was actually DARK by 8pm. Seems like it came earlier than usual. Time to break out the fall decorations and pumpkins!
  5. What's the weather like?

    Hey y'all! I am SOOOOO tired! I had ALLLLLL the littles since yesterday afternoon. I had to wash 6 heads and style two. And let me tell you, doing hair on a 4 and 3 year old is nerve wracking, lol! I washed loads of clothes, bathed said six littles, fed six littles plus a few bigg'uns, cleaned house, saw my client ran some errands and made phone calls. This morning I got the kids up, dressed and fed and went to their house to pick up their mommy for an early morning stroll through our downtown farmers market. They LOVED it! DD was so glad to get out of the house. She's literally been imprisoned in her home in Texas as her hubby is gone several weeks at a time and she's home with 6 kids and no way to get around with so many and having no transportation. He would take the kids for outings to give her a break but when he was home, the time was mainly spent doing big grocery shopping to last til his next visit and a few doctor's appointments. That was it. So now she can get out and explore and have some fun. After dropping them off at home, I went to Walmart to pick up my guilty pleasure, Lindy's Lemon Icee. Got home, put stuff away and showered. I am now eating some chocolate covered caramel with sea salt, drinking a glass of wine and making plans to do the same thing tomorrow. Funny story. I use Google maps to find my way around her neighborhood. By now, I pretty much know where I am but keep it on anyway. The oldest grandson asked if I were dropping the four youngest at their home with their mommy and taking the two older boys with me. I told them that I was "so sorry but I would have to leave them at home." Then I said, "I lied, I wont miss you at all." Imagine my surprise when Google maps responded by saying "I'm sorry but I don't know what to do with I lied, I wont miss you at all!" OMGosh!!! It was the funniest thing!! Have a great day/evening everyone!
  6. What's Up in September 2017?

    Hey y'all! Its been a busy few weeks. I hope everyone is faring well! Feel better Nol! Hope you got some rest Tali! Did you enjoy your grandparents visit Gia? More Reading, I do NOT envy all the school busyness you're about to endure, lol! I don't know if you all remember me saying we were going back to Texas for a fourth time (in as many months) Well, we just got back. As the Eastern Coast of the U.S. was being pummeled by Hurricane's Harvey and Irma we were doing a caravan (one SUV and one pick up truck) over 1600 miles. We had to pack her house and get back to South Carolina by Thursday to return the rental pick up truck and Uhaul that we attached. So we traveled like a caravan with six kids (9, 7, 5, 4, 3 and 3 months) in one car seat, two booster seats and one infant carrier. Oh, and a husky puppy. We had stuff on the roof of my SUV and the bed of the pick up truck stuffed to the gills along with the Uhaul crammed full. We made it back Wednesday and managed to escape the storms. The vehicles were unloaded along with said kids, dd and dog. Yesterday was spent buying odds and ends. The grands are with me now. They need a good dip and scouring in the tub, lol! DD is using the time to finish getting the upstairs living area sorted out before starting on the downstairs bedrooms. I'm so thankful that my mom was able to come down and help the move and our DS and bonus DS were available to help unload. This could have been much more stressful than it was. I had a screaming infant riding with me who just does NOT like rides or infant carriers and two ornery little girls who have taken sisterly fussing to a new level and crafted art form. The number of potty breaks, McDonald's meals and gas fill ups are scary to think about. Tomorrow we are taking a break and I'll be showing DD some local attractions and stores. We'll also visit our local farmers market. She's never been but the littles love it! Have a great one!
  7. What's Up in September 2017?

    Hey y'all! Busy, crazy and surreal week here. We're preparing for ANOTHER hurricane, worse than the one that hit Texas a couple weeks ago. That one missed us but this one wont. Two states have already issued mandatory evacuations in several counties in those states. We're in a "wait and see but be prepared because it looks like we're going to be evacuating so be ready" mindset. Add to THAT, we are planning to leave tomorrow to head BACK to Texas to pick up dd and all the grands and move them BACK to South Carolina with us. Her hubby is a wind turbine tech/instructor and his job has him traveling all over creation. She doesn't drive and has medical issues, the newborn is going to need a specialist and she has no support to help babysit or way to get to doctor's appointments without taking an Uber. Its a lose-lose situation and I'm tired of it. I told them both that she was moving back home because I'm tired of worrying about her getting sick and the kids being left to fend for themselves should something happen to them. They'd end up in a foster home. I absolutely can NOT have that. As I'm the one doing all the traveling and having my sleep interrupted nightly because she's stressed and worried about the baby, I have the final say. And of course they are in agreement. So, we're heading out driving two vehicles to do this move. Prayerfully, we wont get hit hard with the hurricane and can come home. We'll have to take our Kizzy with us since our ds will be heading to parts unknown during the duration and we can't afford to board her right now. When we come back we will be four adults, six kids (4 in carseats) and two dogs. And dd and her clan will be hold up in our house til her place is ready, which should be on Thursday next week. My head is spinning.
  8. What's the weather like?

    The hurricane seems to be sitting on top of my state. Florida and parts of Georgia are being evacuated. Its really surreal because we are in the process of going BACK to Texas to help move dd and her kids back here as its just too much stress with her hubby being all over the country for his work. We leave a possible Cat 5 hurricane and drive through areas with hurricane damage and then possible head right BACK into a hurricane. Actually, if it hits, we'll detour to my mom's place in Virginia. What a headache.
  9. What's the weather like?

    Looking at another hellish hurricane. Sigh. I've got family who have family in Puerto Rico and I've got family in Florida and family 1.5 hours away who are all in the path (so far).
  10. What's Up in August 2017?

    I hope you had the BEST time with your brother and his girlfriend over the weekend! Not much going on today. I've walked 4 miles and cleaned my house, ate lunch and showered. Now I'm just waiting for the eclipse to happen. Evidently I'm in a prime real estate area. I live in South Carolina and we will see it in "totality." Totality is the word of the century, lol! Anyway, my state i host playing host to almost 2 million eclipse chasers. It's safe to assume I'll be staying close to home, Hubby had planned to but ds needs him to go pick up his new car and he walked out the house without his glasses! Have a great day all!
  11. Cozy Mysteries

    I recently finished the entire series (to date) of M.C. Beaton's Hamish McBeth. I'm also done with her Agatha Raisin series. I am thinking the next will be Ryhs Bowen's Constable Evan's series. I'm also looking for new a Murder She Wrote book.
  12. The Cuckoo's Calling by Robert Galbraith

    If you thought the first two books where full of cursing and disturbing images, the last book A Career In Evil is indescribable (for me anyway). So much so that I find myself following a pattern when reading this work. When I first picked it up, I could only do a couple of chapters before returning it to the library. The second time I managed to get half way through it but had to return it at a crucial point. I also needed to put time and space between me and the book. I'll go renew it next month some time to finish it. If I didn't it would be an evil on overload.
  13. The end of the era of personal car ownership

    I grew up in "the country" or rural Virginia. The closet store is 30 minutes. my high school was 1.5 hours away by bus. They have no public transportation. I don't even think they have Uber, not even in the township. Most jobs are on production lines and are shift work, everything else is either in the school system or retail. There is no way to actually utilize ride sharing in that sense. Most folks just catch a ride with a family member going in that direction. The thing is to catch them before they leave. Where I live now, even though its a larger county with townships within the county we have no bus system per se. I don't know if you've heard of Hilton Head Island but they have the only bus system and that is so they can bus in workers for the huge hospitality industry. Some of those folks ride for 2/3 hours! There is a limited amount of Uber drivers and taxis but its expensive. I'm moving from a larger city that has a transit system but honestly, I just can't be bothered. I have issues. I don't like people in my personal space. I have a sensitive nose and its easily offended by body odor. I don' like hearing other people's cell phone conversation, loud gum chewing and I am REALLY paranoid of folks sneezing and coughing indiscriminately. All these factors make me the worst candidate of public transportation. I also have to have my freedom. I don't want to wait to do something or go somewhere or be on another person's schedule. I guess its selfish but not everyone is cut out for communal transportation. I don't even like to fly because I have no control over who sits beside me or behind me. Yes, I have issues, lol!
  14. Pets - 2017

    Here's my big girl Kizzy. Years ago yahoo had a group called "freecycle" where members gave away EVERYTHING. The one rule was that you couldn't sell. Anyway, this woman was offering up her "American Bull Dog" because she was feeling guilty that the dog had to spend some much time in her kennel. Now I can recognize the more common breed of dog and when I saw the picture I thought it was something different than what I actually saw in person. I had spoke to my hubby and he said I could get her. I met the woman at a local Walmart. When I got there I saw this dog. She was a pitbull. I was generally not a fan of the breed as I had heard and seen so much about them. But she seemed friendly. As I looked her over and listened to this woman talk I began to feel sorry for the dog. I didn't think I'd keep her because of my grands but I couldn't let her go back with that woman. The dog was underweight and flea ridden. The woman said she kept her in the kennel all day. What a sad existence! My original plan was to take her to a no kill shelter but I was late for work and the shelter was closed. I took her home and put her in the backyard. My son and nephew got home and found her in the back there and that was that. I took her to be groomed the next day. They said she was just filthy with dirt and fleas. They estimated she was 15 pounds underweight. The lying female had said that the dog was fixed and up to date on her shots. Something told me not to believe her so I took her to the vet. They couldn't find evidence of her being fixed so it was safe to assume she hadn't had her shots either. She had told me she got her from a shelter in an adjoining state. The rules are that if the pet isn't a good fit, you are to bring it back, not try to rehome it or sell it. Anyway, I was able to get her fixed for free because of her breed and she was chipped. I got her vaccinated and she officially became a member of the family. The kids adore her and she adores them cause they sneak her treats! Its a trade off, they get to lay on her and use her as furniture and she gets treas. Backtrack for moment. I contacted the woman and told her all that I had discovered and that if I found that she was getting rid of dogs in the same condition as MY dog, I'd have the police on her for animal abuse. My Kizzy is so sweet and loyal. She is also very protective of me. No one is allowed to approach me when she is on her leash. As for her health, she's as healthy as a cow! Being underweight is not her problem. I took her to the vet and she's weighing in at 78 lbs, lol! She's the family favorite and I can't imagine her not being at my side. She snores horribly and can pass gas that will make you gag but I'll keep her, lol!
  15. What's Up in August 2017?

    Hey y'all! Just popping in to say, "HEY!" lol! Not much going on here. I saw my client this morning, stopped by the store to pick some things up, home to shower and veg out. Might be the order of the weekend. Well, I do plan to walk around the farmer's market and maybe sit at Starbucks and try to look "artsy!" Then it will be back home to cool off. Temps have been NEARING 100 but the "real feel" is often about 103ish. I've given up walking my Kizzy as its just too much for her. I took her out yesterday after the rain and the poor beast was panting something fierce. It took her most of the afternoon to recoup. I try to get her out in the early mornings but its been really hard to get out and if I can get out its because I have to run an errand. The heat doesn't let up til after the sun goes down. So, her walks will be infrequent til there's a break in the weather. Our dd and her family are making plans to move the family back to South Carolina by the end of the year. I'm truly truly glad! It worries me that she is 1649 miles from family that she can depend on, a real support group. She's in dire need of it with 6 little ones and her hubby traveling all across the country. I'm looking forward to being able to take them to the beach, the park, library, festivals, et al!! Guess I'll find something to read, til reads to me!