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    The joys of adult onset ADHD. I am interested in most anything..oh, look at that pretty leaf falling!

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  1. What’s Up in November 2017

    Hanging out with the grands til its time to pick up the hubby. Then it'll be back home to do paperwork, study and relax. Last night was "salon day" where I do the little divas hair. The parts are never straight and by the morning it looks untouched BUT its clean, its healthy and its over, lol! We got word that the house appraised at $1,000 over the asking price. This is great news as it means we won't have problems with the Veterans Affairs Loan people. The repairs are just about done and things coming along smoothly.
  2. What cheered you up today?

    I got to meet the seller of the home we are purchasing. He is a certified contractor and takes GREAT pride in his home. We got a bit of history on the house and the neighborhood.
  3. What are you drinking just now?

    Finishing up a bottle of Woodchucks Granny Cider. Yum!
  4. What's for Dinner?

    The cold weather has inspired me to break out the heavy stew pots! Actually today I did not a roast or stew but corned beef and cabbage. Boy do I love a good corn beef and cabbage on a cold day! With any luck there may be enough for leftovers for tomorrow.
  5. What’s Up in November 2017

    Hi Brian! Its a cold and grey Sunday and we are doing what we love to do on such a day. Nothing. Our son and bonus son are home today and have taken over the den. DS has a "friend" so we're relegated to the bedroom, lol! No problem, I have my Microsoft Surface Pro, my tablet, magazines and other goodies back here so we're good. I planned to walk the dog up to the new house but its just too cold to be bothered!
  6. What Are You Watching Now? - 2017

    Watching Snow White and the Huntsman. I love a good fantasy on a cold, grey Sunday afternoon.
  7. I don't think I've seen this particular author in any thread so I decided to to start my own. I'm in a Facebook book club dedicated to the All Souls Trilogy authored by Deb Harkness. Its about a witch and vampire who fall in love against the edicts of the Congregation. The Congregation is made up of witches, vampires and daemons as a way to keep them in line. They can't involve themselves in politics, religion, etc. And they definitely cannot fall in love or mate with other species (vampires can't love witches, etc). Anyway I'm on my third read and I love it like I did the first time. Anyone else read the book? What did you think? https://www.amazon.com/Discovery-Witches-Novel-Souls-Trilogy-ebook/dp/B004DI7HZ6/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1510517451&sr=8-2&keywords=debra+harkness+all+souls+trilogy
  8. World Without End - Ken Follett

    I was looking for Follett's work earlier last week. I actually own several copies but they are packed away. I even tried to find the mini-series on Netflix but they removed it. I do love a good epic!
  9. Do you memorize poems ?

    I'm not big on poetry. I think it has to do with my professors making us rip every line apart to find the "meaning" when all I wanted to do was enjoy the darn thing. BUT I read somewhere that memorizing poetry is good for warding off ALZ. Keeps the brain engaged or something. I do plan to do more with it now that I'm no longer beholden to dissect it. I also plan to break out my Shakespeare and try my hand at memorizing some stanzas.
  10. Thanksgiving plans

    We used to do a big celebration but have pretty much just settled for a quiet day with out a lot of food prep. When we first moved here about three years ago, I set out to make a Thanksgiving dinner. I had purchased the food stuffs and had prepped the turkey. I got up the next morning and warmed up the oven, opened the door and attempted to put the roasting pan into the oven. It. Did. Not. Fit. I was pissed, lol! The roasting pan was just a bit too big to close the oven door (wall unit) and after that, I just didn't care! I left the rest of the meal plan up to my menfolk. It got easier and easier to not celebrate it as our family was scattered. We won't be doing anything this year either as all our extra funds and time will be getting us prepared to move in a mere few weeks. Christmas will be were we expend our energy.
  11. What's the weather like?

    Today should be our last "good" day. Its a lovely 78F' here in South Carolina. Just a hint of a breeze, sunny with the hint of clouds moving in. I took my Kizzy out for a nice walk as it will start raining this evening and for the next few days. Kizzy is very particular about the rain. She wont DO rain. Seriously, I think she has an on/off button for her bladder. She can and will hold it for HOURS rather than walk in a light rain! Tomorrow the temps will drop significantly and I'm here for it, lol! Ready for my sweaters and boots!
  12. What’s Up in November 2017

    Gaia, glad you enjoyed your birthday weekend! I'm sitting here in the library by myself. Haven't been able to just come and relax on my own since dd and the grands moved back. Its my fault really. I've instilled the love of the library into their little minds and hearts so they HAVE to come and that means I can't go to my favorite space (grown up area) because I need to be with them in the children's section, lol! I'll be back later today as the boys have a STEM class later on. But for right now, its just me, my journal and laptop with headphones, listening to Celtic music. Today is just one of those days that's just too nice to stay inside. Actually, its the LAST nice day for a while. Rain should be coming in this evening and remaining for the rest of the week. Temps will be dropping so that means I won't come out the cave unless I have to. I took my Kizzy out first thing as she won't walk in the rain. Our closing date is set for 6 December. I have already picked out my paint color choices and have planned how the furniture will be placed. I'm really glad that the house is so close as I can walk past it and dream and also harass the contractors when the show up to do the necessary work. We finished up the inspections on the house last week. The HVAC needs replacing. The heat runs on electric and gas. The gas pipes are the same age as our dd (27) and have corrosion. Not in the mood to die of carbon monoxide poisoning! They've agreed to fix it, there were also some issues dealing with previous termite issues. It does not have termites now but some of the work done to repair it was not done correctly. In order for the buyer to receive a termite letter (allows the house to be sold) these issues must be taken care of. The seller has agreed to those also. I mean really, he has to. He can't sell without it being corrected and as our home is being financed through the VA (Veterens Administration) they are VERY strict on the houses they finance. Anyway, we've done our part and are now just waiting on the repairs to be done and the appraisal to be completed. This is one of the most important things as if the house isn't appraised at the amount the home is being sold for, the VA will only pay up to our dollar limit. We'd have to come out of pocket for the difference (say if it were being sold for $170,000 but only appraised for $165k, we'd have to pay the $5K difference or search for another house). I'm updating my resume and putting in job applications. I'm not going to rush it as it will be a busy end of the year. If we close as planned, I will start painting and getting the house ready to move in. Our lease on the house we're in doesn't expire til the end of December. We'll still have to pay the December rent. I'll be getting the house perfect so that we'll be in it by the middle of December. I want to get my tree up and the yard decorated. I will start buckling down come January with the job search. I'm still doing real estate but until the sells start coming in, I want to bank funds and build our savings. That's about it for me, what are YOU up to?
  13. What’s Up in November 2017

    Hey y'all! Happy belated birthday Gaia! Seems like I've been in and out of my house everyday this week, picking up grands, dropping off grands and switching out grands all while trying to purchase a house, work, shop, do inspections and everything else. I have the little girls today as mommy and daddy are doing some things with the older boys. We'll go to the library in a bit and maybe the park. Then I'll drop them off and get the boys for the night as we have a Saturday morning routine of visiting the outdoor market. I really should be thinking about packing but as the new home is only 8 houses up from us, I think we'll only pack the stuff that's too small and fragile.Everything else will be tossed in our vehicles. That's about it on my side of the pond!
  14. Kitchen Gadgets

    I got one last year and LOVE it!
  15. Game of Thrones

    I just watched the first episode in the first series. Don't ask me what took so long! I ended up ordering HBO on Amazon Prime. Now I can take my time and get into it. I still haven't read the series but I will. I'm trying to decide if I want to start at the beginning of this thread or not, lol!