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  1. Hey y'all! I'm doing my final bit of studying for my state real estate exam tomorrow. Can't wait to be done with it! Afterwards I'm getting a full body message, compliments of my son! Bless him, he got his first paycheck and thought of me! Then I'll do a bit of shopping and head home. I've spent the entire week studying and haven't left home since we got back from church (out of town) on last Sunday! I recently purchased a new computer. Its a Microsoft Surface Pro with a smart pen. I LOVE this!!!! It's lightweight, travels well, extra fast, converts into a tablet, lots of storage and easy to use. Mine has a red keyboard and I ordered a lovely red case to go with it. I never have to leave home without it again! It is the most expensive computer I've ever owned but it was worth it. Its my graduation gift and my "you completed the real estate course" present. My other one was sent to our daughter in Texas where it is much appreciated and will be put to good use.
  2. Hey y'all! Sitting here typing on my new laptop. I was looking for a reason to upgrade and came up with the idea to give my current laptop (HP) to our daughter. She homeschools and is in dire need of a reliable computer. So she got mine, which is only about 3 years old and well kept. I purchased the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 with the pen. I LOVE IT!!! It can function as a tablet or laptop. Very powerful, tons of storage and an awesome keyboard. I love that I can now take it where ever I would take my tablet. I've been preparing for my next real estate exam, reading, walking and enjoying the weather. Temps are in the 90's here and very sunny. Almost like summer! I'm also putting out resumes. If I can find work in our old hometown (where we will be moving back at the end of the year) I will stay with one of my sister in laws and hubby will come home on weekeds or I'll come back here. That about sums it up for us. Life is pretty awesome right now.
  3. I was so excited to think this might be it but sadly, its not, . The title is close though and it almost fooled me til I remembered reading this book and seeing the movie. Thanks anyway! The cover is of a lady with red hair in a 19th century outfit (kind of like Age of Innocence) with a shack and a mansion in the background, I think. Ugh! So frustrating, like having the name of a song on the tip of one's!
  4. Years ago I came across this book that I thoroughly enjoyed. Unfortunately I can't remember the name of the title except that it had Innocence in it. It was set in late 1800's and early 1900's America. The protagonist was a very poor young but exceptionally beautiful girl who was put out to service by her aunt. Through luck and fate, she finds herself married to an heir to the household that she serves. It spans a few generations where she is loved and yet neglected, best friend betrays her by having an affair with her husband and her children are ashamed of her and ridicule her. Can anyone think of the name of this book?
  5. PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) has a new series called Victorian Slum House. They take a modern family and dump them in a recreated Victorian slum. Harsh life.
  6. I feel pretty badly. I just realized that I've not read A. Christie either!!! I've done the movies but not the books. Bad me!
  7. Hey y'all! Been MIA for a bit, was only able to check in now and again. My past week has been pretty exciting. As some of you may remember, I finished my degree in December. Although I did the paperwork for graduation, I had no intention of actually participating in the graduation ceremonies because I am still paying some fees. Here in the U.S. if you off school fees, the university places a "hold" on your account which can prevent you from enrolling during the next semester, prevent you from graduating or prevent you from getting your diploma and transcripts. I was okay with the later as I knew I was going to get it by the end of the year. My English professor and advisor (who is also head of the English Dept) had other ideas. He sent me an email last Friday saying that he wanted me to graduate. He wanted me to PARTICIPATE in the ceremony as he felt that I deserved it. Again, some of you know the drama and tragedy my family has undergone over the past several years. I actually had to drop out for 3 years before I was able to go back last semester. Death, disaster and dysfunction was the name of the game. I told Pro. K that I really appreciated all that he had done for me but I couldn't walk. I had that fee looking down on me like an albatross. This was 21 April. Graduation was 28 April. I told him I was unprepared, no cap, no gown, no nothing. He told me not to worry about it. I was to make one phone call to the bursar's office on the following Monday. I did and low and behold, I got the ok. Graduation, as I stated, was on 28 April. I was slated to pick our son up (hadn't seen him since January) early on 28 April. That was one hour north of us. Graduation was 1.5 hours SOUTH of us. I picked him up and didn't get home til 10:30, had to drop him and hubby off to get haircuts, pick up a few things for myself, get home, showered, changed and on the road by 13:30. I had to meet my prof at a local Mexican restaurant to pick up the cap and gown. Bless me, the man also bought me a tassel! Then we had to go to the university so I could get lined up by 1630. Three hours later, I was a graduate! I didn't mention it to anyone except the son I had picked up, my mom and two of my classmates. They didn't know a thing til I posted pictures of me in my cap/gown! Something else really special happened. Three years ago I had a falling out with my best friend. We didn't speak. Earlier this month, I kept getting this nudging in my heart to contact her. I did. She apologized and its been like we've never been apart. The best thing that happened out of that?! Well, we were both homeschooling our children. Our youngest son and her oldest daughter were best buds (but grew apart). I've always loved her kids, especially the oldest. So imagine my entire delight when I realized that we were to be marching together? We sat side by side on the front row!!!! What an amazing and truly blessed week I've had! Gee, I wrote a mini novel. Hope I didn't bore you all too much, lol!
  8. I forgot that I can request it! I'll do that that!
  9. Well, since I first posted this, I've read another 4 AR books! I am determined do the Donna Andrews books next though, although they seem to be hard to come across in my local library.
  10. Mrs Sherlock Holmes?!! Now THAT sounds intriguing! I've also got to look at Donna Andrews as I'm a Virginia native so that definitely holds an appeal for me, thanks!
  11. Hey y'all! I had a productive morning and plan to do nothing the rest of the day/weekend. I walked almost four miles and I finished packing all 3k books. I know have naked bookshelves eyeballing me every time I walk pass them. They hate me so I'll have to put them in the shed to stop the disrespectful glares. Last night I weeded out our closet and got rid of a bunch of stuff and packed away the winter items. In the event that we need them before moving, I have them in an easily accessible place. There's not much else that can be packed that won't make the house look bare so I'll save that for later in the year. Hubby washed the stinky dog and I'm washing her bedding. He's cleaning the shower. The chores are done for the weekend and I plan to do nothing but relax and read.
  12. You are definitely right about that. It is NOT the Aggie we know. This one is more of a fashionista. They did get the heels and huge handbag right, tho, lol! After watching the first episode, I quickly realized that it was definitely an interpretation of the book, dropped all my expectations of it resembling the book in everything except the name and the characters and then I was able to enjoy it as a series separate from the book.
  13. Somehow I managed to walk 7 miles today. I did my morning walk and then went out to run errands and next thing you know, 7 miles! It was hubby's birthday so I had to get a few small things for him. Well celebrate on Saturday with a dinner from Blue Apron (dinner that is delivered to the door including everything needed to make the food featured in the recipe). I packed two large boxes of books and did some tidying in ds room while he's gone. Tomorrow will be a doctor's appt for me and hubby, then back home to pack up another box or two. I'll then have all my bookshelves emptied. Nothing is more desolate than an empty bookshelf.
  14. Isn't it interesting how we find other countries more exotic than our own? I have heard of Fluke and I may even have a couple of her books but never read them. It is hard to take her seriously, isn't it? Have you watched the series yet? They haven't gone past series 1. Nothing like the books yet I find them enjoyable. Here in the US we have a television channel called Hallmark that features nothing but mysteries, like Murder, She Wrote, Columbo, Father Dowling, Hart To Hart, Diagnosis Murder. They also do the feature movies like Aurora Teagarden. I find that my television stays on this channel. Never heard of the Cherringham A Cosy Crime series! Interesting, a NYPD homicide detective in an English village. I can only imagine the culture shock! lol! I hadn't realized there were twenty books in the AR series. I've pretty much run through what my local library has available. I may need to look elsewhere. I've watched the Hamish McBeth adaptation and enjoyed them although much like the Hobbit, I had to watch it as though it hadn't been adapted from a book. Even though HM is preachy and has no real concept of the law (seems to make them up along the way, lol!) I am constantly drawn to the little village. I've seen the other series but haven't read those and I had no idea she wrote under another name, must look into it!
  15. Hey y'all!! Hope all is well with everyone. Its been a lovely quiet weekend. We did yard work on Friday(front yard) and hubby finished the backyard on Saturday. We walked around a few home improvement stores, came home and broke out the grill, set up a little outdoor theater and watched Risen while eating and drinking wine. Yesterday was a repeat. I did manage to walk about 10 miles between Saturday and Sunday. I took an early morning walk and went to the gym to sit in the sauna for a bit, back home for a nice shower and now I'm back outside on my patio with no intentions of going further than the front door to get the mail. I need to study for my next real estate exam so I'll start with that today. I even broke out my little notebook and transferred my notes for my story to Wordperfect. I feel like I'm doing something productive! Have a great day all!