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  1. What's Up in June? - 2018

    Hey y'all! Quiet day today, well, as quiet as 6 grandkids can be. Hubby is working on his car and I've cleaned the house and washed my hair. I'll putter around with the kids for the rest of the day til their parents pick them up. Saturday I took the grands to the local park with a water feature. I also took a nice walk around SodaCity (outdoor market held downtown every Saturday) and a quick walk through Barnes and Noble. Very nice day. Sunday was spent at home lazing about. I ran out to drop off diapers for Sarah. Her daddy worked out of town and didn't get home til last night. Baby couldn't wait til then for her diapers, lol! So, I dropped off what I had around the house. Otherwise, it was a Midsomer Murders kind of day. What are y'all up to?
  2. What's the weather like?

    It appears to be full on summer time. I'm wanting to get out and do some planting but its so HOT! I've got to get it done though because we have a family get together next weekend. After two weeks of rain we are no in the dry spell. Oh well, it tis what it is!
  3. What's Up in June? - 2018

    Hey y'all! The boards been pretty quiet huh? It's been a bit busy around here the last couple of weeks. We had friends come spend the day with us last Saturday. They picked a great day to visit. We went out to a lovely seafood restaurant and then sat on our dock with drinks and duck watching. It was very relaxing. Hadn't seen them in over 20 years! The previous week was spent playing taxi driver to dh. We have two vehicles, the SUV and a little get about. Hubby drives the get about to work and back, that's about it. We'll last year I went to have the title transferred from m-i-l (she gave him the car) and somehow they put the title in ds name. Two problems, ds had to pay the taxes on HIS vehicle before he could transfer it back to hubby's name. DS is the "II" and it prevented us from doing the paperwork. So I had to spend most of the afternoon getting it taken care of. It's taken MONTHS. But for the past several months I've had to get up and drop him off and then pick him up. The problem is that he is always getting off late. Last week he worked about 95 hours. Friday night I didn't pick him up til 0100!! It really kept me on a short leash so to speak. I've also been doing the granny thing and taking dd to run errands. Today is the first time in so many weeks where I can stay home with no intentions of going out. I picked dd up for a doctors appointment but had to reschedule it because we were late. Instead of taking them (dd and grands) back home, we just came to my house and relaxed outside. They stretched their legs and dd got to relax in the backyard and watch the water. I dropped them off by lunch time and am now relaxing and watching The Causal Vacancy. I'll throw some stir fry and mandarin chicken in the wok for dinner and that will do it for me. Tomorrow afternoon I'll have to take dd to the rescheduled appt and then Saturday I'm taking the kids to the water park. What have you guys been up to?
  4. What's the weather like?

    It's been a pretty wet week. Woke up to torrential rains and a flash flood warning for the surrounding area. No flooding thank goodness. The rain is much needed. Our lake has been needing the water level to rise enough so that the dam can be opened. The ducks and geese are more than happy! We've got a few more days of it and then the sun will shine.
  5. Wild World

    My neighbors. They inhabit the lake adjacent to my backyard.
  6. What's Up in May? - 2018

    Hello, HELLOOOOOO? Anybody home?????!!!! Hey y'all! It's been quiet as a graveyard up in here. Where IS everyone?! Is everyone recouping from the weekend thingy that happened? I'm not sure, I think there was some kind of wedding or something? Something to do with a prince and an American divorcee? I don't know, thought I heard something. I could be wrong. Not much going on today. Hubby was called in to work this morning. It's his day off but he was supposed to come in for a shop meeting but then they called and asked if he could work. As the meeting has to do with a new General Manager starting today and being introduced to the crew, it was a good move. Anyway, since he's working I'm at loose ends. I may haunt Barnes and Noble. Don't know. Not sure if he's working a full shift or not. I have the truck so I will have to pick him up. I will be going to Virginia tomorrow to pick up my grand divas. The two oldest have been there with my mom since 4 May and its time to pick them up now that the house is in place and their beds are set up. I had planned to get them this weekend but I really have no desire to travel during a national holiday weekend (Memorial Day). So, I'll do it tomorrow and be back tomorrow night. What's up with y'all?
  7. The...WEDDING

    Soooo, I've heard nothing but crickets about the ROYAL WEDDING, lol! Ok, who watched, don't be shy, tell us! I only caught bits and pieces but plan to watch it in segments. From what I've seen, it was beautiful!
  8. What's the weather like?

    We've got a week of clouds with high chances of rain and thunderstorms. We really could use the rain. Its been really dry.
  9. What's the weather like?

    Very hot and sunny. Hoping to sweat off a few pounds today!
  10. What's Up in May? - 2018

    Hey y'all! Hope everyone had a lovely weekend and for us Americans a lovely Mother's Day! Yesterday was supposed to have been my "at home day" but hubby wanted to stroll the outdoor market (we call them swapmeets and is just a place to buy and sell any and everything). After that we picked up a few things from Trader Joe's and it was about that time when dd called and needed to go to the emergency room. She's been dealing with throat pain and the meds given her weren't working so I picked her and four of the grands (the two oldest girls are in Virginia with my mom) and dropped her off and brought the boys back with me. Luckily they found the problem, gave her meds and she was home by 1700. I dropped her and the kids off and came back home and watched some Midsomer Murders. This morning we did some yard work and I put in a few plants. The house is cool and clean, the yard is looking great and once I take Kizzy for a walk and then do an additional 2 miles for myself, I'll be sitting on my dock with a book. Dinner will be easy, quick and light. Tomorrow I have to take the beastie to the vet for her check up and shots. Today plans to be another sauna day but the rest of the week is supposed to be rainy and I'm glad for it as its really really dry. When the weather is funky, I stay put! Have a great day!
  11. What's Up in May? - 2018

    Hey y'all! I'm trying to be more active in the group. The thing is I have my phone by my side all the time and my tablet is in another room. Swiping and correcting on the phone gets old QUICK! I spent the day enjoyably. I dropped dh off at work then went downtown to the open market, sat and drank coffee while reading a magazine and people watching. Then I walked the length of the market and bought some fruits and veggies. I deposited those to my truck then went to the library to pick up some books on cd. I then went to dd's house and took her to Aldi's and picked up a few things, dropped her off and picked the boys up and made ANOTHER library run for tons of movies. Their cable, internet wont be turned on til Monday so they needed something to watch as its too hot to be outside much. After dropping them off, I swung by Trader Joe's for some wine and a few more veggies not offered at the open market, went home, put those away, closed all the windows and turned on the air conditioning and closed the blinds. Then ran to Walmart for carrots and my addiction, Lindy's Lemon Icees. By then it was time to pick up hubby, so I do that, came home showered, put on my house dress and am making myself comfortable in our bedroom watching the new season of Midsomer Murders. All in all a lovely day. But its too damned hot. We've reached triple digits already and we're not in the middle of May yet! Have a great day, afternoon or evening!
  12. What's the weather like?

    Its been a milk curdling, egg frying triple digit in my neck of the wood. I am officially fagged and its only 1650. I've been out all day and I can promise you I will not leave my block (for an early morning walk tomorrow) for the next two days. The heat promises to intensify and I'm not in the mood to flat line.
  13. What's Up in May? - 2018

    Praying for a clean bill of health. It's already been a hectic month. Dd and hubby moved yet again. They are still 15 minutes. The house is SO much better than the rental they took position of when we moved them back from El Paso, TX. While we appreciate the landlord renting to them (not the best credit, etc) but all he did was collect the rent. The plumbing is messed up. The house has 6 bathrooms and they ALL have leaks and running water. The owner kept the water bill in their name and are now upset that they have a water bill of $3700. DD and SIL told them when they first moved in about the water issue. He only sent a plumber friend around after he got the bill. The thing is, he can refuse to pay the bill and let it get turned off and in order for dd and family to have water, they'd have to put the water bill in their name and pay that past due bill when it was the landlords responsibility. THEN there was the insurance fraud. Dd was preparing for Thanksgiving and something caught fire on the stove. There was smoke and water damage. The owners filed an insurance claim. They told dd that they owed $6k in deductibles yet the insurance company told them it was only $1k. The owners brought in a cleaning service who didn't clean the place. So they've lived in a house that still had extensive smoke damage and poor wiring. NOW on top of that, there is the problem with the air conditioning. We're in a southern state. Landlords are required to provide some basics, like the air conditioning. The house could get up to 90' degrees. Six little ones and a daughter with medical issues, not a good mix. He kept saying he'd come and fix it and never did. So, he's now out of two tenants. Our dd and family and the college students that rented the unit in front of their house. They got a beautiful home and have already moved in. It's smaller but safe, clean and everything is working. Lots of light and grass for the babies to play in. Now its Monday and I plan to do very little. As we had the kids since last Thursday we are exhausted. My mom came down to visit for her birthday and she took the two oldest grand daughters back with her for a few weeks. The house is now empty. I'm so glad! I'll walk Kizzy, sit at the lake dock and read and run one errand for ds. That's IT!
  14. What's the weather like?

    We seem to have gone from a prolong winter and indecisive spring to all out summer. I think the weather is menopausal.
  15. What's your current news about?

    People don't realize how life altering these things can be!