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  1. Hey y'all! Its about to storm here which means I've got 5 little people stuck inside. Not much going on. I've decided to take the kids back to Texas next Wednesday. I'll stay a couple of days and then head back home to my life. Its been fun and I enjoy having them but I really have to get things done as we are moving at the end of the year. I have somehow pushed all the plans to the back and need the motivation to get back on the ball.
  2. Traveled to Virginia last Thursday to visit my mom. I took the little people with me. We had a lovely time family. I got us back home yesterday afternoon. Today will be spent getting back into a routine, some housekeeping, reading and studying. I also need to go grocery shopping.
  3. For some odd reason, I had a hankering to watch Charmed, from the very beginning.
  4. Detailed my SUV yesterday and I'm really happy with the results. I actually do a better job than the guys at the car wash. I'm very picky and have been known to go behind them and tell them they missed a spot. I also picked up a rooftop cargo carrier for my trip to Texas and cleaned, disinfected my cooler. Everything not essential is packed away. Later today I need to go drop off a ton of library books/video/audio. Tomorrow are dental appointments and I have to go pick up some preemie baby clothes I found for sale and some cowgirl boots I fell in love with! This week is just about getting appointments out the way and getting my Pathfinder road ready. I plan to get some reading in inbetween.
  5. Hey y'all! I spent yesterday making lists and re- packing the kids and my suitcases. The first trip to Texas was by plane and I was under packed. The second trip was in and out. This trip I will be there a few weeks and I'm driving so I can take what I need. I also got the budget taken care of, got the bills ready to be paid. I think today I'll detail my truck. Tomorrow I'll get an oil change and by Thursday/Friday we're on the road. In between the prep the kids have dental and eye appointments, a trip to the zoo and the water park. Life is about to get REALLY busy!
  6. My preemi grand daughter is coming home today!!
  7. You're ancestors were able to celebrate. Mine couldn't. Not to mention the fact that even though people of color fought in ALL the wars, we get little recognition and the Americans still begrudge us the shortest month in the year to recognize our contributions, you'll excuse me for not caring about the 4th. Took the kiddies to a park that has a water feature for them to play in. They are SO cute! They are running between the feature and the kiddie zip line. It's a secluded park and I wouldn't have known about it had a library patron not told me it existed. It's very nice and quiet. The goal is to tire them out and then take them home, wash them off and watch them nap peacefully!!
  8. Hey y'all! Quiet and hellish hot here in the U.S. especially in my part. I did manage a 3 mile walk during midday. Not my prime time to walk but since the little people are here, I have to wait til hubby wakes (he works nights) which is around lunch time. Our country is celebrating the 4th of July but its not a holiday I hold to. Most African Americans who know our history don't get patriotic about it, I mean, why should we when our ancestors were slaves? I will celebrate Juneteenth (June 19) Here is a link for those who are interested. Because its hellish hot, pools and lakes are packed. We're just staying close to home.
  9. Hey y'all! Took the two oldest grands to the main street open market. They get a kick out of all the street music, balloon making, dogs, food, etc. Its our special treat that only the big kids can do with grandma. We then made a side trip to Barnes and Noble for a sweet treat and a look around the books. Now I'm back home and can barely keep my eyes open. Not sure what's going on because I got enough sleep but I just feel utterly drained. I bought a started loom from Hobby Lobby a few days ago and yesterday I broke it in. I had to go through my very small stash of yarn to determine what I wanted to work with. This first piece will be a scarf. Seeing as I'm pretty much confined with the little people for the summer, I may as well be productive. Not to mention it'll keep me sane. It's been raining for the past few days so cabin fever is setting in.
  10. Hey y'all! I've been pretty busy with the wee folk. Today was storytime at the library. I took the three youngest grands (5, 4 and almost 3) while the two oldest stayed home and did some reading. Tomorrow I take the boys for their yearly checkups and vaccination shots. Later tomorrow I take my Kizzy to the vet to get a vaccination against the dog flu and to pick up her heart warm. The rest of the day/week will be spent doing some much needed shopping. Next week its the dentist and eye doctor and then they will be set. My days are spent quelling wee wars, meals, entertainment, hiding (yeah, I hide) and baths. This was all so sudden that everything has been thrown into a tizzy. I also have to fit in a trip to Virginia to check on my mom. She had to have a "pic" line put in her arm so she can be given her antibiotics through her vein. She'll have to stay in a rehab facility for a few weeks for that and her knee (where the infection was found but has traveled). The original plan was that she'd get some of the grands (the little ones) and we'd keep the big boys as there is more to do with them here than there. That will have to be put off for a bit. My preemie grandbaby "S" is doing well! Even though she was born at 33 weeks, she's off oxygen and the feeding tube and is taking the bottle. Her weight is going up and I think its safe to assume that she'll be home sooner rather than later. Her due date was 3 August and they would normally keep babies in til their birthday but she's doing so well, she should be home in a few weeks!
  11. I didn't want to start another topic since I knew I had mentioned this show again. I just came across How Clean Is Your House again, on YouTube. I am truly amazed at how nasty and disgusting these homes are and how Kim and Aggie just crawl all over and touch EVERYTHING without gloves! But I do love the houses afterwards and the fact that they don't "remake" the house but bring out its natural CLEAN characteristics using what the owner already has. I have a fascination with British homes because they have so much character, nothing has to match and its real life!
  12. Hey y'all! Happy Belated Birthday Tali! Things have been pretty busy here since the grands came. We've done doctors appt for the girls and the boys are next week. Yesterday I took the boys to one of our libraries for a lego build thingy. Today I took them all to the main branch for story time. They wanted to check out books and I think its safe to assume we walked out with about 30 books. Tomorrow will be a stay at home day. We'll read books and play outside. All my summer plans are pretty much shot. My mom was going to watch the girls but was taken to the hospital yesterday. Today they decided to operate on her leg because she has some kind of bacterial infection in her knee. I'll go to her on Tuesday to help out and so she can see her great grands. Safe to assume there will be no working outside the home this summer.
  13. Cooked carrots Cooked spinach
  14. Poi (sp). Ugh! Went to a luau my first trip to Hawaii. I tried it and it was disgusting.
  15. LMAO!!! I sometimes sit back and wonder HOW I managed to get it done! It's been a year since I've done the granny/mommy role and thankfully, it never left!