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  1. Continue the Story game 4,

    putting a red polka dotted ribbon in her curly brown hair. By her side, Rena was expressing opinions about men, saying they are after just one thing and always selfish too. Off they went, to Poltroon cinema over in Ochyou'remucky, and, waiting for Joe, they noticed a large lady buying......
  2. It was a rainy Wednesday in Salisbury and......
  3. Word Association

  4. Continue the Story game 4,

    'Awch , it wasnae like that really, all aaah aaasked is whether the young lady wid like tae see a film, eff nawt, then so be et', and he waited. Agoraphobia said she wanted to see Mary Queen of Scots. 'Aye right enough, it's a terrific account of ourrrr verry own heritage. so wit dae you say?', asked Joe, his scrawny face hopeful of ......
  5. Continue the Story game 4,

    the lovely young lady from McSpudfry's venture, A Lovely Pear. Och aaah really must stawp thinking they worrrds, it makes me thenk of something else an' really aah ought nawt, thought Joe. 'Och, hi darrrrling. .. wit's yerrrr name again?' 'Agoraphobia, same as it's always been, aye ', she said. 'Aaah'm worrrkin til three, then me and ye arrrre awf tae the picturrres', declared Joe,
  6. Word Association

  7. Continue the Story game 4,

    asked, 'can I offerrrrr you a wee dram tonight?' Strolling down to get a sausage roll at Gregg's, he felt a pair of eyes following him. 'Och it's niverrrr family maintenance looking for missing payments is it?', he thought, shuffling...
  8. Continue the Story game 4,

    security man for Freebie and Cheapskate, a pound shop chain whose owner, Mick McRobbery, was one of the best employers in Clackyerheels. Doing his checks this Friday morning, he began musing about ladies in general. It was unlikely he'd ever see Agoraphobia Belle again, after all, her old da was mental so....He liked the look of Susie Suckerpunch, the proprietor of a sweet shop whose motto, emblazoned in neon sticks of sweet rock candy, was suck it and see. Indeed I will, he thought, as he simpered by, scraggy red hair adorning shoulders just 9 inches across. So much.....
  9. Fyodor Dostoevsky

    The Idiot, starring Prince Myshkin, is way more interesting and gripping than The Brothers Karamazov. Crime and Punishment is excellent too.
  10. Word Association

  11. Charles Dickens

    Thanks Hayley. I forget the name of the woman philanthropist in Bleak House, who he lampoons for hypocrisy, meanness of spirit, and absolutely base cruelty too. Puts me in mind of the risks of charity in general, when I read of the Oxfam abuse revelations etc.
  12. Charles Dickens

    Dickens often..... everywhere from Sketches by Boz to Bleak House....lambasts charity and specifically self appointed helpers and self styled humanitarian help that is riddled with hypocrisy.
  13. Continue the Story game 4,

    '....@ye, ye're right, it was anotherrr guy right enough. ' After she ended her call, she began searching Google for Joe McCarrot. There was a J McCarrot in Glasgow; when she rang it was a Josie who was no help at all. 'You know, this could be the cure of ma agoraphobia' , mused Agoraphobia Belle silently. At that, she peeped out the front door. It was a grey dreary January day, cool and silent. Tiptoeing, she walked like a mouse, down to her local shopping mall.
  14. Word Association