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  1. Continue the Story game 4,

    pack her wee bags and move up north, with six cats and a thousand and 87 pounds and ninety pence in her Bank of Scotland account. 'Now now lassie, do not worry. Sophie darling, do not..you can stay in our apartment at Cudgel street as long as you like. It's free to you darling as long as you're in a bit of turmoil', and at that Sophie began to cry again. This....
  2. What's your current news about?

    For me the bottom line is, illegal immigrants are people, they have a human right to dignity even if being deported. Trump is an overtly obnoxious being isn't he?
  3. Continue the Story game 4,

    (⛑️Name police here. Poppy...her name is Sophie not Rachel.πŸ‘πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ€£.) at last things were going well. 'Och wee lamb, now do feel free to let the wee cats out cautiously in the back garden, and here, have a chocolate raisin flapjack.' Sophie told Ma MacDonald all about the awful Mr Dipstick, the cruel and base oaf who....
  4. Continue the Story game 4,

    show you the sights of an evening. There's a terribly good wine that is simply adored by beautiful young lassies from south of the border..' 'No I don't drink' she said, to ward off further enquiry from the overly curious Hamish. 'So darling I am Teresa MacDonald, known as Ma, you ken? Let me look at each of your pussies and,,' 'Oh you mean..oh the cats', Sophie sighed with relief, looking around to see if Ma was addressing anybody else simultaneously. You see Ma MacDonald had a bad case of being crosseyed. 'Billy Milly Silly Dilly Hilly Jilly. Well what a quartet they are my darling. Make ye at hame and I'll boil ye coffee and flapjack immediately.
  5. Continue the Story game 4,

    recoil in dismay. 'Oh err ok but...no need to pull my..' 'Och away with all yer fearrs and, like, worries, young gerrill..we Scots arre verry friendly mind you..come to our local hostelry..' 'No thanks, I am ok goodbye', she said, hoping to find a place to stay for a few days. Having rocked up at Hamish McTavish, accommodation experts, in Dubious street, Sophie said
  6. Continue the Story game 4,

    ask whoever the owner or owners are, to leave the train at the next stop...the wee village of Ochyou'remucky, population 432, where Sophie was put on the platform along with 6 slightly perturbed cats. each in a rather fetching basket adorned with lace and ribbon. Angus McGotyounow, 45, was waiting for his sister, wee Aggie, to attend.......
  7. Continue the Story game 4,

    Edinburgh. Relaxing in a compartment of the train, her six cats ensconced snugly in their own personal haven, an insulated basket each, all was going spiffingly thank you, until Kayleigh Teastain, 4, said 'Mummy that lady has cats mummy let me go and stroke them.' Being an accommodating soul who loved any living thing that required care, Sophie soon had Kayleigh and her mother, Tracey Coffeeleaf , cooing as a variety' of cats purred around the compartment of the Edinburgh train. It...
  8. Word Association

  9. Continue the Story game 4,

    675.43, in pounds. Payment by Friday morning please me old son. Tatty ra', and at that , Cashbedazzled hung up on the appropriately named Mr Dipstick. Fuming, Claude decided to go to Starbucks for a tea. Oh how he loved a good drink of hot, strong, dirty sweet, tea, it was all the
  10. Word Association