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      February already! And with February comes the next supporter giveaway. This month, with great thanks once again to www.thestorygift.co.uk , we have a brilliantly bookish set of 'storyteller' pencils (featuring famous first lines) and a retro library card notebook!      As always, you'll be automatically entered into the giveaway if you support the forum on patreon, or if your pre-patreon membership is still active. If you want to be involved in the giveaway but don't currently support, you can join the patreon at any point in February here:  www.patreon.com/bookclubforum . 


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  1. Continue the Story game 4,

    ratbag, de ye know that?' Aggie munched sweet popcorn and it was minutes later that a booming American voice announced 'Dear customers of Ochyou'remucky cinema complex, we are interrupting this film to let you know that.....
  2. Continue the Story game 4,

    showed a petty streak, whispering to the gingerr wonderrr, "Hey laddie, she's a wee touch semple, this gerral, it's very sad, but aaah'm her friend and confident confidante, did ye knae she's gawt fleas? Herrr house es swarrrmin' with cats, and ..
  3. Word Association

  4. Continue the Story game 4,

    were about to prevent Ginger and Aggie getting better acquainted. 'Aaah neverr did see a thing like et', hissed Rena, ' mah friend gettin' familiarrr with a ruffian from some terraced house when. .
  5. Word Association

  6. Word Association

  7. Continue the Story game 4,

    'Now don't look at meh, sweet darrrrling, but did ye ken that gingerrr guys are nicerrrr than blondes, you know how it es....aah kin definitely say that this is a grrrreaaat wee drama, es it nawt?...@w thess.......
  8. Word Association

  9. Continue the Story game 4,

    the entire cinema was in meltdown, aniseed gobstoppers rolled amok down the aisle, and the usher, a Glenda McStrictly, switched on the lights and off with the film.'Ye'll pay ferrrr this you big oaf', declared Matty McThumpme, 43, from Suckyerrlolly, a village near Airdrie, as he ran at Joe, who ran so fast he .. .
  10. What's for Dinner?

    Sounds it. Respect to all who love vegan food.🤣😁😀