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  1. Continue the Story game 4,

    or even 'see you Cic, good luck with the feminist speeching, as I've a hair appointment now to make me look attractive' , declared Debs. It was the last time she would see Cicely, and Debs was determined to have a great night tonight. She asked Ellie Scissorhands for the usual, a blonde dyed perm, and she regaled the general public in the salon, with tales of women around the world. 'And listen Ellie, she informed me that in Ethiopia the men sleep in loin cloths while women wash and cook. The lazy.....
  2. Continue the Story game 4,

    'oh stop being silly. What are you drinking?' Several hours later, Ellie Scissorhands, 23, was in her salon waiting for Debs to arrive for her perm. 'Hello love it's just Ellie from your local hairdresser. You were due for a perm thirteen minutes ago, just wondering if you're on your way.' 'Oh yes I am going to be there very soon. I have...
  3. Your Age?

    Am still over 50 years of age
  4. Continue the Story game 4,

    stay with her. My mate Alf said wimmins libbers are gay and I don't go in bed with them..I prefer proper meaty women.'And at that, he walked out of the pub. 'You see there's the problem. These men' said Cicely, ' good for one thing only.' 'Oh I would not know, never been that lucky, but anyhow women
  5. Continue the Story game 4,

    men, my dear sis. Cic the sis, now that's a good title.' "Andrea Dworkin explained it thus..the patriarchy has got it sorted. When women appear, they are degraded by men. In Africa they
  6. Word Association

  7. Continue the Story game 4,

    free pina coladas that your mates the Wilberforces, promised us. Pat and Willy you allegedly told them you will supply us with free sherry all evening, and..' When Debs rang Pat, the answerphone message was laughing, coarse, and joyous. She hung up. Willy's answerphone had a message by Pat, saying 'betrayers will be betrayed themselves,', again the harsh merriment to end the message. 'Well ok what are you both drinking?' 'Woman I've already told you I need a pina right now. Why do women...
  8. Continue the Story game 4,

    bag.' 'Dont talk about her like that. We girls has to stick together like glue, as men always thwart us. An' if yer think I am jesting, read Andrea Dworkin or any other feminist. Patriarchy is a bag of spanners' declared Cicely, waving to a bemused Debs, who didn't know her from Adam. 'Mine's a pina please Debra' , she said, forgetting to say..