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  1. Good point Nesa . I feel it is, generally, a brilliant book.
  2. Excellent book. I now know where the oft quoted "people know the price of everything, and the value of nothing", originated.
  3. Oh the old syndrome of a film being more risqué than the book, which is rather old. No wonder, as the book is decidedly gay and a modern film will bring out the salacious aspects of the book which Wilde didn't dare to write.
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  6. Sizing
  7. Good luck with the move Nollaig.
  8. It's raining in Sheffield.
  9. How's the challenge going Sara?
  10. Doubling
  11. "So do tell me dear Algeronn... Who was it on the phone?", asked Rosa....
  12. Bobs
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  14. Two grand you filched from the emergencies and crises tin. I had 2k in 2p and 5p bits and you went and filched it. Where are you?" "Oh dearheart I am in Sevilla with Rosa the Spanish.....