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  1. Word Association

  2. Continue the story game 3.

    Annoyed, Ruby smelled a rat 🐀. 'Something stinks here. If you don't admit you've...' 'What these two muppets did was to come and say they are dodging two fitness freaks, and they wanted me to conceal whisky in teapots, clotted cream on the side of the saucer', declared the barman. The drinks were placed on the counter. 'I am only paying for the sarsparillas', said Mr My box, 'these two can pay for the ginger beers.' 'But we are thirsty and have no cash h', declared Phil, plaintively. 'Don't....
  3. Continue the story game 3.

    have the ginger beers', declared Martin, hoping the barman would not drop them in the mire. The barman shook his head, mumbled 'some people', @nd poured the drinks. 'Shall I put ice in your ginger beer?', he, asked, sarcastic to the core. 'Sorry but can you please answer me?.. What do you mean by again and this time?', asked Ruby, looking searchingly at our dynamic duo. Phil said 'we are having a lot of weather lately aren't we?. Having....
  4. Continue the story game 3.

    find another place to drink. There's an off licence just down Beakthin Lane', said Martin, disgruntled about recent events. Yet lo and behold, as soon as they got outside, they were surprised to meet.. you guessed it, Ruby and Phil, who were effusive in their praise. 'Well done boys', they chorused , in unison, ' to get back round here ahead of us, was a great achievement. As a reward, we can all pop in here again but no beer OK lads? ' 'No we feel we better not', they said, in unison, 'we feel so committed to the health of the community that we..' 'Nonsense boys.. in we go', and at that,
  5. Word Association

  6. Continue the story game 3.

    zipped quickly to the boozer that Ruby had caught them drinking in. Unhindered by any Ruby or even a diamond, the intrepid duo headed for the quiet bar at the back. 'It's a delicate matter, mate. We are avoiding a couple of fitness freaks, Ruby and Phil. It's crucial that they don't see our alcohol, so.. Two tots of whisky in a teapot. Lemon on each china mug, and....
  7. Continue the story game 3.

    retrieve the situation. That there lady's son Mark, searched the local phone book and there ensued a row between June and Mark, the like of which we had never.. ' ' Lads.. introducing Phil Mybox, our local Pilates and fitness group instructor. Phil is here for our guided run. Go and change into these. ', she said, producing two baggy t shirts and two tracky bottoms. ' Welcome to the world of fitness, incorporating raw 🥕 stew and beet muffins. I..
  8. Continue the story game 3.

    'Any pub.. I know one called the Loafer' s Remedy. They do wine making sessions as a matter of routine. Indeed only last week I was there', lied Fred, praying that this good natured girl was as gullible as the man who bought the Brooklyn bridge. 'I said no alcohol', said Ruby, her