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  1. Word Association

    Guitar 🎸πŸ₯
  2. Continue the story game 3.

    already begun chortling at him as his spotty unwashed backside began trawling the streets. Karen and Sharon, our two intrepid police constables, had a weekly routine. That was to nominate weirdo of the week. Then on a Saturday night they would go out to Greasy Grant's for wine and cheese, get themselves utterly paralytic, and raise a glass to buffoons past and current, especially weirdo of the week. 'Got weirdo of the week arranged already and it's only Tuesday', mused Sharon, as
  3. Continue the story game 3.

    it occurred so far back that my dentist couldn't reach it with a pair of tweezers. ' ' Zip it', declared Sharon Bold. Karen Gold threw a pen at Martin, along with a piece of paper. 'Sign that you understand the charges', she said, and then they ordered him out, having to hurl him bodily out of the station. 'I don't suppose either of you ladies want a Metaxa tonight?', he, asked, forlorn and.....
  4. Continue the story game 3.

    his rights as a citizen. 'Your right to invade a 🚺 toilet and be a nuisance to a terrified 😰 old lady?', said PC Gold. 'I have
  5. Continue the story game 3.

    give him the spiel about 'anything you do say' etc. Back at the station, Martin was processed, which took two hours as he wasn't....
  6. Continue the story game 3.

    God knew, and he wasn't telling. As PC Gold hauled him to his feet, PC Bold declared him to be under arrest for outraging public decency.. 'Under a vest? I don't wear vests just shirts.. It's
  7. Word Association

  8. Posting problems.

    Hi. This week I have been having problems posting via my phone. In wanting to make a new entry, I find my previous entry still waiting for me in the posting area. So my last post, though it is on site, is still present in the posting a reply box. Further complicated by the fact that just now I was unable to reply to a post in funny story corner, I clicked to answer a post by poppy and it took me to another post. I had to reply there.
  9. Excellent story about the call about the computer Poppy. Unfortunately I was not able to post the reply where I wished, as this quote above presented itself again and again.
  10. Continue the story game 3.

    his yellowing, greasy shirt burst open, and yet his torso remained wedged in the window. A gaggle of passing school children began throwing sweets up at Martin, and so when the two lovely constables entered the cubicle via a hefty kick, they were greeted by an unseemly sight, a pasty white....