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  2. A Book blog, 2019 by Books do Furnish a Room

    The Jeanette Winterson book sounds very interesting. I have added it to my wishlist.
  3. Muggle Not's Reading List - 2019

    I hope you enjoy Where The Crawdads Sing as much as I did. Happy reading in 2019! 4. The Winter of the Witch - Kathleen Arden - 4/5 I just finished reading The Winter of the Witch (book 3 of the Winternight Trilogy) and rate it a 4/5. I wish there were more books like this Trilogy to read, just enjoyable reading. If you read this book be sure to read the Authors Note at the end. It adds so much to the overall knowledge of the fantastic story in the book. It took Arden 7 years to write the Trilogy and it is easy to see why after reading her Authors Note. Also, read everything after the Authors Note to get a complete understanding of the story and the amount of work that went into the Trilogy.
  4. Chrissy's Reading 2019

    Thank you @~Andrea~ If I had left more time between each book, I probably could have written a more coherent review of each book. Having ploughed through the three as I did it all became one giant book and therefore one huge melange of feelings and impressions. I found the trilogy compelling and well conceived and I really did enjoy them. They took me completely away from my world, and into theirs. They were surreal at times, but I just went with it as I have with the magic realism books I have read, and as I do with Neil Gaiman and Ben Aaronovitch. The trilogy aren't like those books though, and I make mention of them only to describe how I 'managed' the oddities and weirdness here.
  5. Willoyd's Reading 2019

    Yes - a male. Woman from the BTO was on Radio 4 Today programme this morning, talking about their Tawny Owl survey. Trying to better establish how many there are as there is a fear that numbers are falling (as most of bird population in the UK is).
  6. All of these are non-fiction books, and therefore, at least theoretically, not eligible for this list. Freakonomics does appear in James Mustich's 1000 Books To Read Before You Die, whilst Bryson is cited for his book A Walk in the Woods, but that book includes non-fiction (and, for me, as I've said, is a more interesting list). Each to their own! Personally, having tried computer gaming, I found it thoroughly addictive and distinctly the opposite of life enhancing. I now prefer engaging with aspects of the real world, but then others think I'm geeky about reading, wildlife, birding, and the outdoors too! Of course, one could say that reading fiction is anything but engaging with the real world!
  7. Last week
  8. Hi For a long time I have searched for romance novels (with man/women-couples), in which the story is written a "feminine" or shy man's point of view (or mostly). I personally am such a male person and would like to read something, with which I can identify myself more. But I just always find novels in which the man is the strong one, the hero, the protector, bla-bla-bla. Are there really no romance novels, which aren't containing the stereotypical Man=Strong protector/Women=Shy, seeks protection, and ALWAYS is the smaller one (even physically its always the same). I started reading LGBT romance novels (from Melissa Good and Fletcher Delancy for example), which is so much easier for me, because in man/man or women/women romance novels, it doesn't always seem to matter (well, some have still the same role allocations), which person is which type or they change roles according to current situation. Do you maybe know any man/women romance novels, with the said characters mentioned above? Thank you very much in advance. - Book Worm
  9. What's the weather like?

    Opposite here, pretty chilly but bright, and a very cold wind. Only a slight frost this morning though. Some people reported snow flurries but I haven't seen any yet.
  10. Tips for those who don't like reading.

    One per day! Where do they find the time, unless they don't work or do much else! I'm lucky to manage one a week. The tips are interesting but I think you're probably preaching to the converted here! But some good ideas, especially if someone gets into a reading slump.
  11. Continue the Story game 4,

    'Awch , it wasnae like that really, all aaah aaasked is whether the young lady wid like tae see a film, eff nawt, then so be et', and he waited. Agoraphobia said she wanted to see Mary Queen of Scots. 'Aye right enough, it's a terrific account of ourrrr verry own heritage. so wit dae you say?', asked Joe, his scrawny face hopeful of ......
  12. Chrissy's Reading 2019

    Wow, The Passage trilogy sounds very intriguing Chrissy! Great review!
  13. Busy reading

    I need a ‘like’ button for this I have Jonathan Strange and Mr Norell on my shelf too, so glad to hear you’re enjoying it! The length has led to me putting it off a bit, it’s not the kind of book you can pop into your bag!
  14. Willoyd's Reading 2019

    It's lovely seeing or hearing owls, we never get them where I am - too built up and not enough trees - but when we were in Cornwall last year we looked out onto a river and then fields and woods, and heard at least one owl pretty much every night, I'm assuming it was a tawny owl as it was the classic "woo woo" call, which you say is the tawny's call in your earlier post.
  15. What's the weather like?

    Pretty hot here, we've been getting a hot airflow from Australia. But nothing like the heatwave they're having with temperatures over 46 C in some places today. Keep wondering how Kylie is faring
  16. Continue the Story game 4,

    very cockily. Agoraphobia was used to a very dominating father so she didn't find anything untoward in Joe's presumption. However, before she could answer, who should plonk herself down in a chair beside Agoraphobia but her good friend Rena. 'Hiya, Aggie! That's gey brave o' ye to be oot in th' big wide world ! But whits this dafty daein' here?' 'Weel, he's just asked ... tellt me, rather ...we're aff tae th' pictures th' nicht.' 'Tellt you?' said Rena indignantly. 'He tellt you!!'
  17. Raven's Reads

    Harsh. But yes, I enjoy watching it even when we lose!
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