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  2. Christmas planning and chat

    Actually got a new tree yesterday, bit difficult finding a small one - only wanted a 3 footer due to space restrictions - but finally got one in Wilkinsons for a fiver. Have decorated most of it, I might also put up my old tatty one, we'll see. Have also finally started doing some Xmas shopping as well.
  3. Never Ending Book Titles

    Hollywood Wives - Jackie Collins
  4. Read-a-thon 2019

    Sorry I haven't checked in over the weekend! This weekend, I managed to finish the last 32% of 'The Gunslinger' by Stephen King and I read 96 pages of 'The Uninvited' by Liz Jensen. Both of these have been really good books. I definitely think 'The Gunslinger' was better on a second read.
  5. Read-a-thon 2019

    Sorry for not responding to this until now! I was at my grandmother's house yesterday, celebrating her birthday (I can't easily access the forum from there). I need rest regularly, so I managed to do some reading while I rested upstairs. I read a graphic novel called All Summer Long by Hope Larson, 172 pages. I read a children's illustrated book of the Judy Moody series (though I read the Dutch translation which is Fleur Humeur), Fleur Humeur voorspelt de toekomst (Judy Moody Predicts the Future) by Megan McDonald (ill. Peter Reynolds), 159 pages. I made a start in Stick Dog (book 1 in the Stick Dog series) by Tom Watson. I finished that one at home, 192 pages. Lastly I started How It's Not Ok to Feel Blue and Other Lies by Scarlett Curtis & Others, I read 64 pages in it. Shame The Favourite wasn't a great read for you and that The Dictator wasn't a good read either. I hope Christmas, A Biography is an interesting read.
  6. Christmas Music

    That was nice!! I wish everyone happy festive days too!
  7. Last week
  8. Christmas Music

    This topic is for anything related to Christmas Music. The following Polish Christmas celebration is for all the forum members from me, turn your sound up before clicking on it: POLISH_CHRISTMAS.pps
  9. Read-a-thon 2019

    I've concentrated on reading one big book, which I started earlier in the week: The Favourite by Ophelia Field, a biography of Sarah, Duchess of Marlborough, and the book upon which the film was (rather loosely!) based - I saw it in the cinema early on in the year, starring Olivia Coleman and Rachel Weisz. It's 485 fairly dense pages long, and finished it tonight, having read all bar 100 pages since Friday morning. Found it hard work (unlike the film!). Also read 50 pages of Robert Harris's The Dictator, and have given up at that point. Pretty much all the Amazon reviews are raves, but I unfortunately found it tedious, not least because know the ending beforehand (it's fictionalised history), and can't face the prospect of another 400 pages. Am moving on to Judith Flanders' slimmer paperback on Christmas, A Biography.
  10. Just finished The Favourite by Ophelia Field, the biography of Sarah, Duchess of Marlborough,. upon which the film (starring Olivia Coleman and Rachel Weisz) was loosely based. Gives a very different, convincing, perspective to the traditional, fairly negative, viewpoint, and worth reading for that alone, but at 485 pages, it felt overlong and hard work, with page after page of 'A wrote, then B wrote, then A wrote back' etc etc. Whatever the merits or otherwise of the Duchess, hers was a life of being constantly in dispute with pretty much everyone close to her, and the detail of that became distinctly tedious after a while. A solid, but not gripping, read: 3/6. Tried following that with Robert Harris's The Dictator for one of my book groups. It's had consistently positive reviews from readers, but within 50 pages I was bored to tears - not least because it's a straight retelling of the history, so why not just read the history? Life is too short to persist with this sort of experience, and it's another 400+ page tome. Need to find something more rewarding.
  11. Willoyd's Reading 2019

    For me, Woman in Black was a completely different matter. In many respects it was a very traditional Victorian style ghost story, but it worked superbly, and never felt cliched at all. Genuinely gripping; I'd thoroughly recommend it.
  12. Read-a-thon 2019

    Pretty well then Thanks, you too! Have you decided what you're reading today yet?
  13. The Wives of Bath by Wendy Holden
  14. Read-a-thon 2019

    I'm glad you had fun reading . Happy reading today again ! On Friday I read Natsuki Takaya - Fruits Basket Volume 15 (201 pages) and I read the first 51 pages of Natsuki Takaya - Fruits Basket Volume 16. On Saturday I finished the latter by reading 150 pages of it. I was planning to read more Saturday in the later afternoon, but my sister and her husband visited unexpectedly (I knew about half an hour beforehand), so I ended up spending time with them instead of reading in another book.
  15. The last one to post here wins

    think again.
  16. The last one to post here wins

    I didn't delete mine. And I think I have won it...😔😂
  17. Read-a-thon 2019

    I've just read the above post.
  18. Read-a-thon 2019

    So this weekend has been, if possible, even more mad than I expected, but I happily took my book to bed last night and managed to finish the first short story in Help the Witch. I'll definitely be reading the next one later and, as it's much shorter, I'll either keep going or switch to Wilkie Collins. How's everyone else's reading going?
  19. The last one to post here wins

    I deleted my previous post here.
  20. Kindle and ebooks deals

    Yeah I read an extract of it earlier and it does sound interesting. Actually, all the books in that sale sound pretty good!
  21. Madeleine's Book Log - ongoing

    "Over Sea, Under Stone" by Susan Cooper - this is the first book in the classic children's fantasy series "The Dark is Rising", and is a grail quest in which siblings Simon, Jane and Barney Drew find themselves getting involved with all sorts of skullduggery when they go on holiday to Cornwall and stay in a house rented by their mysterious Great Uncle Merry, who is a famous archaeologist and has rented The Grey House from a supposed sea captain. Bored one day, the children rummage around in an old attic, and in true style find an old map. It seems they're not the only ones interested in the map, the house is broken into and although nothing has been taken someone was definitely looking for something. Then they're befriended by "brother and sister" the Winters, and meet a rather scary vicar. There are further adventures involving a kidnapping, until it culminates in a genuinely tense final search for the mysterious grail, and is there more to Great Uncle Merry than he's letting on? It was an enjoyable romp, very much of it's time with lots of "jolly this and that" and "I say", very similar to the Famous Five (there's a dog as well!) but the last part was quite exciting and gripping. Onto the next one in the sequence now, which is set during Midwinter. 7.5/10
  22. Madeleine's Book Log - ongoing

    It was definitely an ambiguous ending.
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