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  2. As you've said, at the moment it would be better if we adopted/fostered children who have no family of their own rather than have children ourselves. I basically argue that the purpose of having children for (some) people is to have meaning in their lives and is a selfish act (which is not a bad thing!) but that you can find meaning in your life in other ways as well.
  3. Congratulations on passing your exams and your project approval! I hope you get time for some nice relaxing reading now
  4. Today
  5. In the beginning of May I read Maar je ziet er helemaal niet autistisch uit by Bianca Toeps. I loved this autism memoir. I've been reading the author's blog for a while, so I knew some things about her going into the memoir. I loved it, it was so good!
  6. Book Titles A to Z

    Our Totally, Ridiculous, Made-Up Christmas Relationship by Brittainy C. Cherry
  7. The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett
  8. What Are You Watching Now? - 2019

    We re-watched Himouto Umaru-chan. We've also watched Rick & Morty (S1-S3) and Final Space (S1).
  9. The Last Film You Saw - 2018

    Yesterday evening we watched Kubo and the Two Strings, a LAIKA movie. I liked it a lot . A while ago we watched The Incredibles 2, which was quite enjoyable .
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  11. @poppy , Hayley Sorry for the late reply . My exams are over . I got the result , i passed all of it My final semester have started and even my project synopsis got approved today . Now all i need to do is to finish the project work and 3 subjects of the 6th semester and i can complete my degree . So i am feeling very excited and happy . Thanks for the audio book suggestions and the detective stories suggestions . I should go out and buy few books as soon as possible . I was so immersed in the books that it has started to make me feel mental . Now i feel a lot more relaxed . Thanks
  12. I have been bulimic for over 5yrs on and off and now I feel so suicide that if I go back vomiting up my meals I most likly going to die My dentist was wondering about my teeth ,I use colgate tooth whitening to make my teeth whiter.Every time I get stressed out and a cigarette won't do -I tend to sneak into the kitchen grab the dinner leftovers or make somthing that I know will be easy to vomit.then I rush over to the restroom and vomit over 5times till I see a green bile,or blood.That green stuff makes me feel comfortable after i vomit altho I do feel dizzy and jump into a cosy bed and watch a dvd. At first when I 1st vomited it felt like I never failed and felt I had a friend that was always there on a plate and my friend would comfert me saying "enjoy those chips,you'll feel better once it gone..down ur throat and into the toilet" "You won't gain weight if its in the toilet" I am On medication atm but still have my moments..
  13. What are you listening to?

    perfect song
  14. Hello!

    helllooo welcome to the forum
  15. A Book blog, 2019 by Books do Furnish a Room

    The Miller of Angibault by George Sand George Sand was the pen name of Armantine Lupin and this is the first of her work that I have read. It was written in 1845. It is one of Lupin’s pastoral and socialist novels with a focus on the rural poor. There is a varied cast of characters. Madame de Blanchemont (Marcelle) is married to an aristocrat and has a son called Edouard. Her husband has recently died and she has been left with a country estate, the state of which she is unaware of. Lenor is an educated Parisian working man. He and Marcelle have been in love for a while. It would seem that Marcelle’s husband’s death would free them to marry. However Lenor feels that on principle he cannot marry someone who has inherited wealth, even though it is not known how much. This is the conundrum at the start of the book. Marcelle travels to her estate and that is where we meet the rest of the cast. The estate is rather run down and debt ridden and needs to be sold. We now meet Monsieur Bricolin a wealthy farmer local to the estate who wants to buy it. Bricolin is the villain of the piece as his focus is entirely on money and increasing his wealth. He lives with his wife, his daughter Rose and his aged parents. There is another daughter who has a serious mental health problem, apparently as a result of her parents not allowing her to marry the man she loved. On her travels Marcelle meets Grand-Louis, the miller of Angibault as per the title, who helps her and allows her to stay with him and his mother before she goes to stay with the Bricolins. Grand-louis is in love with Rose Bricolin, but her parents do not approve. Add a local beggar called Cadouche and a variety of locals and you have the cast. It is well written and the plot rolls along merrily with some twists and turns. Lupin looks back on the legacy of the Revolution and what it has and hasn’t achieved, it also looks at human greed and the nobility of the human spirit. Most of the socialists at the time were focussing on urban poverty, but Lupin turned her gaze on the rural poor probably because of her own upbringing in the countryside. The outworking has a communitarian edge to it. In terms of gender Lupin does explore the control of men over daughters and wives. It is a good read, a bit too neatly tied up at the end, but nevertheless it’s a good introduction to Lupin. 7 and a half out of 10 Starting When I hit you by Meena Kandasamy
  16. Vodkafan's 2019 reading blog

    Quick update. Had to give up on the Atlan saga, it was getting a bit stale for me. I read Holes by Louis Sacher instead in one day, that was very good, and have now started Oryx And Crake. Will catch up on my reviews tomorrow.
  17. Word Association

  18. Perhaps; maybe a litmus test?
  19. Word Association

  20. Is there a test you can undertake to find out for sure?
  21. Game of Thrones

    I do wonder what happened to Daario though, the mercenary who was one of Dany's lovers/advisers? Last seen left behind in Meereen, I'd have thought he'd have come with the Unsullied to help at Winterfell and then Kings Landing. And the strange young man who turned up with the Starks turned out to be Robin, the son of Lisa Arryn - I was wondering what happened to him as well!
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