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  2. Hey y'all! Happy Belated Birthday Tali! Things have been pretty busy here since the grands came. We've done doctors appt for the girls and the boys are next week. Yesterday I took the boys to one of our libraries for a lego build thingy. Today I took them all to the main branch for story time. They wanted to check out books and I think its safe to assume we walked out with about 30 books. Tomorrow will be a stay at home day. We'll read books and play outside. All my summer plans are pretty much shot. My mom was going to watch the girls but was taken to the hospital yesterday. Today they decided to operate on her leg because she has some kind of bacterial infection in her knee. I'll go to her on Tuesday to help out and so she can see her great grands. Safe to assume there will be no working outside the home this summer.
  3. I've always recommended Guards! Guards! as a good starting point, but Mort is pretty good too!
  4. A Clockwork Orange is also a well known film but it doesn't seem to have taken away the notoriety of it. I can only give my opinion from a male perspective and I also think reading A Clockwork Orange would also vary between whether the reader were to be a male or female. I don't think people would necessarily be vocal towards a male reading it in public but I'd say without a doubt it would make people turn their heads and make a rather sharp judgement of you and my guess is that it would more than likely be negative. Some people might even feel intrigued if they were to see someone reading such a book. To be honest, I don't think people would be vocal with you irrespective of what book you were to be reading in public, if such a thing did happen, I think such people would more than likely just be troublemakers and use the book as an excuse to pick a quarrel and potential fight. That's a very leery statement in my opinion. I wonder how many other people feel the same way as you do.
  5. Thanks Lau Lau. I haven't figured out how to do the whole quote thing using my phone. It's much easier with a desktop as you have a mouse to play with. It was a very good birthday though. We went to a small fishing village near St Helier to see one of the old castles, with a visit to Europe's oldest passage tomb en route. We had a lovely lunch in a little Italian place by the harbour - all gluten free and delicious, washed down with Jersey ice cream. Yesterday was so hot, we thought we would both melt, but today was much better, so we went for a 7 mile walk around the north, starting and ending at different bays and with German fortifications and gun batteries in between. Tomorrow being our last day we plan to have a somewhat shorter walk proceeded by a gluten free cream tea. They are in short supply out here, as in Cornwall also, but we have managed to find a lovely little tea room not far from the zoo that offers them. It seems a fitting way to end our time here.
  6. I loved the ending of The Dark Tower series; I thought it was the perfect way for it to 'finish'. A lot of King's books have weak endings (in my opinion, of course!) but I think with The Dark Tower he got it spot on.
  7. Your reviews of the 'Dark Tower' books are really useful, @ian. I have read most of Stephen King's other fiction (and have just finished 'End of Watch') but for some reason have never picked up the DT series - it was good to be reminded they are there waiting for me! I'm glad you enjoyed the Desmond Bagley; I read all his books in the 70s/early 80s, and liked them a lot.
  8. I can second Mort! The Death novels are wonderful.
  9. Yep - I notice it's on from 9.00 - 10.20 (evening) which probably means loads of ads, especially if Timeless was anything to go by which seemed to have an ad break every 10 minutes or so
  10. Quite breezy today, much cooler but still a bit humid.
  11. the one with the dog with the bad leg is really cute, there's a new one out now, with a golden retriever which ends up being dressed as a lion - the expression on it's face is priceless!
  12. I think that`s what my Radio Times says ( same one ? ) . Ooh, it`s on in a week !
  13. Thanks Kell.
  14. How many more books will you be able to display ?
  15. Great thanks! I was actually thinking of starting with Mort and now you've recommended it I'm definitely going to!
  16. Oh - and for last weeks side relationships thing. I can't remember the names, but there is a budding relationship throughout the second half of The Count of Monte Cristo between the son & daughter of two of the original antagonists. Everyone is against them (Including The Count), which just made me root for them more.
  17. Definitely Tyrion from those books. Probably the most morally grey character in a series full of morally grey characters!
  18. Book 19: The Dark Tower - Stephen King My thoughts How do I review that? I have spent the last two weeks immersed in other worlds where nothing can be taken for granted, even death. Longer, if you count all the previous books in the series. The only thing I knew about these books going into them was that a lot of people were upset be the ending, so I was prepared for that. I can see their point, it isn't an entirely happy ending, but it is one that made me think. And you can't say you aren't warned - King actually does warn you to stop reading if you don't like unhappy endings. And therein lies the genius of this - I'm not going to pretend that I have this all figured out, but at least part of this book/series is about obsession; how it takes over from everything else in our lives, so it becomes a end to itself, rather than a means to an end. Looked at that way, the ending makes perfect sense. I also love the way he (king) rips up the rule book a little. The characters need a deus ex machine? Then Stephen king, as himself, leaves them one in the form of a letter to them, helpfully addressed with "here comes the Deus Ex Machina" on the envelope! It's slightly mad and unpredictable. One of the signs of a good read for me is: do you think about the book after you've finished reading? The answer in this case is yes. And while it isn't perfect (and what book is - especially one of this length and complexity) it was very, very satisfying. 5/5
  19. September in Ireland usually features a final summer hurrah, so it should be warm here anyway. Last year (or possibly the year before) it was in the high teens right up into November - Autumn didn't arrive til early December.
  20. Tinned guavas. Had them once as a child, with junket. The thought still makes me shudder. And banana passionfruit.
  21. I would highly recommend using this guide when choosing what to read from the Discworld series: There are several different story arcs based around certain characters. Pick a character you want to follow, and start at the beginning of their arc. I would recommend starting with Death - they are some of my favourite books by Pratchett. Once you start reading the Discworld series you'll never look back.
  22. Can't watch your one Claire, says it's not available in my country Love the Irish accent ... way nicer than ours!! A Piggy Sue sequel ...
  23. Oh nawwwwww What a wee sweetie!
  24. This has been fascinating reading! How do you pronounce your name Nollaig?
  25. We can have quite warm weather here in September, although of course it depends which part of the country you're in, so yes light layers, waterproof, some summer clothes - a bit of everything really!
  26. This was really interesting to read through. Mine is not very inventive. It is the first three letters of my first name Lauren and first three of my middle name Louise. If I am on any social media site such as Facebook I would use my middle name rather than my surname because I hate it so much!
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