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  3. Kindle and ebooks deals

    Cheers Chesil, bought two of them when I saw that!
  4. Cricket

    I don't believe there will be much change. West Indies cricket is in a bit of a state at the moment, due to a number of reasons (and most of them off the pitch). This is a very young team with very little experience to draw on and I don't think they have the ability to step up their game. Whilst it's fun to watch Cook and Root smash balls around the park and Anderson & Broad up their stats, if the resistance is as week as it was last week it's just embarrassing...
  5. Frankie reads 2017

    Aw, what a lovely doggy story ! I met a couple of dogs yesterday - A pitbull called Lola and a lurcher, both so friendly. Their owner was walking them and we had a chat outside my house ( and I told her to help herself to the mirabelles on our tree, which are ripe now, and which I don`t think I`ll be using this year. She was really happy ! )
  6. What's your current news about?

    I read about that as well Frankie, he had asked if they could have a minutes silence, when they said no he decided to make this stand. Good for him.
  7. I'm a quarter of the way through, and so far it's almost entirely not about the disappearance mentioned on the cover. It's about people related to them, mostly recounting their histories from long before the disappeared person was born. Fortunately, though it's quite rambling and doing little more than telling you about these people, it's beautifully written and the people are super interesting, so I'm thoroughly enjoying it! I will report back when it's finished
  8. I keep seeing this at the library and can't decide whether to give it a go! I'm now reading We Have Always Lived In The Castle by Shirley Jackson. I'm intrigued so far.
  9. Frankie reads 2017

    The dog sounds lovely, glad he was rescued. Hope you feel better and the move goes well.
  10. Decided to give the police procedurals a break for a little while - they're a bit like fast food, they're the easier option in terms of time and they do satisfy a craving, but rarely as satisfying as something that requires a bit more effort. So, I'm reading Harbour by John Ajvide Lindqvist which so far I'm enjoying a lot.
  11. Frankie reads 2017

    Hope you are feeling better very, very soon, Frankie. good luck with the move how exiting! The dog sounds so lovely, both in his appearance and temperament.
  12. I hope you enjoy it if you decide to read it .
  13. Frankie reads 2017

    How exciting you've got the keys to your apartment ! Good luck with the move on Saturday . The dog sounds so cute ! What a unique colour pattern. I'm so glad the woman rescued him!
  14. What's your current news about?

    That's such a nice gesture.
  15. Continue the story game 3.

    trip up, he then fell headlong into a bowl of fermenting custard he had just been preparing to eat, which led to his face looking like Mount 🗻 Etna on a bad day. Yellow......
  16. Continue the story game 3.

    triggering an unexpected chain of disturbing events. Firstly, she leapt from the mushy seat, and 'accidentally' (well, that's the story she stuck to, anyway) zapped Martin on his more than ample behind with the cattle prod, causing him to ...
  17. Last week
  18. Lisa Jardine lived up to all expectations, A Point of View being a collection of thought provoking essays from the eponymous Radio Four programe. They are a little bit dated, mostly from around 2006, but most still have something strong to say about life and events today. 5*. Have now moved on to Peter Clarke's The Timeless Way, in which he puts together a walk the length of the Outer Hebrides based on old tracks and ways. Interested as have just returned from there.
  19. Frankie reads 2017

    I went to work this week but it was probably a mistake, I feel very tired and not better. My lease on the apartment started today and I went and got the keys in the morning That cheered me up! I need to rest now, I need to get better. I'm supposed to move on Sunday, so I need all my wits about me. Edit: I forgot to mention the dog I met today! I was on my way to work, when I saw this dog with it's owner. The dog was sitting on a bench, facing me, and I thought, that's a gorgeous one!! He was black and white, but what was so remarkable was how his head was split in half by color: the right side of his head was white, and the left side was black, but on the right side, he had a black eyebrow!! Such a distinctive coloring on him! When I came closer by, he turned around and turned his back on me That made me sad! But then I couldn't help but say to the owner that she has a beautiful dog, and as soon as I spoke to her, the dog turned around to look at me and jumped down from the bench and came to meet me! I got to pet him, and he was so friendly and smiley and happy! The owner said he was a good boy, didn't bark at the lady dogs or anything, and that when he was young, he was going to be put down and the woman rescued him (we didn't talk long enough for me to know if the dog had been abandoned or where the woman had rescued him from). Who could kill a doggy I asked what breed he was, because it was obvious he was no regular dog. It was a Samoyed, Bernese Mountain Dog and German Shepherd mix! Meeting him really made my day I think I've seen him once before, so maybe the woman lives close by to my work and I'll meet him again!
  20. What's your current news about?

    Yeah I read about that too, later that day. Horrible All of these are just terrible in themselves, but it was all the more horrible when they all happened within two days And the attack in Russia - going by the headline alone - sounded so similar to the attack in Finland that one immediately wondered if there was a connection. I loved how a Spanish swimmer honored the victims at the start of his swimming race. http://ftw.usatoday.com/2017/08/spanish-swimmer-honors-barcelona-victims-fernando-alvarez-minute-of-silence-race-swimming
  21. Claire's Book List 2017

    Current reading status Kindle: The Long and Short of It by Jodi Taylor (finished) Kindle: Reader, I Married Him by Tracy Chevalier (19%) Paperback: The Persephone Book of Short Stories (finished) Paperback: Cream Buns and Crime by Robin Stevens (finished) Hardback: Storm in a Teacup by Helen Czerski (finished) Audiobook: Summer at Shell Cottage by Lucy Diamond (5:35/13:17) The last couple of days has involved a lot of sitting and waiting, so I've been reading most of the time as a bit of escapism. I've finished two books I was over halfway through - SiaT and TPBoSS, found a paperback I'd forgotten I'd bought and read that - Cream Buns and Crime and then (re)read the short stories in The Long and Short of It by Jodi Taylor which was a collection of St. Mary's short stories that I'd read before, but with one new one too. A nice precursor to reading the newest St. Mary's book coming out on Thursday, which I've preordered. Not sure what I'm going to read next, but nothing too taxing!
  22. Claire's Book List 2017

    Thank you all. I will get around to writing up all my reviews on the books I've missed so far, and then I'll do a round up of my favourites and least favourites too. It might be a while as things are happening in real life that mean I don't have much time or energy to think about that sort of thing at the moment, and I'm just escaping into reading more books.
  23. How many books have you read this year?

    Thank you both. I know I keep a note of numbers but I don't have a target or even care how many I read, but I do like my statistics, and they're more important that the total number. Trying to improve my male:female authors ratio this year, and it's much better than last year already.
  24. Had a couple of days of sitting and waiting, so have been devouring books and have finished four books - Storm in a Teacup and The Persephone Book of Short Stories both of which I was already over half way through, then today I've read Cream Buns and Crime by Robin Stevens and The Long and Short of It by Jodi Taylor (which is a collection of short stories which had mostly initially been available as audiobooks, but collected together with a brand new story, so I whizzed through most of it having read/listened to most of them before). The new Chronicles of St. Mary's is out on Thursday, so the short stories were a nice settling into the world again before I start the new one which I've pre-ordered.
  25. Claire's Book List 2017

    Fantastic ! Well done !
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