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  2. Round Robin Challenge 2018

    ^ Wow, you've made great progress! I'm very impressed! I haven't started yet. I've been in a looooong reading slump. It started last year and it's not gone away yet. I've kind of maybe gotten back a bit of the feel for reading yesterday, and now I need to finish my current easy read, and Helter Skelter which is a longer, more intense one. I can then think about giving one of the books on my list a go! It's just been so long since I've read more than 1-3 books a month. But I really hope that this challenge will help me get back on track!
  3. What cheered you up today?

    On Monday I reached the two year milestone of not smoking any cigarettes. It's been cheering me up all week long
  4. Book Titles A to Z

    The Nowhere Girls by Amy Reed.
  5. Me either, I'm trying to have a relatively pressure-free year of reading, so no challenges for me this year. I hope you enjoy your Round Robin challenge ! I'm not entirely sure myself what the difference is between thrillers, mysteries and detective novels! But a lot of those Dutch ones say 'literary thriller' on the cover, so that's how I know about those. For others I try to see what other people on GoodReads say or what the synopsis says. Generally if it's a police investigator / detective working on a case, I call it a 'detective' (or mystery) and if it's someone not related to or experienced in policework but just a civilian being threated and chased or looking into the case, then I call it a 'thriller'. Generally for me in a detective it's more about solving the case but in a thriller it's also about the main character trying to avoid being killed themselves, if that makes sense? But what I do is probably not how other people would do it, I just do my own thing in my own bookshelves and collection (I have separate shelves for detectives and for thrillers). Indeed murder and mayhem . Ohh I bought that Christmas one at a library sale, it has terrible reviews/ratings on GoodReads, one of them might have been yours . I haven't read it yet, but I have read a few of his thrillers and enjoyed those when I was a teenager. I was a young teenager with my family on holiday in France (with our big tent), I had read all my own books so I decided to have a look at my parents' books (while I was inside the tent looking for something to do), and there I found De Cliënt by John Grisham (or The Client as the English original is known). The story spoke to me at the time because one of the characters in the book was a child, so I felt like I could relate a bit. I liked Patricia Cornwell when I was a younger teenager but I haven't read any of her books since, so I don't know if they would still appeal to me. True !
  6. What's the weather like?

    72 and sunny in February (22.2C). Interesting. Good day to vacuum out car and Armour All the interior at the park
  7. Noll's 2018 Reads

    That's a great idea for an app! That's really good news! I hope your creative mood lasts and prospers! That is such a lovely idea for a Valentine's gift! I hope you don't mind me asking, but did you have time to finish the monkey? Bullet journals need not to be creative or artistic at all! The original bullet journal by Ryder Carroll was all about writing stuff down - not about using colors, washi tape, stickers, whatever. Everyone can make their Bujo as functional as they like - or as artistic as they like. Please don't be intimidated by anyone else's bujo!!
  8. Book Titles A to Z

    My Brother -- Jamaica Kincaid
  9. Lately, I've given up American mystery and thriller TV series for those of Britain/Australia/Canada/New Zealand. For a very low price I've subscribed to Acorn TV and am glad I did; many shows and movies from Britain and its former empire as well as Scandinavia.
  10. Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme - Simon & Garfunkel (ooops, that doesn’t work) So lets go with: A Sign Of The Times - Petula Clark
  11. Yes, it would be really interesting, I think! I'm not up for any challenges, though, I have Round Robin on my plate and that will do for the year! There's also the fact that I get muddled up in the different genres: thrillers, mysteries, detective novels... I don't like to make the distinction between the different types, because I do like them all and I just like to think of them as one genre. I know others would prefer to make the distinction but I'm just not that bothered. Murder and mayhem, that's the stuff! I haven't read Robin Cook or John Grisham. No, wait, I have read a Grisham but it was a Christmas book and it was baaaaaaad I liked Patricia Cornwell when I was a teenager, but when I re-read her books a decade later I found them boring! I'd found much better authors by then. (Karin Slaughter, Jeffery Deaver, Jeff Lindsay, Kathy Reichs to name a few.) Better not think about it too much before dinner
  12. How many books have you read this year?

    I think I've read two, but I'm not sure!
  13. That sounds like an interesting challenge. It would definitely be interesting to see how people would get on . You could well be right by saying it depends on what a person is used to and what their tastes are . Shame about the formulaic-ness. I've only read a short novella-type thing by Minette Walters, so I'm not sure how her novels compare (though I do believe I bought one or two once upon a time!). I haven't read a whole lot of British thrillers, I've read more British mysteries and not a whole lot of those. Back when I was a teenager I read a lot of Robin Cook (US), some John Grisham (US), some Patricia Cornwell (US), and probably some others but I can't remember their names right now (mouldy brain, now that's an.. interesting image ). I started reading Wayward Children 1: Every Heart a Doorway by Seanan McGuire. The book isn't that long (some people have even called it a novella), so maybe I can finish it later today or tomorrow. So far it's interesting .
  14. Willoyd's Reading 2018

    Jänet's right, I hated Tess! With a passion! I never would've finished it if it wasn't mandatory reading. But for your sake I do hope you will like it - I generally don't go about hoping people will hate the books they read I was reading the last pages of your 2017 reading log (I'm still catching up with past logs and new) and I learned that you are working at a library one day a week? That's great! I'm actually jealous! I also read your review of the Jacob book by Susan Hill. I'm so sorry it was such a big disappointment! I do wonder what got into her. And WHY... Happy reading in 2018, willoyd!
  15. What's Up in February? - 2018

    Thank you ! I was really glad it was over after 24 hours, I hadn't felt that terrible in a long time. I hope you and Noll feel better soon too .
  16. You've got a great pace going, keep it up! I'm looking forward to your review of Farewell to Arms, I've not read it yet myself.
  17. I read your review of The Loney from 2017, and I agree, I couldn't see why it had won the prize. I didn't like it at all! I gave it 1/5 I think. Dreadful! It sounded like such an interesting read, going by the blurb, but it wasn't!! I wish you an amazing reading year in 2018, Madeleine!
  18. What's Up in February? - 2018

    I'm glad you're feeling better and that yours was a quick 24 hour thing!
  19. This made me think of a group read challenge... a challenge where everyone were to read an American, a British, and Irish, a Scandinavian, and what have you, thriller. Contrast and compare! It would be interesting to see if the majority would prefer books from their own cultural/biographical area. Or what other factors would affect their reading. It's a pretty refreshing feeling!! I hope it lasts!! I think it's what one's used to. I used to read Finnish thrillers/mysteries, and liked them okay, but because I watch so much American TV it was only a matter of time when I would start reading American thrillers. I've read British ones, too, but for some reason I do tend to go for the Americans. I think the American thrillers have a lot more twists and psychological aspects to them than Finnish thrillers, and I like that. I think I've mainly read Minette Walters but I got tired of them because at a later age I realized that they were rather formulaic in one particular aspect. I have read others, too, but my moldy mind won't give me any names at the moment!
  20. The Last Film You Saw - 2018

    Yep, that's the one! My favorite moment was
  21. Thanks @frankie! I hope you do too
  22. Heroes of Our Time by DragonForce.
  23. Book Titles A to Z

    Lily and the Octopus by Steven Rowley.
  24. The Last Film You Saw - 2018

    Yes, it is! I liked the movie when I saw it (I think I've seen it twice).
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